Book Cheap Flights to Fort Lauderdale (FLL)

If gorgeous beaches, fantastic shopping centers, happening night life, sumptuous food and craft beer are the things you desire to have in your next holiday vacation, then without wasting any more time in searching for single destination with all these amenities. Book cheap flights to Fort Lauderdale Florida. It is an ideal place located in the US state of Florida to relax under the beaches and also to explore some interesting places and do some exciting things that will surely make your trip thrilling, adventurous and unforgettable.

Now, you might be curious to have an image of Fort Lauderdale. Moreover, you might be looking forward to know the significance of the place and the impact of giving some effort in getting cheap airline tickets to Fort Lauderdale. Besides, you might be hoping to get an idea of the places you can visit and the interesting things you can do in your holiday vacation.

Let’s start with the importance of Fort Lauderdale including its location, area and any other historical or cultural value.

About Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a popular city in Florida, United States. It is located 28 miles north of Miami. Fort Lauderdale is also identified as the county seat of Broward County which is a famous county located in the south-eastern part of Florida. According to a survey and census or 2018, it is estimated this popular US city had a population of 182,595. Therefore, Fort Lauderdale is marked as the focused city of the Miami metropolitan area. It is estimated that Miami metropolitan area had a population of 6,198,782 people as per the 2018 census.

Fort Lauderdale is considered as one of the major tourist destinations in Florida due to endless reasons. This one of the most-visited US destinations has a soothing temperature throughout the year. Fort Lauderdale experiences 3,000 hours of sunshine per year with average year round temperature of 24.2 °C.

It has been researched that nearly 12 million people visited Fort Lauderdale in the year 2012. It includes 2.8 million international visitors. Sufficient accommodation has also been one of the major reasons behind an increase in the sale of cheap flights to Fort Lauderdale Forida. It has nearly 561 hotels and motels consisting of more than 35,000 rooms.

In addition to this, Fort Lauderdale has more than 4,000 eateries, nearly 12 shopping malls, 132 night clubs, 45,000 yachts last but not the least more than 16 museums.

History of Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, the name itself defines a story of historical significance. This city in Florida is named after numerous forts built by the United States during the Second Seminole War which is commonly referred as the Florida War. The fort got its name from Major William Lauderdale. He was the younger brother of James Lauderdale who was a Lieutenant Colonel. James Lauderdale was an US based Militia officer. William Lauderdale was globally recognized for being the commander of the detachment of soldiers who built the first fort in the United States.

After getting much information about the historical significance of Fort Lauderdale and having an image of the beauty of the city. Your next step must be to book cheap flights to Fort Lauderdale Florida. However, after doing much research work and browsing the website of different airlines, you might end with cancellation of the trip. You might take a step back because of the hike in airfare to this exotic destination in Florida, United States.

But, there is a common saying ‘the more, the better’. When you research more and give some effort you might end up landing at the airport of Fort Lauderdale that too by limiting your expenses on costly flight ticket to this popular US destination. Apart from doing maximum research work, there are many other things you can consider for getting cheap airline tickets to Fort Lauderdale. Read on to know the steps you can take for flying to Fort Lauderdale safely, smoothly, comfortably and affordably.

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After discussing much about the most possible and convenient ways to get cheap airline tickets to Fort Lauderdale. It’s time for you to know the consequences of doing so much research work and compare the prices of flight tickets of various airlines to this beautiful destination in Florida, United States.

The reasons behind the popularity of Fort Lauderdale as a major tourist destination in the United States are endless. In fact, it is considered as one of the most-visited cities in Florida. Here are the reasons for planning your next trip to Fort Lauderdale:

Fort Lauderdale is the Venice of America

To enjoy ride on a gondola, it is not mandatory to visit Paris. It is possible by planning a trip to Fort Lauderdale too. This popular city in the US state of Florida is globally recognized for providing spectacular view of America’s version of Venice. Visitors of this popular city can grab a water taxi or can enjoy the fresh air while passing by the water on a gondola. Fort Lauderdale is the place where you can explore nearly 300 miles of meandering waterways.

With a wide range of yachts and mansions, Fort Lauderdale facilitate its visitors by giving them a scope to enjoy the calm and tranquility of the beautiful water and breathtaking view of the city. Besides, to make the most of their trip, visitors can also spend some time at the famous cruise ship of Fort Lauderdale. While enjoying the beautiful water passing by the famous tourist destination, visitors at Fort Lauderdale can also learn about the local history of the place while spotting colorful birds.

Exciting Water Sports

Adventurers and water sport lovers are advised not to waste their time and book cheap flights to Fort Lauderdale. This city in Florida is ideal to enjoy swimming, scuba diving and jet skiing. Fort Lauderdale is a must-visit place to experience safe, smooth and affordable snorkeling.

Picturesque Beaches

Time to soak up some Vitamin D that too without getting lost in the crowd at Fort Lauderdale. When planning a trip to Fort Lauderdale, it is a must to explore the famous beaches of the city. It includes Pompano Beach, Hillsboro Beach, Hollywood Beach, Dania Beach, Lauderdale by The Sea, Deerfield Beach last but the least Pompano Beach. Planning a trip to Fort Lauderdale would be considered incomplete if you don’t manage some time to visit the Terramar Street Beach. It is a quieter and beautiful beach and is home to gentle waves.

Epicenter for Craft Beer

There are many US destinations offering good food and tasty craft beer. But nothing can beat Fort Lauderdale when it comes to craft beer. This city in Florida is considered as the center for fine-tasting craft beer. The impact of high-end restaurants and cafes on the increased popularity of Fort Lauderdale as a tourist destination just can’t be ignored. The city has exclusive eateries offering the most delightful craft beer along with sumptuous food. Offering craft beer and cuisine of different types at prices which can be afforded by almost food lovers is the specialty of Fort Lauderdale.

When planning a trip to Fort Lauderdale, consider landing at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. It located very close to the beach and have multiple options for public transportation.

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