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Is San Francisco your next holiday destination? Then, what are you waiting for. Plan your trip and book cheap flights to San Francisco. It is one of the popular cities of the United States which is often visited by travel enthusiasts from different parts of the world. There are endless reasons behind the popularity of San Francisco as a tourist destination.

Now, you must be curious to know what makes San Francisco different from other destinations in the United States. In fact, a question might be peeping in your mind is it worth visiting San Francisco when there are plenty of options. Read on to get the answer of your question and also to impact of making San Francisco your next holiday destination and book discount flights to San Francisco.

About San Francisco

San Francisco is a major city in Northern California. Besides, it is globally recognized as the major hub of Northern California in terms of culture, finance and commerce. San Francisco have huge population and therefore is marked as the 13th most populous city in the United States. As per the census of 2018, San Francisco is the 4th most populous city in California with a population of 883,305.

This huge city in Northern California, United States covers total area of 46.89 square miles. Henceforth, it is marked as the 2nd most densely populated large city in the US city and the 5th most densely populated county in the United States. In terms of metropolitan statistical area, San Francisco ranks 12 in the United States with a population of 4,729,484 according to the survey of 2018. Above all, this US city is the 7th highest income county in the United States according to the report of 2018. Per capital personal income at San Francisco is of $130,696.

History of San Francisco

San Francisco was founded in the year 1776. Later, in the year 1856, San Francisco became a consolidated city-county. Around three-quarters of the city was destroyed in the year 1906 by massive fire and earthquake. Soon after the mishap, San Francisco was rebuilt and successfully hosted the Panama-Pacific International Exposition which was a famous fair in the world after nine years.

San Francisco as a Popular Tourist Destination

It is worth booking discount flights to San Francisco because of plenty of reason. Cool summers, art, craft and architecture, cable cars last but not the least Golden Gate Bridge will definitely force every travel enthusiast to have San Francisco in their bucket list. Besides, this city in Northern California is a major hub of finance by being the headquarters of five reputable banking institutions and many other major companies.

Reasons to Make San Francisco Your Next Holiday Destination

Book cheap flights to San Francisco CA to make your vacation exciting and memorable. Here is why you will love San Francisco and would advise other travel enthusiasts to plan a trip to this exotic city.

The Climate

Extremely soothing weather with cool summers and moist mild winters has attracted millions of travel enthusiast from all around the globe. However, the weather at San Francisco is considered to be unpredictable. The best part about the city’s weather is when there is extreme heat, the fog takes over and finally cools down the city. Dazzling sunset have been one of the major attractions of this city in Northern California.

The Food

If you are a food lover, then booking cheap flights to San Francisco is must for you. Delectable cuisine makes this US city a favorite destination for a foodie. The city has more than 4,500 eateries offering cuisine of different type. In fact, San Francisco is globally recognized as the best food city in the United States. Restaurants at San Francisco can satiate the taste buds of food lovers globally by offering them sumptuous dishes from different parts of the world.

Scenic Beauty

San Francisco attracts visitors from all around the globe with picturesque scenic beauty. Hiking is common in this beautiful city. Passing by the landscapes, witnessing sunrise and sunset and enjoying breathtaking views of nature are enough reasons to make San Francisco your next holiday destination. Visitors at San Francisco will be awestricken by the spectacular view of the ocean.

Must-Go for Bicycle Lovers

San Francisco fascinates bike lovers. This city in Northern California provide all kind of amenities to bike riders including sufficient bike parking area and bike lanes. Managed traffic at San Francisco help riders go a long way safely and smoothly. Bikes are famous like cars in San Francisco. Enthusiasts will be thrilled to ride a bike on the city-side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Ultimate Shopping Destination

If you are a shopaholic, San Francisco will be the perfect place for you. This city in Northern California is internationally recognized for being a major hub of shopping with great shopping districts. Exclusive boutiques and shops offering vintage clothes are major contributing factors behind the popularity of this US destination.

World Famous Museums

Being flexible with the time of journey and waiting for the right deal or discount to get discount flights to San Francisco is worth because of the world class museums. This major US city is an ideal place to witness classical and contemporary art collection. Aquariums and planetarium have also been some major attractions of the city.

Book Discount Flights to San Francisco  and Explore Major Attractions.

San Francisco is full of major attractions like Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman’s Wharf, Wine Country, Pier 39, cable cars last but not the least Golden Gate Park. Besides, soothing weather makes San Francisco a must visit destination for all travel enthusiasts.

Now, you might be curious to know how much will it cost to fly to this exclusive US destination. Well, then the fact is flying to San Francisco can cost you a bit. However, smart tricks can help you get cheap flights to San Francisco.

Compare and save! After making a list of the airlines offering flight tickets to San Francisco, ask for quotations and compare their airfare individually. This simple yet major key will help you fly at economical rates resulting in complete exploration of the exotic city.

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