In Mexico, Halloween is Celebrated in a Very Fun and Wonderful Way

Halloween Celebrated in Mexico

Posted By: Admin 20 Oct, 2020

The belief behind celebrating Halloween in Mexico is that on this day the souls of dead people return from another world, to see relatives and friends. This day’s holiday is called a holiday of cruel nature. On which all evil spirits prevail, on The Day of the Dead, Mexicans remember their relatives and friends who have gone to another world. With Aeromexico reservations, you can plan a trip to Mexico. 

In Mexico, Halloween is one of the funniest holidays. Halloween is celebrated with equal enthusiasm by both children and adults. Of course, the meaning of the holiday varies for children and adults. Children celebrate Halloween as superheroes, fairies, or cartoon characters and go door-to-door asking for candy. The houses are decorated with spooky decorations including carved pumpkins. Jack-O-Lantern seems to have become the unofficial mascot of Halloween. On the other hand, adults dress up in whimsical costumes, give candy to young children, drink, and party. Halloween party ideas vary from city to city.

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The holiday comes to represent community, harmony, and remembrance of ancestors. Regardless of which age group you are, the underlying theme for the holiday is to wear scary clothes and mingle with people. Celebrating the anniversary of our ancestors during this festival, on Halloween, we celebrate the brotherhood and strong bonds shared by people of different communities, races, and religions. Lacking any religious affiliation, and tradition of disguise, Halloween holds true to the holiness of humanity – we are all one and the same no matter who we are.

How is Halloween Celebrated in Mexico

The holiday is often considered as All Souls’ Day. According to traditions and myths, the deceased visit their families on 31 October and leave on 2 November. The people of this region decorate the cemetery with flowers and other decorative objects. Some also leave food for the dead at the grave, usually the deceased’s favorite dish. The people of Mexico believe that on this day their closed dead are present with them, bless them and spend a good time with them. The ceremonies are marked by food that represents skeletons and bones, people wearing masks, and visiting tombs. Family members share stories of dead people and laugh and cry. It is a day that gives strength to families who have lost their loved ones and a way to express that they are deeply missed. In the United States, Halloween is celebrated by some with sadness and some with joy. Book a hotel in Mexico with American Airlines reservations and enjoy this festival. 

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Origin of Holiday

Ireland is the birthplace of Halloween’s original holiday and continues to celebrate it to this day. It is celebrated in other countries for two days instead of one or three days as the norm. The holiday begins on the last day of the Celtic year (31 October) and ends on the evening of the first day of the Celtic New Year (1 November). People from the cities go back to their ancestral villages and visit the cemeteries of the dead. All members of the family bring food, drinks, games, and music players to the tombs. Halloween party ideas attract everyone. A table or blanket is laid next to the resting place of the dead and the ceremony begins. Instead of mourning, people celebrate the dead walking around with their families and talking about fond memories shared with the deceased. During the holiday, children visit all the homes in their neighborhood and sing carols and songs about the dead. Halloween celebrations are celebrated in the United States in a very bang-up manner.

The amusement park that is in Mexico takes place annually in late October and includes trick-or-treating, rides, and a pumpkin patch.

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