Book Cheap Flights to Myrtle Beach (MYR)

With endless options, finalizing a destination for your next vacation is a tedious and most importantly a complex task. Each holiday destination has its own value, significance and impact. It is hard to choose a destination that suits your requirement, purpose and budget. Every travel enthusiast has their own passion and place of interest. Let’s say if you are a beach lover, then no other option is better than booking cheap flights to Myrtle Beach. Now, a question might be peeping your mind why to choose Myrtle Beach among so many options. Well, the answer is its worth to book flight tickets to Myrtle Beach. Read on to know the geographical, cultural and historical significance of the place.

About Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a coastal city located in Horry County at South California. This exotic destination is on the Each Coast of the United States. Myrtle Beach is better identified as being the epicenter of a large beach known as The Grand Strand located in north-eastern part of South California. It is continuous beach with a stretch of 60 km.

According to the census of 2018, this beautiful beach in the United States rank 2nd as the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country. Book airline tickets to Myrtle Beach to enjoy warm subtropical climate while exploring the exotic beaches of the city.

With soothing weather, gorgeous beaches and many other places of interest, Myrtle Beach has been marked as one of the major tourist centers in South California and the United States. It is estimated that this exclusive US destination attracts more than 14 million visitors every year.

Being a city of exotic beaches and good weather, the population of Myrtle Beach is increasing every year. It is estimated as per the 2017 census; the population of the city was 27,109. In the year 2018 according to the census, the population of Myrtle Beach has increased to 33,908. It is estimated that The Myrtle Beach Metropolitan Area had a huge population of 449,495 as per the census of 2016.

Here are Other Major Reasons of Booking Airline Tickets to Myrtle Beach SC:

Myrtle Beach as the name suggests is a place full of exotic beaches. But apart from relaxing under the sun of gorgeous beaches, visitors of this coastal city can also have other exciting things to do and interesting places to visit. Now, you will have a better image of the city and the reason to give some effort in booking cheap flights to Myrtle Beach SC.

The Best Place to Satiate Your Taste Buds

It is a must-visit place for all seafood lovers. Myrtle Beach is globally recognized as the seafood capital of South California. This coastal city is famous for having the best seafood restaurants offering sumptuous seafood at rates that can be afforded by all types of foodie.

If seafood is not your thing, give a try to delicious steak. Eateries at Myrtle Beach offers juice, lip-smacking steak. If you are a seafood lover or steak taster, give a try to a reputable bistro at Myrtle Beach named Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse or Throughbred’s Chophouse & Seafood Grille. Myrtle Beach is also known for offering homemade pasta. This is a must try local cuisine when planning a visit to this coastal city in the United States.

The best part of all the eateries at Myrtle Beach is its location. All the restaurants are built in the middle of the water and therefore gives the visitors a scope to witness the sunset while grabbing mouth-watering steak or seafood.

Shopping Shopping & Shopping

Myrtle Beach is highly recommended for shopaholic. Visitors must have Coastal Grand Mall Broadway at the Beach, Barefoot Landing and The Market Common in their bucket list while making a visit to Myrtle Beach. These are the most reputed local markets at Myrtle Beach offering apparel and souvenirs like shark teeth, vintage memorabilia and whoopee cushions for your loved ones.

An Ideal Place to Enjoy Water Sports

If you are an aquatic adventure lover and longing for safe and exciting water sports, then book cheap flights to Myrtle Beach. This coastal city is an ideal place to enjoy aquatic adventure. Watersports sightseeing at Myrtle Beach includes watching dolphin show and other creatures. Besides, Myrtle Beach is known for arranging safe and exciting high-flying adventure sports.

Touch the Stars at Myrtle Beach

This coastal city in South California, United States gives its visitors an opportunity to have a grand view of the gigantic and gorgeous Atlantic Ocean from the top of sky. The Myrtle Beach SkyWheel which is of 187 foot is a major attraction of this famous coastal city. It has been one of the major factors behind the popularity of Myrtle Beach as a tourist destination. The Myrtle Beach SkyWheel is an ideal place to capture images while witnessing the beauty of the city and spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Breathtaking Beaches

White sands and sparkling waters make your trip to Myrtle Beach a success. Gorgeous beaches and picturesque sunrise and sunset will make you give some effort and manage some time to do research work and compare to get cheap airline tickets to Myrtle Beach SC.

Apart from soaking Vitamin D in the beautiful and long beaches of the coasting city in the United States, you will get a scope to take part in activities like volleyball, swimming, lounging and Frisbee. Myrtle Beach is a must visit place for surfers. Beaches at Myrtle Beach ensures safe and smooth surfing that too at a price which can be afforded by all surfers.

Golf Links

Myrtle Beach is also recognized globally as the golf capital of the world. With more than 100 supreme golf courses, this coasting city has attracted millions of golfers from all around the globe. This beautiful city in South California has golf courses on the Inter-coastal water way. Golfers can enjoy their game while getting a beautiful oceanic view.

Affordable Sea-Facing Hotels

Easy and affordable accommodation has been one of the major features of Myrtle Beach. After getting cheap flights to Myrtle Beach SC, visitors of this coasting city can limit their expenses more by getting quality hotels at really affordable rates. Myrtle Beach have options for every budget and therefore has been a favorite tourist destination for more than 15 million people. Ample hotels, beach homes, condos and campgrounds made accommodation easy and trouble-free. Affordable accommodations with ocean views have attracted millions of visitors from different parts of the world.

Plenty of Entertainment

Adventure and learning come hand in hand at Myrtle Beach, try and visit a popular attraction at this coastal city known as Wonderworks. It is advised to manage some time to visit Ripley’s Aquarium. Myrtle Beach is filled with thrilling entertainment at some famous destinations called Medieval Times and Pirate’s Voyage.

To enjoy a top-class live entertainment show, plan a visit to The Carolina Opry. Enjoy other fantastic and entertaining shows at the famous GTS Theatre, Legends in Concert and Alabama Theatre. The city hosts more than 600 art events every year which is one of the primary reasons behind the popularity of Myrtle Beach as a tourist destination in the United States.

How to Reach Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach is well-connected to other parts of the country. Myrtle Beach Intl Airport is the closes airport to Myrtle Beach. This international airport operates flights from different parts of the world. Myrtle Beach Intl Airport has been the hub of many reputable airlines.

Myrtle Beach Intl Airport is just few minutes away from the top-class golf courses and other major tourist attractions. Besides, it is also a convenient option to reach Myrtle Beach from Florence Regional Airport. Once you reach Florence Regional Airport, you can reach Myrtle Beach within 90 minutes by car.

After knowing much about the significance of the coastal city in South California, United States, you might be looking for flight tickets for your next vacation. However, you might notice an increase in airfare and might take a step back and ended up with the cancellation of the trip.

But this doesn’t happen if you are smart enough to find the right and reliable way to get cheap flights to Myrtle Beach SC. Either you find a great deal, offer or discount or be flexible with the time of your journey. Doing some research work in finding a low-cost airline is also a good idea to limit your expense on costly flight ticket to Myrtle Beach. But make sure that you research well about the reputation, certification, reliability, proximity and transparency of the company before make the final payment.

It is advised to compare the prices quoted by different airlines before you make the final deal. This will help you make the most of your trip by helping you save your money on expensive flight tickets.

Before choosing an airline to fly to Myrtle Beach, ask for the quotes of the airline on the flight ticket to this exclusive US destination. Compare and then decide to fly smooth, comfortably, safely that too without hitting the pocket.

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