6 Secret Places To Explore In Thailand

Places To Explore In Thailand

Posted By: Admin 16 Nov, 2020

Thailand is so beautiful that it looks just like the land of gems with its tropical beaches, pristine sunsets, and all the friendly people of Thailand. Now, Thailand has places that are so offbeat and secret that not many people know about it. Thailand is a country stretching from North to the South encompassing a wide variety of cultures and history. So, are you visiting Thailand? These are some of the places that you should know about!

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Here are Secret Places To Explore In Thailand

1. Bo Sang Umbrella Village

Now the pretty craft parasols found in Thailand are so grand and you can see them being made at the craft village at Bo Sang Umbrella Village. The village is so peaceful and quiet with people involved in their works. You can find people involved in making beautiful umbrellas so, stop at any gift stores to buy some of these pretty small umbrellas to take home. And luckily, if you are here in January, then taking part in the Bo Sang Umbrella Festival is something you have to do.

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2. Lotus Lake

This wetland is a beauty to behold located in Tambon Chiang Haeo with the world-famous flamingo pink lotus flower growing in these wetlands. The lotus plants are hidden by tall elephant grass and these are frequently seen by villagers coming here to collect snails and lotus stalks for their meals. The Lotus Lake is mesmerizing in itself because you can see constellations of lotuses that are floating on the crystal-clear waters.

3. Pai

Pai, the backpacker’s paradise of Northern Thailand is such a surreal place that you cannot think of not being in the place. This is one place where you will be meeting with the hippies with deadlock hairstyles. It’s a quiet side full of greenery, rivers, and waterfalls. There is more to just the serenity that you are expecting! There are beautiful riverside bars and pubs where you can listen to western music.

The best way of finding out the inner beauty of this place is riding on a bike. When the winds touch your face, it seems so good and relaxing.

4. Chiang Mai

If you are looking for a blend of culture, delicious foods, and pristine sea beaches, Chiang Mai is the right place to be in. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the city crowd and has managed to be diversifiable developed. With the national parks and the jungles, it has turned out to be a hiker’s paradise.

You open your eyes to the rich culture of Chiang Mai either by learning to cook their delicious meals or even learning martial arts like Muay Thai.

5. Koh Lipe

Ever dreamt of owning an island without paying anything? Well, Koh Lipe helps you in fulfilling your dream as these islands are not touched by tourism. The beaches are milky white with stunning greenery all over. The waters are home to some exotic species like sperm whales, minke whales, etc.

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6. Amulet Market

If you are looking for warding off any evil protection of any sort, then the Amulet market is having something for everyone having thousands of trinkets and talismans. Local buyers pick up from these markets and shops and the locals search the Amulet market to search for items to bless their homes and bring good health.

This way they are even protecting themselves. The market is such a fascinating place just to walk around or be non-suspicious.

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With these lists of places to visit in Thailand, it turns out to be a superior holiday destination that you have always wanted to visit.

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