Traveling can be for many reasons. In fact, there are endless reasons to travel to any destination. It can be a family trip or the purpose of visiting a destination can be official. No matter whatever is the purpose of your visit, you are advised to do your homework before you put your final step to any foreign destination.  

Like any other destination, New York has also come up with ‘n’ number of reasons for you to visit. The visit can be official or you might have chosen New York as your next holiday destination. But, make sure that you book plane tickets to New York in advance, especially if you are planning to visit this popular city of the United States in the holiday season. 

New York being a popular and famous US destination with many interesting things to do and see attracts millions of travel enthusiasts from different parts of the world. This might results in shortage of flight tickets. Besides, there are chances that you might end up paying extra money unnecessarily for the flight ticket to New York.

Why not to book plane tickets to New York in advance when you can. Once you are done with the research work and most importantly sure of the date and time when you will be visiting the country, make the reservation as early as possible. It is also a smart way to find out any deal or discount offered by an airline. When you are not in rush, you can save money, can even get a lucrative offer and can reach the destination safely and smoothly. Research, compare and save!

Does it worth spending time in doing homework about the New York City and especially researching on the convenient ways to find a budget-friendly airline? The answer, is yes. However, you might be looking for the actual reasons to plan a trip to New York City. Below mentioned are the interesting things you can do and explore in this US city:

  1. Statue of Liberty 

Witnessing the Status of Liberty is like a dream come true for many travel enthusiasts. Built in 1886, the Status of Liberty is still being considered as the world-famous symbol of freedom. Today, it is one of the greatest icons of the United States which was gifted by France to America many years ago. The Statue of Liberty is globally recognized for being one of the largest statues in the world which is 152 feet long with a weight of approximately 450,000 pounds. 

To get a better view of this iconic US attraction, make sure that you visit the Battery Park which is located on the southern tip of Manhattan. Also, if you have time and money, consider hiring a boat and taking a ride to the Liberty Island to enjoy a close and deeper view of the statue. 

When you will be permitted to enter the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, walk around the base and going right up to the crown, eventually you will realize that it’s worth booking plane tickets to New York. The best part is that you can have a stop at the Ellis Island and explore the Immigration Museum on your trip to the Statue of Liberty. When you visiting the place during the peak season, make sure that you book the ticket in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle and the rush of many other interested explorers. You will be fascinated by this four-day trip to the Status of Liberty and the Ellis Island.

  1. Central Park 

Visit to New York will be incomplete if you not explored the Central Park. Enjoy a walk, peddle or a carriage ride through the pathways of Central Park to get a better and clear view of the city. It is a huge park located at the center of the New York City. The Central Park is 2.5 miles long and a half-mile wide. 

The Central Park is an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of nature. This lively place of New York City is a major tourist destination with so many attractions within its borders. Most of the attractions at Central Park requires no admission fee. 

  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art 

New York City in the United States is known for having some renowned museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This attraction might be in your list of places you have planned to visit when you booked plane tickets to New York. The Metropolitan Museum of Art popularly known as the Met was founded in the year 1870. Today, it is considered as one of the major contributing factors behind the popularity of New York as a tourist destination in the United States.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art showcases more than 2 million of art work, some of them are 5,000 years old. It attracts visitors with huge collection of Egyptian art work, arms and armor, photographs, costumes, American decorative arts and last but least musical instruments. 

To avoid the rush, if possible explore the museum by getting VIP entry with few people. When it opens to the general public in the morning, the museum becomes compact with hundreds of explorers from all around the globe.

  1. Empire State Building 

No visitors of New York City can get back to their place of origin without visiting the Empire State Building. It is the city’s famous landmark building and also a popular tourist destination. It is the tallest building in the world with a height of 381 meter. Apart from witnessing the world’s tallest building, visitors mark it as a tourist spot when booking plane tickets to New York because of the magnificent view it offers. 

If you are lucky enough to have a good weather with clear, sunny day, then you can see up to 80 miles. You can have a glance at the neighboring states of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut from the Empire State Building.

Explore all these major attractions to make the most of your trip to New York City.

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