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Places to Celebrate Halloween in USA

Halloween Celebration in USA: Halloween is a festival celebrated on the night of 31 October. Halloween was originally a festival for the Celtic people. Halloween activities include ghost tours, trick-or-treating,  costume parties, bonfires, “Jack-o’-lantern” and “haunted houses”. Halloween is celebrated in Western countries. Halloween is a holiday that can be celebrated with family, friends, and sometimes colleagues. However, some cities may hold large events.

Before or after this date, parties are usually scheduled directly on October 31 or on weekends. On Halloween, adults watch horror movies, have a costume party, or create an atmosphere of a haunted house or cemetery. Halloween 2020 will go through a very difficult phase, so in some cities, it has been completely canceled and in some cities, it will be celebrated by certain rules.

Almost all children turn into bizarre characters and knock on homes in neighborhoods where they need sweets or some other small gift. This type of play is known as a “trick or treat” and should be conducted in a friendly atmosphere, without unpleasant consequences. Many families carve lanterns from pumpkins or other vegetables, giving them a sinister facial expression, and place them at the door of their home or garden. Such lanterns are traditionally designed to frighten evil spirits.

Officially, there is no public holiday for Halloween celebration in USA. Government agencies and enterprises operate normally, and public transport operates at regular times. From the point of view of cultural traditions, it is believed that Halloween is the day when the power of magical beings reaches its peak, and spirits can “touch” the physical world. Plan your holiday with Delta Airlines reservations and enjoy Halloween festivities in the USA.

Here are the Destinations for Halloween Celebration In USA

Salem, Massachusetts

Probably the most famous small town in the US for Halloween, Salem is known for its infamous witch trials. Its witch connections bring in visitors from all over the world, as these historical events have made this city and it is synonymous with Halloween. You can sign up for a walking tour of the city or get immersed in the Halloween spirit by attending the Festival of the Dead to experience psychic readings, interacting with the deceased and paranormal experts. To keep busy in October you will find lots of haunted houses, costume parties, fireworks, and parades in Salem.

You can complete your trip plan through Allegiant Airlines reservations. Salem, Massachusetts celebrates this festival with great pomp, but in this pandemic time, the festival has almost been canceled or say some rules have been made for it. According to these rules, only 25 people can gather in one place or one house.

Anoka, Minnesota

Settling north of Minneapolis, Anoka is affectionately known as the “Halloween Capital of the World”. This vibrant community attends pumpkin competitions, a home decorating contest, a child-friendly Halloween film screening, and a costume parade for children. Halloween celebration in USA are done in this city very brilliantly.

The events were originally designed to protect children from trouble in the neighborhood, but have now evolved into a much-loved time of the year where visitors of all ages attend scarecrow contests, balls and parties, bonfires and parades can enjoy. And Halloween decorations also contribute a lot. In Anoka, Minnesota, everyone gathers and celebrates this festival, but at this difficult time, this festival will be celebrated with social distancing and following the rules issued by the government for Halloween celebration in USA.

Ceredo and Kenova, West Virginia

Ceredo and Kenova are two cities in West Virginia that are a center of attraction for Halloween enthusiasts every Halloween season. Every year the two cities host a two-day C-K Autumnfest, which includes a variety of arts and crafts, bake-offs, festivals, tractor shows, and parades. You can enjoy seeing scary and dangerous things at Dreamland Haunted Trail and Great Square Hunt. There are plenty of food vendors to please all kinds of Halloween fans, along with lots of children’s activities. Here, Halloween decorations are done in a very spectacular way. Due to Pandemic, this time this festival is not being celebrated with much crowd and social distancing will also be followed.

Sleepy Hollow, New York

Sleepy Hollow Located just 30 miles north of New York City, it is an East Coast city. The city still boasts its iconic unofficial mascot, the Headless Horseman, and those who want to embrace the holiday spirit can come here for the Great Jack-O-Lantern Blaze. There are also theatrical performances of The Legend of Sleepy Hollows and cemetery tour guides for Halloween decorations. Specific guidelines or rules have not yet been issued to health authorities for this festival at Sleepy Hollow.

Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park is a quiet hill village. In October you will find many Halloween-centric events that cater to entertainment for people of all ages. Attend the “Shining Ball” to see a Murder Mystery Dinner, along with theater characters, costume contests, and late-night dances. Attend this festival to see the face painting, bounce house, and pony rides. In this village too, full attention is given to the Halloween decorations. This year the people of this city will not be able to attend this festival.

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