Book Cheap Flights to Washington (WAS)

Vacation mode is on and you must be looking for an enthralling destination. But you might get confused with a plethora of beautiful places to visit this holiday. Well, you might end up with such a confusion when you settle for Washington. As you are planning your trip on a vacation, so it is advised to book cheap flights to Washington DC as early as possible. It will help you to avoid the rush. Most importantly, it is one of the major keys to fly to Washington without breaking the bank.

Washington is a place of historical and cultural significance. Visiting Washington is worth for every travel enthusiast because of endless reasons. Let’s find out the significance of the place and the consequences of booking cheap flights to Washington DC in advance.

About Washington

Washington officially known as the State of Washington is located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. It was named George Washington, the first president of the United States. Olympia is the capital of the State of Washington. Seattle is the largest city of the state.

The State of Washington is globally recognized for being the 18th largest state covering a total area of 71,362 square miles. Also, for having huge population with more than 7.4 million people, Washington is marked as the 13th most populous state.

It has been researched and noted that nearly 60% residents of Washington live in the metropolitan area of the Seattle. It is the major hub of industry, business and transportation. Washington also consists of mountain ranges, deep temperate rainforests last but not the least a semi-arid basin.

According to the census, Washington has been marked as the 2nd most populous state on the West Coast and in the Western United States followed by California. Another reason behind the popularity of the State of Washington is that it is the largest producer of sweet cherries, dry edible peas, red raspberries, peppermint oil, apples, lentils, potatoes, apricots, spearmint oil, asparagus, pears and grapes in the United States.

Research to get cheap flights to Seattle Washington for tasting best wine. After California, Washington ranks second in the production of wine.

What Makes Washington Unique?

Apart from being recognized as the 18th largest state and the 13th most populous state, Washington is globally identified for being a major tourist destination. This popular state of America attracts visitors from all over the world with great combination of sumptuous food and wine with spectacular scenic beauty. It is a place with endless options of entertainment, physical activities and live music and events. The historical and cultural significance of the place just can’t be ignored.

Below mentioned are the major attractions of the place. Read on to get an image of the places you are going to explore when booking cheap flights to Washington DC.

World-Class Museums

Washington DC is home to world-famous museums. It’s worth visiting this famous state in the United States when you managed time from your tight schedule to visit National Museum of American History, National Air and Space Museum and Museum of National History. The best part of these museums are their entry fees. Yes, it is absolutely free. All travel enthusiast who are museum lovers too can explore these places without spending a single penny.

However, it is important to note the impact of visiting the International Spy Museum. Although it might cost you but it’s worth visiting because of the exclusive artifacts.

Paradise for Food Lovers

From food trucks to fine dining, it has everything. Washington DC is an ideal place for all food lovers. This place offers cuisine of different types satiating the taste buds of foodies globally. Eateries at Washington serves mouth-watering dishes in their own conventional style.

When planned a trip to Washington, food lovers can’t afford to miss sumptuous Chesapeake blue crabs, Chesapeake oysters, Korean fried chicken, burgers, Salvadoran pupusas and many more.

Taste the Best Crafted Beer and Wine

When booking cheap flights to Seattle Washington, make sure to have the eateries offering crafted beer and wine in your bucket list. Give a try to their local wine and beer. As Washington is the second largest producer of wine after California. Therefore, it will be injustice to not tasting their special wine while making a visit to the famous eateries of the state.

This popular US states has more than 31,000 acres of vineyards and over 600 wineries. Washington is a renowned exporter of wine to more than 40 countries. Visitors are advised to plan a trip to the local breweries at Washington and taste the locally crafted beer.

Plenty of Outdoor Activities

Washington is an ideal place for adventurers. This American state experiences soothing weather with cool summers and mild moist winters. Therefore, it is the perfect place to enjoy outdoor adventure activities. Washington is safe for experiencing mountain climbing, skiing, hiking, fishing, cycling, boating, kiteboarding, mountain biking, surfing and snowboarding.

Washington’s Major Attractions

There is plethora of reasons for making The State of Washington your next holiday destination. For being the home of Seattle, Washington has been visited by many travel enthusiasts from all around the globe. Apart from having the most pleasant weather, Washington globally known for many interesting places and many things to do in Washington. The state is also highly appreciated for offering many exciting things to do.

It’s totally worth doing some research work and comparing the prices of different airline to get cheap flights to Washington DC because of the below mentioned attractions:

  • The National Archives
  • The White House
  • Capitol Hill
  • The Lincoln Memorial
  • Washington Monument
  • Washington National Cathedral
  • National Air and Space Museum
  • Library of Congress
  • Jefferson Memorial
  • United States Capitol

It is true that for being an exotic tourist destination, flying to The State of Washington might cost you a bit. At the same time, it is also proven it is possible to fly to Washington without hitting your pocket if you follow some steps.

The first step is to make a list of the airlines and compare their quoted prices. It is the basic yet major key to find a low-cost carrier. Besides, this step will also help you explore the city fully by limiting your expense on expensive airfare.

But, in comparing the prices or in search of a low-cost airline, don’t ignore its reliability and reputation. It is highly essential to find out whether the airline is certified and committed towards their clients. If possible, have a thorough glance at the customer feedback, reviews and testimonials before finalizing your choice.

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