The more the holiday season approaches, the more you might be researching about a destination that can make your holiday exciting and unforgettable. With so much research work and of course with endless options, you might get confused among many destinations which you might have shortlisted for your vacation. 

If Japan is not in your bucket list, then you can do some research work in finding out the reasons why Japan can be your next holiday destination. It’s worth doing the research because Japan has so many things to offer. In fact, it is an ideal place to have a gala time with your family and friends. Besides, Japan is one of the safest places to visit in the world.

So, once you are done with your homework and have a list of the places that you want explore in Japan, book plane tickets to Japan. Japan is an exotic and popular tourist destination, therefore there are chances that the cost of the flight ticket to Japan will get a sudden hike. When you are sure about your time and date of your journey, make the reservation in advance to save money and also to fly to the destination smooth, safely and comfortably. 

It will be injustice to describe Japan just as an exotic holiday destination. It is highly imperative to find out why Japan is a must-visit destination for all travel enthusiasts. Also, what makes Japan unique from other tourist spots in the world? What’s so special about the place? 

Let’s find out major reasons to visit Japan at least once in a life time. Here are the reasons why it is important to book plane tickets to Japan in advance. Let’s not take a chance of exploring the places of this island country in East Asia which is located in the Pacific Ocean because of the passenger traffic or hike in the airfare.

  1. Stunning Temples and Shrines

Japan is worth visiting for sightseeing the beautiful Buddhist temples and Shinto Shrines. The ancient temples at Japan are well-constructed with fantastic art work. Art lovers will be fascinated by exploring the Buddhist temples and Shinto Shrines in Japan.

To explore the best temples and shrines, make sure that you visit the preserved cities in Japan like Kyoto and Nara. Kyoto has more than 2,000 Buddhist temples and shrines mainly in the Kansai Region City. At Nara, you will get a scope to visit various UNESCO World Heritage Sites also featuring some of the best temples in Nara Prefecture.

  1. Super Clean and Eco-Friendly Place to Visit 

One of the prominent features of Japan is its hygiene maintenance. The country is super clean with no discarded cup and cigarette butt. In fact, you will not see any litter on the streets of Japan. With beautiful plants, you can get a nice fragrance while walking down the streets of Japan. Besides, the bus drivers wear white gloves to maintain hygiene in the country. It is found that the people of Japan respect their surroundings and therefore take all the possible steps to keep the country clean and maintain the hygiene. 

  1. Spectacular Landscapes 

Japan is better defined by breathtaking landscapes. Japan is more than a place of hygiene and cleanliness. Breathtaking landscapes have been one of the major attractions of the place. It is a known fact that Japan is the home of gadgets and discovers advancement in technology. However, this country offers more than this to its visitors. It is a must visit place for all nature lovers. Walking by the beautiful landscapes will make your trip to Japan worthwhile.

When in Japan, you can’t afford to miss the beautiful view of Mount Fuji, the fantastic view of the Arashiyama bamboo forest. Rugged mountains and beautiful temples nominate Japan to be your next holiday destination.

  1. Convenient Transportation

Japan is globally recognized for being a country of discipline. It has been a country with the most efficient public transportation. The impact of punctuality of trains can’t be ignored behind the maximum popularity of Japan as a tourist destination. In fact, the country is well-connected by punctual trains. Visitors of Japan can travel in a hassle-free way from one place to another. Thanks to the convenient, disciplined and cost-effective transportation in Japan. It has been observed that visitors prefer traveling by train to reach any city and any corner of the country. 

  1. Don’t Miss the Sakura Blossom Event in Japan 

When you book plane tickets to Japan and did some homework regarding the places to visit in this interesting country, you must have heard of the Sakura Blossom Event. Japan celebrate this famous festival in the spring season mainly in the early of the month of January. Everyone manages time to get of your home or offices to watch the beautiful view. This million dollar view of the spring season has been a major attraction for the visitors of Japan.

  1. Must-Visit for a Foodie

Japan is a perfect destination if you satiate your wanderlust while enjoying the best cuisine. This country is known rather globally recognized for providing different types of cuisine. You should give a try to the famous Japanese cuisine like Sushi, Ramen, Udon, Sashimi, Kobe beef and Donburi when planned a trip to this famous and popular country.

Taste the famous noodles prepared by the renowned chefs of Japan. If you visit Tokyo in Japan, it is advised to give a try to their specially prepared noodles. Tokyo has the best noodle shops in the country. Also, make sure that 3 start Michelin restaurants are in your bucket list since when you booked plane tickets to Japan.

  1. One of the Safest Countries in the World

Safety is your primary concern whenever you plan a trip to any foreign destination, especially when you are traveling with your family. When you book plane tickets to Japan, you can be sure of being in one of the safest places in the world.

Japan is known for being the safest country in Asia. It has been recorded that only 1.4% of the entire population had been the victims of assault.

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