Book Plane Tickets to California (CA)

California, you must have heard the name of this major state of the United States of America. It is a famous state that is located on the Pacific Region of US. In terms of population and land area, California is the most populous state of the United States with a population of 39.6 million residents. Los Angeles in the most populous city in California and 2nd most populous city of the country after New York City. Book cheap plane tickets to California and explore the beautiful places.

When measured by area, it is marked as the 3rd largest US state. It covers a total land area of 163,696. The capital of the state is Sacramento which is better identified for being the seat of Sacramento county. The state capital is located at the meeting point of Sacramento River and the American River in Sacramento valley.

Now, after discussing much about the population, land area and location of this major US state, it’s time to focus on the significance of California as a tourist destination. You might be thinking why to make California your next holiday destination when there is a plethora of options.

Here are the reasons why to book plane tickets to California in advance:

Pleasant Weather

California is known for having the most pleasant weather. In fact, the state experiences good weather throughout the year. The scenic beauty of the place is spectacular. Visitors can explore the major attractions of the place to its fullest because of the soothing climatic conditions.

World-Class Theme Parks

Theme parks of California are of great attraction to adults and kids as well. Magic Mountain, Boomerang Bay, Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland and Discovery Kingdom are worth visit this major state of the United States. It is an ideal place for adventure lovers too. Theme parks of California hosts numerous game shows and engages kids and adults in various kinds of fun activities. With ‘n’ number of rides, this place in US has attracted millions of travel enthusiasts from all around the globe.

Interesting History

California is a place of historical significance. Museums and historical buildings in California has a story to tell. These major attractions reflect the Native American period, European exploration period, the Spanish colonial period and the Mexican period. It is an ultimate place of attraction for travel enthusiasts with a keen interest in history.

Spectacular Beauty of Nature

To explore the beauty of nature, plan a trip to California. When you will be in California, you can’t afford to miss Yosemite National Park, Redwood National Park, and the Sequoia National Park. These are places that are not to be missed at any cost. In fact, all these destinations have been the major reason behind the increase in the sale of plane tickets to California.

Exclusive Art Work

California is known for showcasing traditional and contemporary art. Make sure that famous art galleries and museums are in your bucket list when you are making California your next holiday destination. Also, California is the place where you can enjoy live art shows. Street art is the specialty of this major US state.

Sumptuous Food

California is better defined by cuisine. From burgers at food trucks to fining dining at a restaurant, California has everything to offer. If you are a foodie, then visiting California is a must for you. Apart from satiating the taste buds of food lovers from all around the globe, this place of the United States can also add glamour to your dining experience by serving tasty cuisine in their own traditional style in a well-defined restaurant.

Place of Adventure

If hiking is your passion with a deep longing for adventure sports, then California should be your next holiday destination. Hiking along the beautiful landscapes can bring you closer to nature. Also, there are chances of being adventurous in California with many activities hosted in the place. Mountains in the South Lake Tahoe and various National Parks can fulfil your passion for hiking.

After knowing the reasons why to book plane tickets to California early as the holiday season approaches, you might be finding answer to the question, will the flight ticket to California be an expensive affair? Will the airline ticket would exceed your expenses? Well then, the answer is yes it can cost you a bit. But, at the same time, it is also true that you can get airline ticket to this exotic US destination without breaking the bank. Now, the question is how?

Read on to get the answer rather to know the smartest tricks to get plane tickets to California at really economical rates.

  • To limit your expenses on expensive airline ticket to California, you are always advised to find a low-cost carrier. It is one of the most preferred platforms of travel enthusiasts to fly to a destination of their choice, need and purpose at really affordable rates.
  • It is true that low-cost airline can put a limitation on your expenses to costly airline ticket to California. However, it is also essential to be aware of the reputation, reliability and commitment of the airline towards its customers. Also, make sure that the airline which you prefer to be your flying partner must be certified and bound by the rules and regulations.
  • Waiting for a lucrative deal to come up is exciting but requires patience and most importantly flexibility. When you are quite flexible with the travel class and time of journey, then you can easily avail the deal offered by a trusted and reliable airline on plane tickets to California.

Best Time to Visit California

California is specially known for having fantastic weather throughout the year. However, there is a certain when you make the most of your trip by exploring the places in pleasant weather. It is always advised to fly to California from May to September. In these months, the place experiences warm tropical weather with sunny days and mild moist nights. Also, these months are not prone to rain.

Moreover, April and October are also ideal months to plan a trip to California. Make sure that you avoid visiting California from July to August because of extreme weather conditions.