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United Airlines Book a Flight and Find Some Amazing Deals

Did you ever consider flying with an airline that has the world’s most rewarding loyalty program? If no, consider flying with United Airlines. For United Airlines book a flight, visit the airline’s website or call on United Airlines reservations helpdesk.

About United Airlines

Founded in 1926, United Airlines, Inc. is a major airline in the United States of America. With its headquarters at Willis Tower in Chicago, the airline operates on both domestic and international routes and extensively covers the Asia-Pacific region. Its regional service is carried out under the banner of United Express.

Of the seven hubs, Chicago-O’ Hare is its largest and busiest hub. With a total of 784 aircraft and 88,000 employees, the airline provides service to over 342 travel destinations, both domestic and international. It is also a founder member of the world’s largest alliance, Star Alliance.

Acknowledging the fact that 98% of environmental pollution is caused by jet fuel, United Airlines has adopted fuel-efficient technologies to minimize environmental impacts. It has been partnering with Clean the World campaign since 2016. Flying with United Airlines comes with amenities like free alcohol, beverages, blankets and pillow, and other in-flight entertainment systems.

All meals are complimentary on international flights. The Airline is committed to ensuring reliability, operational safety and a comfortable voyage to all its passengers. It also aims to respect every voice, communicate transparently and honestly, and make their decisions with empathy.

In case you encounter any issues related to the booking of tickets, call on the United Airlines reservations phone number USA +1-855-915-0332 and avail assistance.

United Airlines Book a Flight – Importance & Impact

Make United Airlines reservations to fly to your destination in a stress-free way and most importantly without costing a dime. This low-cost airline facilitate travelers irrespective of their travel class and categories with excellent on-board amenities. United Airlines book a flight to get the best hospitality and premium services that promises to make your journey safe, smooth and enjoyable.

In-Flight Amenities

United Airlines has several in-flight facilities for its customers. However, you must know that different cabin classes have different United in-flight amenities. For instance, the first-class travel class has the most luxurious amenities ever, for first-class passengers.

Here are some of these facilities.

In-flight Wi-Fi

Unlike some airlines, United Airlines’ flyers can access secure in-flight Wi-Fi. However, you must know that you’ll need to purchase a Wi-Fi package to access this vital amenity. Wi-Fi charges start at $49 and may vary depending on the subscription you choose.

Alternatively, you can use your Miles to subscribe to it. Please note that you’ll need at least 7,000 Miles to purchase the cheapest subscription. Once you buy your subscription, you must visit www.unitedwifi.com to sign in: after which you can enjoy a fast-speed internet connection.

In-flight Magazines

Customers can access Hemisphere magazines for informative content. This magazine covers essential topics such as sports, fitness, education, and business. You can either ask for a hardcopy of the magazine or visit United Airlines official site “www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/inflight.html” to read it online.

In-flight Live TV

Customers buying United Airlines reservations will be happy to know that this airline has in-flight televisions. Today, passengers can watch DIRECTV live television while on-board. Normally, customers won’t have to pay any fee to watch it.

Leather reclining seats

This has to be among the most fantastic in-flight amenities. Customers can enjoy some good rest, thanks to these facilities. The good news is that you can convert such seats into flatbeds for uninterrupted sleep.

Call Button

Another important facility is the call button. Customers can use this to request for any form of help from a flight attendant. The cabin crew is always on standby to respond to such calls within the shortest time possible. That’s why you should consider buying United Airlines flight reservations.

On-board toilet

Just like other airlines, United Airlines has an on-board toilet. The airline encourages customers to stick to the in-flight toilet rules and regulations. The good news is that this facility is available in all the three cabin classes.

Business lounge

United Airlines has a club lounge for both First Class and business class passengers. Therefore these customers can enjoy all the services offered in these luxurious clubs. Interestingly, economy class flyers can equally access this facility if they produce their military IDs.

Flight Status and Schedules

Customers can access the flight schedules on the airline’s official website. For this reason, you can easily select the most suitable flight for you. Kindly note that you must stick to the stipulated departure date and time.

Flight Schedule

A flyer can easily know the airline’s schedule when completing a United Airlines book a flight. Usually, upon selecting any flight, you’ll see essential details such as

  • Destination
  • Date of the flight
  • Time of the flight

If you’re unfamiliar with the online ticket booking procedure, don’t worry as customer care have you covered. Thus, don’t hesitate to call 1-800-864-8331 to inquire about flight schedules.

United Airline’s Flight Status

Flyers can visit United Airline’s website to check their flight status. You’ll be required to enter some essential details such as your booking number and surname. Please note that you can bring this to customer service attention if you cancel your booking and it fails to reflect.

Destinations Served By United Airlines

United Airlines is among the few airlines that fly to multiple destinations. Today, United Airlines destinations stand at 190. Out of this, 79 are domestic destinations, while 111 are international.

Domestic Destinations

As mentioned above, United Airlines flies to close to 80 domestic destinations. Here is a list of some of these places.

  • Flights to Boston
  • Flights to Orlando
  • Flights to New York
  • Flights to Seattle
  • Flights to Los Angeles
  • Flights to San Diego

International Destinations

United Airlines travel policy allows this flag carrier to fly to nearly 112 international destinations. Therefore, customers are free to purchase United Airlines reservations, to any of these international places. Here is a list of some of these places;

  • Flights to Australia
  • Flights to Belgium
  • Flights to Bermuda
  • Flights to Brazil
  • Flights to Canada
  • Flights to China

Terminated Destinations

United Airlines struck off some destinations from its destinations list, owing to undisclosable reasons. Some of these places include;

  • Victoria
  • Haflax
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Copenhagen
  • Manama
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa

Fleet Size

United Airlines fleet size enables it to fly to over 170 different destinations across the world. Today, the airline boasts of a fleet size of over 800 aircraft. The airline keeps getting into partnerships with more airlines to enable it to travel to more destinations globally.

Current Fleet

Today, the airline’s current fleet size stands at 803. Some of these aircraft include;

  • Airbus A350
  • Airbus A321
  • Airbus A319
  • Boeing 737-700
  • Boeing 737-800
  • Boeing 737-900
  • Boeing 737-900
  • Boeing 737 MAX 10
  • Boeing 737 MAX 9

Fleet Capacity

United Airline’s aircraft have varying capacities. Technically some planes have a higher capacity than others. For example, the Airbus A319 can carry 126 passengers per trip. On the contrary, the Boeing 777-300ER can accommodate at least 200 passengers as before.

Fleet History

United Airlines’ fleet consists of several brands such as Airbus and Boeing. In the past, the airline considered other brands for its operation, such as Vickers Viscount and McDonnel Douglas. Below is a list of some of the former aircraft that the airline used to use for its operations.

  • Boeing 247
  • Boeing 377
  • Boeing 737-300
  • Douglas DC-4
  • Douglas DC-6
  • Boeing 767-200ER
  • Convair 340

The airline hopes to increase its fleet size even further in the coming years.

United Airlines Cabin Classes

United Airlines aircraft features three different cabin classes for its customers. Normally, each of these travel classes has different features. That’s why the air tickets of each of these travel classes vary significantly.

Here are the three common cabin classes.

a) First Class

This cabin class attracts the costliest air tickets owing to its luxurious facilities. First Class flyers can enjoy more amenities than the other two. Here is a list of some of these amenities;

  • Wi-Fi
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Privacy dividers
  • Leather reclining seats of 20.5 inches by 17 inches
  • Pre-departure food and beverages

b) Business Class

The business class draws the second most expensive United Airlines reservations. Just like First class, here flyers can access equally luxurious facilities on board. Below is a list of some of these notable amenities.

  • Flatbed seats
  • Eyeshades
  • Ear Plugs
  • TV screens

Business-class is available on specific planes such as

  • Boeing 747 aircraft
  • Boeing 757 planes
  • Boeing 757-200

c) Economy Class

Economy class is the least luxurious cabin class. Here, customers can purchase the cheapest air tickets. Technically, air tickets for this cabin class are subdivided into two different fares: basic economy and economy fares.

Normally, the basic economy fare is usually less costly than the economy air tickets. Additionally, these types of air tickets have more restrictions imposed on them. For instance, the customers must follow specific travel policies in case of flight changes, refunds, or upgrades. Today, the airline waives these restrictions for Star Alliance elites. Kindly read the restrictions before you complete a United Airlines booking.

United Airlines Partners

United Airlines has partnered with multiple airlines to improve their services. Thanks to the partnerships, customers can travel to over 150 destinations across the world.

Popular Partners

Today, the airline has partnered with over 10 famous airlines spread across the globe. Some of the united partners include;

United Airlines Partner Award Ticket

United partners allow customers to fly to their airport using the Miles. However, the customers must have accumulated the required number of miles, in their account. For example, to fly with partner airlines to Europe, you’ll need at least 70,000 miles.

These days United Airlines miles do not expire as they used to before. Additionally, the airline recently announced that United Airlines award flight would no longer be fixed. That means that the award tickets prices will vary depending on both internal and external factors.

Flight Check-in Policy

United Airlines encourages its customers to confirm their United Airlines reservations, before the flight. Technically, the check-in policy provides several ways of confirming a reservation.

How to Check-in for a Flight

You may have heard about the online check-in procedure. A customer can visit United Airlines official site “www.united.com/travel/checkin/start.aspx” to confirm his or her booking. You’ll only need to provide your flight details and follow some simple instructions. Below are the two essential details you ought to provide.

  • Ticket number
  • Last name/surname

In most cases, this online process opens 24 hours to the flight and closes at least an hour to the flight.

Secondly, you can visit the airport to confirm your booking. The fantastic news is that there are countless customer care agents at the help desk to help you out. The only disadvantage is that you may experience a delay.

Lastly, you can get in touch with customer care for ticket confirmation assistance. Interestingly, customer care agents are always on standby to attend to customers. For this reason, you can dial +1-855-915-0332 for immediate assistance.

Baggage Policy

United Airlines has the best baggage policy for its customers. Thanks to this sensible travel policy, you’re free to carry luggage onto the plane. However, you’re bound by the United Airlines baggage policy.

How to Book Luggage

Nowadays, there are several ways of booking for baggage. A customer is free to book a ticket on the airline’s official website. Thanks to this United Airlines baggage policy, you can prepay the baggage fee.

Kindly provide all the essential details of your baggage such as the size and weight. Another option at your disposal is to contact customer service. The agents will quickly take you through the process. Please feel free to dial 1-800-335-2247 for immediate assistance.

Baggage Fee

The truth is that the airline will charge you a small baggage fee. Today the luggage fee differs depending on the total number of bags. For instance, the first checked bag will cost you $30. On the other hand, the second bag will cost you an additional $40.

If you have a third bag, you must be prepared to pay an extra $150. You’ll be glad to know that you can carry a fourth bag, if necessary. However, in such a case, you’ll need to spare $200 for it. Baggage policy stipulates some specific overweight bag charges.

Frequently, the charges for overweight bags depends on the total weight of the travel bag. For instance, if your suitcase weighs between 23 kilograms to 30 kilograms, you’ll pay $100. On the contrary, if the overweight travel bag weighs over 30 kilograms but less than 100 kilograms you’ll have to pay $200.

Size and Weight Restrictions

Kindly note that the airline specifies some strict size and weight restrictions. For instance, your first four travel bags must not exceed 23 kilograms. Customers whose travel bags exceed this weight risks losing their United Airlines reservations.

An overweight bag must not exceed 100 kilograms; lest the cabin crew won’t allow you to load it onto the plane. Remember that the airline will weigh all travel bags at the airport. All baggage must not have a total size of 62 inches.

However, an oversize travel bag can have a total size of between 63 inches to 115 inches.

United Airlines Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, not all airlines allow their customers to cancel your booking. The good news is that the United Airlines cancellation policy is highly customer-friendly. For this reason, you’re free to cancel a booking if you no longer wish to travel.

United Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

A holidaymaker is at liberty to revoke their booking within 24 hours, after booking a reservation. The exciting news is that the United Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy dictates that in such a case, the airline shouldn’t charge you a flight cancellation fee. Today, this travel policy provides several ways of cancelling a reservation.

United Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy gives you the freedom to use whichever method to invalidate your reservation. A customer can choose to cancel the booking either online or offline.

United Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee

If you fail to cancel your air ticket within 24 hours, then you must be ready to pay a flight cancellation fee. Today, the airline will charge you $200 to cancel a domestic flight. On the other hand, for international flights, you’ll need to pay a non-refundable flight cancellation fee of $400.

How to Cancel a United Airlines Booking

Cancellation policy provides multiple ways of cancelling a booking. For instance, a client can visit United Airlines reservations official site to complete this process. You’ll only need to follow a few fundamental steps to submit your request successfully.

Alternatively, you can choose to contact customer service to request for help. United Airlines ticket cancellation policy allows customers to cancel a ticket for clients. Interestingly, the agents won’t charge you an extra fee for this.

Travelers are free to use the United Airlines app to cancel a United Airlines booking. Please ensure that you follow some straightforward on-screen instructions. If your ticket cancellation is successful, you ought to receive a refund. The cancel flight refund policy only applies to successful ticket cancellation requests.

Lastly, the ticket cancellation policy allows a client to visit the airport to request for assistance. Technically, there are several professional customer care agents at the customer help desk. However, this option may inconvenience you as the agents are only available during working hours.

United Airlines Hotline

You’ll be relieved to know that the cancel flight policy allows you to request for help from customer care. Feel free to call +1-855-915-0332 for immediate assistance. Kindly call this customer care number during business hours.

Flight Change Policy

United Airlines flight change policy permits a flyer to modify their reservation. The travel policy spells out essential guidelines such as flight change procedure, service charges, and deadlines. For instance, you can only change a valid reservation.

Today, United Airlines tickets have a validity of 12 months. For this reason, you must submit the flight change request within this period.

How to Change a United Airlines Booking

Technically, customers have several ways of changing their United Airlines flight reservations. Here are some of the ways through which you can complete this;

a) Online ticket change

flight change policy allows customers to visit United Airlines reservations official site to modify their booking. Upon visiting the website, you’ll have to click on the change flight option to kick-start the process. After that, you ought to enter the details of your previous booking for cancellation.

Later, enter the details of your preferred alternative booking. Kindly note that fare differences may apply, especially if you book a pricier air ticket.

b) United Airlines app

Another option for customers is to utilize the United Airlines app to change a booking. Please click on the change flight option to start the online ticket cancellation process. United Airlines change reservations policy states that if your booking is successful, it ought to reflect online.

Therefore, please check your flight status soon after you complete changing the reservation.

c) Calling Customer Care

Lastly, the United Airlines flight change policy allows you to request for assistance from customer care. Therefore, you’re free to dial +1-855-915-0332 to get the help you need. Ordinarily, the agents won’t charge you an extra fee for this except for the flight change fee.

d) Emailing Customer service

Customers can email customer service if they’re unreachable. United Airlines change reservations policy dictates that you should settle the fare differences first. Today, the airline reacts upon email within 24 hours upon receipt.

Please include all the vital details, such as your personal details and your alternative flight.

Flight Change Fee

United Airlines charges customers a small flight change fee. However, recently, the airline exempted customers with Economy and premium cabin air tickets from paying such services charges. In most cases, the airline deducts this fee from the paid booking fee.

United Airlines Group Reservations Policy

Group travel policy allows travelers in groups of ten to fly together. However, such customers must abide by this travel policy in totality. For instance, the group members must clear all the booking fees before the flight.

How to Book a Group Travel

Technically, there are several ways through which you can complete a United Airlines book a flight. For instance, a client is free to visit United Airlines official site “www.united.com/ual/en/us/grouptravel/groupform/home” to complete the booking process. You’ll have to fill up a group booking form online.

Please include all the vital details such as

  • Ticket type
  • Contacts
  • Email address
  • Total group members
  • Group member’s names
  • Destination
  • Date of the flight
  • Place of departure

Customer care agents will send you a reply within two working days. Normally, it’s not a must that you provide all the group members’ names during booking. You can provide these details later on once the airline approved your quote.

Alternatively, you can contact customer care to request for a quote. Please feel free to call +1-855-915-0332 to request for the quote. Upon filling the quote, submit the same via email for reviewing purposes. Customer care always informs flyers if their United Airlines flight reservations application is successful.

Customers outside Canada and the United States need to get in touch with their local United customer care center. The agent will guide through the United Airlines reservations booking.

United Airlines Group Travel and Meetings

Group travel & meeting policy allows customers to book such tickets, if they so wish. The best way to do this is by directly contacting customer care. Unlike before, the airline is currently offering amazing discounts to group members from different cities, who would like to travel to a common destination.

United Airlines Group Booking Restrictions

Group travel policy, imposes a few restrictions on United Airlines group reservations. Here are a few of them.

  • Each group must comprise at least ten members.
  • All the group members must travel on the same flight.
  • Group members must travel on the same date.
  • A group can consist of minors.
  • Each group must have at least one adult.
  • An adult can accompany up to 15 kids.
  • A group cannot consist of a member under 14 years.

United Airlines Group Reservations Privacy Policy

They guarantees the privacy of all its customers’ data. Therefore, the airline doesn’t disclose any information you submit, either online or offline. The privacy policy encourages customers, to use secure Wi-Fi to access their website.

United Airlines Vacations

Customers can book United Airlines reservations to enjoy a vacation. As we’ll see shortly, there are several ways to reserve united vacations. United Airlines has partnered with several partners such as the hotel industry and the car industry to help you enjoy an affordable vacation.

How to Book a United Vacations

Technically, there are several ways through which customers can book vacation packages. For example, you can visit vacations.united.com to book your vacation. Please ensure that you provide several details such as;

  • Vacation package
  • Place of departure
  • Destination
  • Cabin preference
  • Departure date
  • Return date
  • Total number of adults
  • Total number of children

Additionally, you must ensure that you include the accurate promo code. Please note that the promotion code is usually unique; hence there’s no monkey business. Alternatively, you can contact customer care to request for booking assistance.

Kindly call to request customer care to help you book for a vacation. Feel free to contact this United vacations phone number +1-855-915-0332 at any time of day or night. Interestingly, United Airlines does not charge customers for any service. If your booking is successful, you ought to receive an email confirmation.

United Vacation Packages

Today, the airline offers United vacation packages to customers. For instance, you’ll realize that customers are free to travel as a group. Normally, group bookings attract a huge discount, unlike individual booking.

Additionally, customers can request for escorted tours for a more fun-filled holiday. The beauty of this tour package is that you enjoy low bookings. Customers can reserve a hotel booking with the hotels, with which the airline has partnered. Today, customers include hotel booking charges in their United Airlines flight reservations.

Here is a list of hotels that offer reasonable vacation packages to United Airlines’ customers.

  • Karisma hotel and resort
  • Hard Rock hotels
  • RIU Hotels and resorts
  • Barcelo Hotel Group

Thanks to vacation packages, customers can clear the booking fee slowly. However, you must clear the total amount before the actual date of the flight. Apart from that, you equally enjoy exclusive benefits, unlike ordinary United Airlines reservations.

Vacation packages enable customers to enjoy travel protection plus cover. This policy implies that you’re free to modify your booking as you please. A client can cancel the booking if they no longer wish to travel. Additionally, customers equally enjoy price guarantee.

Price guarantee means that the vacation package guarantees the lowest booking rate of a vacation. Kindly note that united vacation deals to note include the baggage fee. For this reason, you’ll have to dig deeper into your pocket to pay the required booking fee.

Unlike travel deals, vacation deals draw fewer service charges. You’ll not have to pay any service charge to modify your booking; as long as the booking is still valid.

Vacation Destinations

Thanks to United vacation packages policy, you can fly to popular destinations such as;

  • Flights to Disney
  • Flights to Hawaii
  • Flights to Mexico
  • Flights to Las Vegas
  • Flights to Caribbean

Infant and Children Travel Policy

United Airlines infant travel policy aims to guarantee the safety and comfort of flyers with special needs. The airline encourages customers to abide by the infants and children travel policies to avoid any inconveniences.

How to Book a Ticket for an Underage Traveler

A traveler can book a reservation for a kid under 15 years. However, you must know that infants and children under 15 years cannot travel unaccompanied. Firstly, you can visit United Airlines reservations official site to book the air ticket online. You’ll have to follow some simple on-screen instructions to complete the ticket booking process successfully.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with customer service for booking services. Feel free to dial 1-800-864-8331 to talk to a United Airlines agent. Once the agents book a reservation for your kid successfully, you’ll receive an email confirmation message.

Infant Travel Documents

The infant travel policy dictates that the minor must provide some travel documents. Some of these include;

  • Boarding pass
  • Birth Certificate
  • School ID
  • Passport

United Airline’s Unaccompanied Kid Policy

United Airlines only allows minors between 15-17 years to travel unaccompanied. Today, the airline offers unaccompanied minor service to such travelers. Kindly note that the airline will charge you $150, per two kids, for each way.

Additionally, the airline encourages such kids to carry an electronic device like a phone. Please ensure that the device is fully charged before the flight. Apart from that, the infant travel policy demands that an adult accompanies the kid to the airport.

Kid’s Check-in Policy

United Airlines traveling with your infant policy, encourages minors to visit the airport to confirm their United Airlines booking. Please ensure that you carry some essential travel documents such as boarding pass, birth certificate, school ID, among others.

Today, the united airline’s flight attendants will keep checking in with your kid during the flight. Interestingly, kids dial the call button, if they need any form of assistance.

Baggage Policy for Kids

United Airlines has a baggage policy for the kids. Each travel bag must not exceed the total size of 157 centimeters. Additionally, the suitcase must not exceed 23 kilograms. Additionally, the child must present the luggage at the airport for both inspection and weighing.

Reference : https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/special-needs/infants.html

Special Assistance

United Airlines is among the few flag carriers, with a special assistance policy. United Airlines special assistance policy, aims to take care of customers with special disabilities such as blindness, deafness, among others. Thanks to this, travelers can get the exceptional travel services they deserve, at no charges.

How to Request for Special Assistance

Please note that a traveler needs to request this airline for this service. The truth is that the airline needs to make the necessary arrangements to avail an assistant to you. You’re at liberty to contact customer service to request United Airlines special services.

Don’t hesitate to dial 1-800-864-8331 to request for these services. The agents will take down your details and inform the special assistance department for appropriate arrangements. You’ll be happy to know that customer care won’t ask for an additional charge to offer you this special care.

Additionally, you can email customer care to ask for United Airlines special assistance. Kindly feel free to email customer service via uaaeromed@united.com. Also, you need to ensure that you include all the necessary details for apparent reasons.

Examples of Special Services

You’ll be happy to know that the cabin crew can offer a wide range of services. Below is a list of some of these pertinent services.

  • Visual assistance
  • Wheelchair services
  • Hearing assistance
  • Baggage loading services

Unknown to some customers, the airline won’t charge you an extra fee for these exceptional services.

Travelling with your Assistant

Here’s some good news; customers are free to travel with their personal assistants. However, as you can rightly guess, you’ll need to book an air ticket for him or her. Additionally, you’ll have to notify customer care in time. This way, the agents will assign you adjacent seats to make your flight more comfortable.

If you travel with your assistant, you become ineligible for special services.

Special Assistance Contacts

Customers with disabilities can reach customer care agents for special help. Please dial 1-800-228-2744 to ask for special assistance. Kindly note that customer care agents are usually reachable during business hours. If customer care agents are unreachable you’re free to email them; they’ll act upon your request within 24 hours.

Pet Policy

United Airlines travel with pets policy allows flyers to travel with a pet. However, you must ensure that you must adhere to this policy in totality. Any breaching of a section of this travel policy may lead to the cancellation of your ticket. Unfortunately, in such a case, you immediately lose your hard-earned travel funds.

How to Reserve a Booking for your Pet

Today, this travel policy provides three distinct ways of booking United Airlines reservations the pets. Firstly, you can visit www.united.com to complete this process. Please note that here you’ll have to book two air tickets.

Alternatively, you may opt to contact customer service for booking assistance. Call the United Airlines reservations phone number USA +1-855-915-0332 to speak to an agent. Upon calling, you ought to say ‘more options,’ at the first prompt. After that, please say other services at the second prompt, then say yes at the third prompt to be connected to a customer care agent.

Thirdly, you can choose to utilize the United Airlines app, to book a reservation for your pet. Kindly ensure that you follow some simple on-screen instructions.

Pet Fares

A flyer will have to pay $125 for a one-way ticket for one pet. If you book a stop-over flight, the airline will charge you a $125 service charge for every stop-over. Usually, this service charge will apply, if the stop-over, takes more than 4 hours for flights within the U.S

Similarly, United Airlines travel with pets policy dictates that you pay an extra charge of $125, for each stop-over that takes beyond 24 hours, outside the U.S.

Pets Requirements

United Airlines traveling with pets policy spells out some strict requirements. A traveler must meet all these requirements to get the go-ahead to travel with a pet.

  • Each pet must be at least 4 months old.
  • Each pet fare applies to one pet; therefore, if you’d like to carry two pets, you’ll have to buy two air tickets.
  • It would help if you carried your pet in a well-ventilated kernel.
  • A flyer must travel on the same flight with the pet.
  • You must provide a medical certificate to prove that your pet is rabies-free

Pet Restrictions

Customers must read about the pet restrictions when booking United Airlines reservations. These limitations include;

  • A pet must remain in its container throughout the flight.
  • It will help if you put the pet in the seat in front of you.
  • You’re not allowed to feed the pet in the cabin section.
  • Customers must present the pet carrier for both weighing and inspection.

United Airlines MileagePlus Reservations Program

MileagePlus Program

This is a travel program that enables United Airlines MileagePlus reservations members to earn points. You can redeem these miles to cover flight booking fees or book a hotel. Similarly, you can use these points to do shopping as well as pay for a meal with United Airlines.

How to Join the MileagePlus Program

Anyone can visit United Airlines reservations official site “www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/mileageplus/enjoy-your-rewards.html” to enrol MileagePlus. You’ll be required to fill out a member’s form. Some of the essential details include;

  • First name
  • Title
  • Middle name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • City
  • Select your country
  • State or Country
  • Postal code
  • Date of Birth
  • Create a secure password
  • Gender (select your gender)
  • Surname

Apart from that, you’ll have to select at least five security questions. Not to add, that you must select a unique answer from the list. Kindly read the MileagePlus rules and click on the Accept and Enroll button to submit your join request.

Password Guidelines

New members must create a non-guessable password. For this reason, your password must;

  • At least 8 characters but must not exceed 32 characters
  • Be case-sensitive
  • Not include your MileagePlus details
  • Include special characters such as punctuation marks

New members must re-enter their password while signing up for the MileagePlus program. If your password doesn’t match, you cannot proceed to the next step

How to Redeem your Miles

To redeem miles for United Airlines MileagePlus reservations, you must log in to your account. First, check the miles required for a given flight. You ought to note that your booking can only succeed if you have the required total miles.

United Airlines Award ticket

Please note that customers can redeem their miles for United MileagePlus reservations. Please join the United Airlines Mileage program to earn points. The more you travel, the more the number of points you gain.

Customers can use their United MileagePlus card to prove that they booked for United Airlines flight reservations.

United Airlines MileagePlus Program Restrictions

The MileagePlus Program is only open for adults. However, an adult is free to create an account for a minor. Children with accounts can redeem their miles for United Airlines MileagePlus flight reservations. Apart from that, you cannot create a guessable password when joining this program; the system won’t allow a simple password.

United Airlines Manage Booking

United Airlines manage booking guidelines allows clients to change their booking. However, you must know that a service charge may apply. Usually, customer care deducts applicable service charges from the already paid booking fee.

How to Manage a United Airlines Booking

Technically, there are several ways manage my booking. Some of these include;

Managing the booking on the official website: you’re free to visit www.united.com to manage your reservation. As mentioned before the guidelines dictate that a given service charge may apply.

United Airlines application: similarly, you can use the United Airlines app for United Airlines manage booking. Please follow the simple on-screen instructions to manage your booking as you please. Kindly visit the airline’s official website to download this new technology.

Customer support: United Airlines allows its customers to get in touch with customer care for help. Customer care agents will advise you on how to manage your booking. For instance, they can help you cancel your booking or re-book at your request.

Examples of ways of managing a United Airlines Booking

Thanks to United Airlines manage booking policy you can;

  • Cancel your booking: you can cancel your reservation if you no longer wish to travel. Technically you can use whichever option mentioned above to manage the reservation. However, it would be best if you did not forget that a flight cancellation service charge will apply.
  • Checking-in for a flight: United Airlines is among the airlines with a strict check-in policy. Ticket check-in process involves the confirmation of booking. You can use whichever option you prefer of the three for manage flight booking.
  • Re-booking: today, a flyer can opt to change a booking for whatever reason. However, it would be best if you abode by the United Airlines’ flight change policy. For instance, you must be ready to part with a small non-refundable flight change fee.
  • Seat selection: United Airlines allows a customer to select a seat. However, you must know that the airline assigns seats randomly.
  • Print your boarding pass: customers need to prove that they have cleared the required booking fee. For this reason, it’s important to visit United Airlines official website to print your boarding pass.

Corporate Travel Programs

United Airlines offers amazing corporate travel programs to its customers. These programs include the PerksPlus corporate program. Mostly such corporate travel programs only apply to participate, partners.

Examples of United Corporate Program

a) PerksPlus Corporate Program

This program refers to a complimentary corporate travel program. Technically, this corporate program mainly targets small businesses. Today, this only applies to a few participating airlines such as;

  • Brussels Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Austrian Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways

The PerksPlus program helps your business to earn some points whenever you register some Mileage Plus flyers. Today this program is limited to firms in specific countries such as;

  • Canada
  • Latin
  • U.S
  • Caribbean

b) United Airlines Simple Corporate Program

UA Simple is among the most preferred corporate travel programs. This corporate booking suits start-ups and small-sized businesses. Kindly note that this program restricts participation to companies in certain countries such as;

  • China
  • Australia
  • South Korea
  • Malaysia

Companies in these countries can participate in this corporate program through their particular tour code. Usually, a company can get this code from its travel agent. The good news is that participating companies can enjoy upfront discounts on United Airlines reservations.

Accessibility Assistance

United Airlines offers accessibility assistance to deserving passengers. However, such flyers must strictly abide by the accessibility guidelines. These policies apply equally to all passengers with special needs.

How to Request for Accessibility Assistance

Accessibility assistance targets customers with special needs. Please visit United Airlines official site to fill in your booking. You ought to notify customer service in advance to enable them to make the necessary arrangements.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with the airline’s Accessibility Desk. Don’t hesitate to dial either 1-800-228-2744 or 1-313-234-6992 during the day. If you’re not within the U.S, you can contact your local customer care support.

Customers must know that the airline may demand some essential documents. For this reason, you’ll have to carry these to the airport for verification and clearance purposes.

Travelers Eligible for Accessibility Assistance

Kindly note that Accessibility Assistance only applies to flyers with disabilities. They include those with;

  • Mental disability
  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Crippled

Get Affordable Tickets and Avail Deals through United Airlines Reservations Official Site

Make United Airlines flight reservations in a jiffy through the user-friendly and easy to navigate website of the airline. Besides, signing up to the United Airlines reservations official site can help you get alerts to flight tickets and also give you access to lucrative deals and discounts offered by the airline on costly United Airlines book a flight tickets to exotic destinations.

How to Make United Airlines Flight Reservations?

United Airlines flight reservations can be done online or over the phone. You can browse through the website, fill the required details and get redirected to the payment page. Telephonic flight reservation is equally easy and flexible. You can get connected with the concerned executive and get the booking done even without visiting the kiosk of the airline.

United Airlines Deals and Offers

Any customer is free to leverage the deals and offer if they’re planning to travel.

Examples of United Airlines Reservations USA Travel Deals

  • Promotions: sometimes the airline offers some promotional offers to customers. In some cases, the offer may come with a United Airlines travel certificate. Clients will be required to provide the United Airlines promotion codes to capitalize on this travel deal.
  • Car rental offers: interestingly, the airline has partnered exclusively with some car rentals dealers. For this reason, customers can save some money, thanks to some discounts. Additionally, MileagePlus members can earn points for every car rental.
  • Vacation packages: if you have some Miles, you can book a suitable vacation package. Consequently, you’ll end up saving some money. In some cases, the airline may offer these vacation packages to non-MileagePlus members. Kindly visit www.packages,united.com to see available packages for you.
  • Discounted flights: a customer between 18 to 22 years can enjoy a discounted United Airlines flight reservations. However, you must know that this is only available via the United Airlines app.

Frequently Encountered Problems With United Airlines

With a commitment to excellence, ambition to win and stepping ahead in the business, United Airlines is unmatched in its attempt to be the best. However, there have been a few problems that have been encountered by the passengers. Some of them include,

  • Frequent delays
  • Uncomfortable seats
  • Mediocre customer service

If you encounter any of these travel-related issues, reach out to the United Airlines customer service and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Premium Priority United Airlines Customer Service

Keeping the contact number of the airline handy is key to avail United Airlines customer service. It is the most flexible, convenient and easy platform to get connected with the executive of the airline. Passengers can get relevant information on United Airlines book a flight, flight cancellation and also for making modifications in itinerary.

Contact United Airlines Customer Service By Dialing Their Helpdesk Number

The airline seeks to find effective and innovative solutions to engage employees and passengers of diverse ethnicity and cultural backgrounds. With its frequent-flyer program, Mileage Plus, United Airlines provides benefits for its passengers, including discounts on flights and exclusive travel privileges. However, if you have any queries, drop a mail or visit the nearest airline kiosk. You can also call on the United Airlines customer service number and enjoy a unique experience. Make United Airlines book a flight by customer service and get amazing deals.

United Airlines Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

It’s worth making United Airlines reservations when planned a trip to any destination across the United States. Fly in style, luxury, comfort and with budget with this certified, reputable and low-cost airline.

Let’s find the answer to the questions frequently asked by enthusiasts while making United Airlines flight reservations.

1. What are the modes of payment accepted at United Airlines?

There are different forms of payment accepted at United Airlines. Payment can be done through American Express, Apple Pay, Master Card, PayPal and Visa. Cash payment can be done through United Airlines reservations.

2. Is it possible to hold a flight with United Airlines?

Yes, it is possible to hold a flight even after making United Airlines booking. Flight booking can be managed through United Airlines reservations official site. In fact, passengers can ask for a refund within 24 hours from the time of purchase. 24-refund policy has been one of the major factors behind the gained popularity of United Airlines.

3. Does United Airlines offer Special Assistance to Passengers with Special Needs?

United Airlines book a flight and enjoy superb facilities with no hidden costs. Remember that special assistance is provided to passengers with special needs. When you make United Airlines booking you can get connected to the airline’s executive online or over the phone to get relevant information on assistance for disable passengers.

4. What is the meaning of ‘web check in’ on getting United Airlines reservations online?

This is a facility through which passengers who have confirmed bookings on flights operated by United airlines can also check in from the United Airlines website. Currently, the web check-in facility is available for all flights.

5. How can I avail web check-in in United Airlines booking?

Any passenger who has confirmed reservation of flights in any category operated by United airlines can avail of this facility.

6. What tools do I need to have to take advantage of the web check-in facility?

To take advantage of this facility, you must have a computer/laptop and a printer along with a web facility and confirmation of United Airlines reservations.

7. Is there any registration required on United Airlines seat reservation to avail web check-in service?

No registration is required to avail of this facility. Any traveler who has a confirmed reservation with an e-ticket can log on to the United Airlines website and take advantage of the web check-in.

8. In United Airlines flight reservations, why is a letter of confirmation issued to passengers on international flights?

Travel related documents of passengers traveling on international flights are first checked and then verified by airline employees. During web check-in, a confirmation letter is issued to these passengers, indicating the passenger’s name, flight number, seat number, etc.

9. To what stage of pregnancy can pregnant women travel alone under United Airlines group reservations?

Healthy pregnant women are allowed to travel until the completion of the 32nd week of pregnancy.
At the time of booking, if the gestation period is more than 32 weeks and a normal delivery is expected, the pregnant woman can be allowed to travel till the completion of the 35th week of pregnancy i.e. at least 5 weeks before the estimated date of delivery. A pregnant woman is required to obtain a medical certificate from her obstetrician indicating that she is fit to travel.
If more than one month has elapsed between the date of booking and departure then another certificate is required to be taken only three days before departure. It is necessary to follow them under the rules of United airlines to change a reservation.

10. Can a pregnant woman travel with a colleague until the actual delivery time?

Yes, it can happen. But for this, the permission of the Chief Medical Officer of United airlines is required. It is mandatory to have a doctor with the passenger and they will also have to sign a compensation bond. Generally, this facility is provided only in urgent or very sensitive cases.

11. What do I have to do if I am overweight and want extra space?

You have to request an additional place at the time of reservation and after making necessary comments in the reservation form, you will get this facility. You will be issued only one ticket, but payment will be two seats and you will be provided two seats.

12. Is it possible if I want to take my pet with me on the flight too?

In this regard, you have to request while making a reservation. The staff will suggest you complete some formalities, which you will have to complete. The fare for carrying the pets will be the normal fare for carrying the extra baggage. However, animals and their cages will not be allowed to be carried as free luggage allowances. But dogs can be taken free if they are trained to help the visually impaired or deaf traveler and the passenger is completely dependent on him. But with this, a medical certificate related to this is also necessary.

13. If I want to take a pet whose size is larger than the ship’s cabin, will the carrier company allow it?

Yes But domesticated animals will be allowed to travel only if they are properly housed in a cage, and the carrier has the necessary valid health and rabies vaccination certificates, entry permits, and other documents that allow pets in another country.


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