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Posted By: Admin 12 Nov, 2019

Thanksgiving Day 2019-Celebrate the Time of Togetherness by Planning a Getaway

Thanksgiving is all about spending quality time with your family and showing gratitude to all of them who have ever touched your life. Many of you may be celebrating this festival of gratitude in an old-school manner. We know that there is no any place like home for vacations. However, it will be cherry on the cake if you plan to get away around the Thanksgiving week to some exotic destination.

Rather than spending time at home with family and having Thanksgiving dinner, we recommend you plan a vacation with your family and friends. Undoubtedly, nothing could be as delighting as exploring a new destination this vacay season.

We have brought for you the list of five bewitching destinations, each of them offering a unique way of celebrations and merrymaking.

Magic City – Miami, Florida

Winter is already at the door, and the holiday season is leaving no stone unturned to outspread its charm. So, it’s definitely high time; one must kick-off their travel planning. For most of Americans, Thanksgiving is all about tropical cocktails and butter-soft sand. If the party is on your mind, then nothing could be as bewitching as the magic city – Miami. Undoubtedly, it’s ultimate heaven for Nightlife lovers. 

As the sun goes down the horizons, the real Miami comes to light – an extravagant metropolis. The south beach area of this sun-kissed beach city is nestled with several happening nightclubs, fusion restaurants, and party hubs, making it the best place to enjoy the nightlife. This holiday season, one must definitely visit the extravagant metropolis of Florida.

Sacred Place for Shoppers – New York City, NY

Do big city lives drive you crazy, and you are a music lover? If yes, then you must definitely plan to explore New York City on your next vacation plan, as it has a plethora of irresistible feasts for you all.

There is no such destination on the entire planet that delivers unforgettable travel experiences like the “Big Apple” – New York City. Main Locus of the arts, dining, shopping and entertainment capital of the world, fashion trendsetter, and what not; the city of Dreams – New York wears many sashes, eventually turning out to be the incomparable traveler’s delight. This Thanksgiving, you would not fall out of expectations, if you plan a trip to NYC.

New Year’s Eve and Thanksgiving is the best time to visit, as a million people come here to watch the famed ball drop, and shopaholics get huge opportunities to shop without breaking their bank.

Sin City – Las Vegas, Nevada

Planning a “we time” with your love this Thanksgiving is nothing but a great idea of celebrating this festival of gratitude. No way could be a better way of showing gratitude to your beloved partner than planning a romantic getaway to the resort city – Vegas.

Las Vegas will definitely fill your heart with endless memories. This alluring desert town is truly a fulfilling oasis of magical indulgence. You can live your life without any limitations, as seduction and opulence are always unparalleled here in this city. Starting from gleaming resort-lined streets, impressive shows, and casinos to the dancing fountains, this famous sin city is undoubtedly the perfect destination to explore your wild side.

Music Capital of the world – Austin

Austin is will leave no stone unturned to fill your vacation mood to the brim with music and festivities, as this city is nicknamed as World Capital of Live Music, and guess what? No city in Texas will enrapture as Austin this Thanksgiving.

This is a city that has all the touring rumors true. It’s thriving, sparkling with Texan charm, vibrant, electrifying with rich music culture, and painted with the local crowd. It’s just an unparalleled Texan city offering you a culture, indefectibly authentic in its own charm.

If Texan is a song, then Austin is the lyrics. The city tunes the tone of Texan heritage whistling from every nook and corner of the province. It is a fact that there are nearly 250 music venues, ready to host you with one of a kind of country music. Not alone music, this vibrant city offers you world-class museums, history, concentrated landmarks, and Texan hospitality. So get ready to be pampered magically in Austin.

Tropical Paradise – Hawaii

Featuring six spectacular islands ( Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Hawaii), where each one showcases a different beauty statement. It is known as the world’s famous volcanic archipelago, which is no less than a “paradise,” filled with a mesmerizing aura all around.

If you celebrate your Thanksgiving here in Hawaii, you can expect nothing but exceptional experiences, as tranquil water bodies’ calms your mind, floral air vitalizes, and the breath-taking scenic view reforms your heart and soul.

Everything is so enticing that you cannot get enough of it. One can enjoy white and golden sand beaches, witness flowing lava out of the volcano, its ancient yet rich culture, and much more.

Excitement, enjoyment, and exhilaration are always at the peak during Thanksgiving. This is the time when people get the opportunity to travel. So, pick any of the destinations from the list we brought for you and make this festival of thankfulness, gratitude, and gratefulness – a lifetime memory.

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