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Turkish Airlines is one of Europe’s finest airlines, and it is Turkey ‘s pride. Turkish Airlines can book to 304 destinations in 122 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, and the United States.

Turkish Airlines Flight Tickets are available online, and passengers can make Turkish Airlines booking online just sitting at home. You could also communicate through Turkish Airlines reservations number +1-855-915-0332 with travel counselors and get your Turkish seat reservations without any time.

Turkish Airlines is the country’s flag carrier and counts as the world’s most essential air service, with Turkish Airlines flying to the highest number of countries worldwide. The Airline also handles freight traffic in its 20-cargo aircraft to 82 destinations.

About Turkish Airlines

Formed in 1933, Turkish Airlines has a 339-aircraft fleet, which is a member of the star alliance and provides a Miles&Smiles frequent flyer plan to its loyal travelers.

Besides this, the Turkish Airlines Business club is provided corporate flyers. Members get access to the business class counters off the Airline as well as lounges at the airport. The carrier also offers various in-flight amenities and comforts.

Destinations Served

Ordinarily, a traveler first checks whether an airline flies to a given place before they book a flight. Shockingly, Turkish Airlines flies to over 250 different destinations. The good news is that the airline flies to both domestic and international destinations.

The airline keeps entering into partnerships with other airlines to expand Turkish Airlines destinations. Below is a list of some of the prestigious places the airline covers.

  • Flights to Algeria
  • Flights to Australia
  • Flights to Belgium
  • Flights to Brazil
  • Flights to Benin
  • Flights to Cameroon
  • Flights to Chad
  • Flights to Canada
  • Flights to China
  • Flights to Congo

A client can quickly know some of the destinations. If you need a complete list, please visit Turkish Airlines official site. It’s important for clients first to find out whether the airline flies to a particular destination before they book a ticket.

Remember that if you book for an uncovered destination, you risk losing your money. That’s why it makes sense to contact customer care for ticket booking services. Technically, Turkish Airlines reservations for domestic destinations are pricier than for international destinations.

That is not to suggest that all international destinations draw similar air tickets. The truth is that the booking fee depends on the location of your preferred destination. If the place is far away, the total booking will be equally high.

Thanks to Turkish Airlines, you can fly to any destination you like. What a fantastic flag carrier!

Fleet Size

Customers ought to know about the Turkish Airlines fleet size. Today the airline boasts of an eye-popping fleet size of 359. Thanks to this, the airline can fly to over 300 different destinations, both domestic and international.

Today the airline owns different types of aircraft. Typically, each of these planes has a varying capacity. Here is a list of these planes;

  • Airbus A330
  • Airbus A350
  • Airbus A321
  • Boeing 737
  • Boeing 777
  • Boeing 787

Please note that each of these aircraft has a specified capacity. For instance, the Airbus A319 can carry up to 126 passengers. On the other hand, Airbus A330 can carry more than 200 travelers. Rumor has it that Turkish Airlines intends to expand its current fleet size.

Earlier last year, the airline ordered 25 new Airbus A350 aircraft. The delivery is to be made over three years to help the airline to fly more customers. If you’d like to transport your cargo, then you should consider Turkish Airlines. Today, the airline has a total of 25 cargo planes. Therefore you can contact the airline if you wish to transport heavy luggage. However, you must know that there are strict weight restrictions. Thanks to the enormous fleet size, in 2018, the airline flew over 75 million passengers.

Airlines Travel Classes

Here’s some good news; Turkish Airlines has three different cabin classes. A client is free to choose whichever travel class they please. However, you must know that each of these classes attracts additional booking fees.

a) First Class

This travel class is, without a doubt, the most expensive of the three. You’ll realize that a client needs to cough up at least $350 for a one-way flight. However, the good news is that First Class has the best facilities.

Customers are free to book Turkish Airlines reservations online to travel in this class. You’ll be happy to know that this travel class fully guarantees comfort.

Advantages of Flying First Class

The reality is that there are multiple benefits of flying first class. Here is a summary of some of the merits of Turkish Airlines booking.

  • Free meals and drinks: usually, the airline may offer passengers in this cabin class some free drinks and meals. Remember that the airline usually includes the cost of food and beverages on the airfare.
  • Enjoy immense comfort: as hinted above, First Class present several luxurious facilities. They include luxurious seats, foldable tables, Wi-Fi, and entertainment facilities, to mention but just a few.

b) Business Class

Business Class is less luxurious than First Class but comfier than Economy Class. As you can rightly tell, the cabin class has pricier air tickets than Economy Class tickets. Additionally, the travel class has relatively more luxurious facilities for customers.

This travel class, best suits people who are traveling for business classes. You can request for a meeting room to deliberate on a few business-related issues.

Benefits of Traveling Business Class

A few travelers, wonder whether there are any benefits of traveling Business Class. The truth is that, there are several benefits of traveling in such cabin classes. Notable merits include;

  • Priority check-in: it’s effortless to confirm your booking if you wish to travel, in this travel class.
  • Better baggage allowance; all clients traveling with Turkish Airlines are eligible for a baggage allowance. However, the reality is that Business Class passengers enjoy a better luggage allowance than Economy Class clients.

c) Economy Class

This travel class attracts many passengers owing to the cost of the air tickets. The bad news is that here a passenger does not enjoy much privacy. However, clients can equally enjoy a few essential facilities such as Wi-Fi, washrooms, to mention but just a few.

Merits of Traveling Economy Class Cheap Tickets; the beauty of traveling is that you enjoy cheap Turkish Airlines reservations. Therefore it becomes easier even to book tickets for other family members or friends.

In-Flight Amenities

When you are making Turkish Airlines reservations know which ticket to book depending on the facilities, they search for in-flight. Turkish Airlines provides onboard services some of the best in the industry. Passengers can stay involved with the Airline’s in-flight magazine called Skylife, or the entertainment screens offered in all airline cabins.

In collaboration with Disney, there is a series of music, games, and programs designed exclusively for children. The onboard WIFI service is free of cost for Business Class customers and Miles&Smiles Elite leaders. Passengers in the Economy could also use service for USD 10 per hour, or purchase a full-day package at USD 14.

Check-in Policy

Customers need to form a habit of confirming a flight. Turkish Airlines expects its passengers to confirm their booking before the flight. Today the check-in process opens 12 hours before the set flight.

The good news is that this travel process shuts at least an hour before departure time. For this reason, it makes sense to confirm the booking at the airport. That is not to suggest that, that’s the only option.

A client may choose to visit Turkish Airlines official site to check-in for their flight. You’ll be required to enter your surname as well as the ticket number. Ordinarily, online check-in takes a few minutes.

Alternatively, a customer may opt to contact customer care to request a check-in service. The downside is that customer care agents aren’t reachable 24 hours. That’s one of the reasons why you should leverage the Turkish Airlines web check-in.

A customer can use the same booking code to confirm a booking of at most eight passengers. Remember that most airlines do not allow a client to confirm a booking on behalf of someone else.

Here’s some good news; you can use the Turkish Airlines mobile app to confirm a Turkish Airlines booking. The beauty of this mobile app is that it’s compatible with most smartphones.

Baggage Policy

Before boarding, knowing the baggage limit is also suitable as each Airline has specific restrictions and regulations depending on its travel class and memberships. Go to the baggage details issued by Turkish Airlines and the amount payable in case of increased baggage. Turkish Airline’s baggage quota is 32 kg for a single carry-on bag for all its flights.

Baggage Fee

Usually, the airline charges the luggage fee depending on the weight of your travel bag. It may interest you to know that different regions attract a varying charge per kilo. Usually, you’ll need to pay a baggage fee of $2 per kilogram for domestic flights.

That means that the weightier the luggage, the more you’ll have to pay. Remember that the airline will take time to weigh your travel bag at the airport. Some clients prefer to pay the required amount during the Turkish Airlines booking.

Although paying online is ok, it may be unwitty if you’re unsure of your travel bag’s total weight.

Baggage Allowance

You may be wondering whether there’s a Turkish Airlines baggage allowance. The truth is that the airline offers a fantastic baggage allowance to clients. The luggage allowance varies slightly depending on a few factors. However, the good news is that each passenger is eligible for this luggage allowance.

Interestingly, the airline allows a client to carry at least 2 checked travel bags. However, the weight limit depends on your travel class. For instance, for Business class, you can only carry a total weight of 32kilograms. On the flip side for Economy class, ensure that your baggage doesn’t exceed 23 kilograms.

Unknown to some clients, the airline permits each client to carry one personal item and one carry-on bag for free. The exciting news is that one is free to travel with any musical instrument if they please. However, please ensure that your musical instrument does not exceed the dimensions 140 cm by 42 cm by 25 cm. Additionally, you must note that your musical instrument must weigh less than 75 kilograms.

Luggage Restrictions

At this point, you may be wondering whether there are size or weight restrictions. Technically, the Turkish Airlines baggage policy has a suitable size and weight restrictions. Kindly note that each travel bag should not exceed 32 kilograms. The airline won’t allow any client to load a suitcase that weighs beyond 32 kilograms. If you’re not sure how much baggage allowance you deserve, you have no reason to worry. Feel free to visit https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-int/any-questions/baggage-information/ to access the online baggage calculator.

Nowadays, the airline provides several ways of booking for luggage. For instance, a client can easily do so on the Turkish Airlines official site. Another option available is to contact customer service. The agents will quickly take you through the right baggage ticket booking process.

You’ll be relieved to know that unlike other airlines, Turkish Airlines recognizes excess luggage. The unfortunate reality is that you’ll have to cough an extra baggage fee. Usually, the luggage fee varies from $340 to $450, depending on the actual weight.

Turkish Airlines Book Award Tickets

Turkish Airlines MILES&SMILES membership presents several benefits to the members. For instance, such a member can quickly book an award ticket, if they like. A member is free to book a one-way award ticket using their membership card.

Kindly know that Airlines must operate for the flight for you to enjoy the award ticket. Therefore you cannot enjoy the service if you wish to fly to a country that the airline does not cover. Unfortunately, in most cases, you can do stopovers with a single one-way award ticket.

Turkish Airlines reservations award tickets, apply to specific flights. The good news is that you can use such an air ticket for a domestic flight. Below is a list of some of the destinations that you can fly to using an award ticket.

  • Ankara
  • Antalya
  • Adana
  • Bodrum
  • Bingol
  • Diyar
  • Dalaman

That’s not all; you’re equally free to fly to a few international destinations. Some of the notable places include:

  • Australia
  • Algeria
  • Fiji
  • Bermuda
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Morocco
  • Libya
  • Tunisia

Please note that you need to be a Star Alliance member to get such award tickets. Alternatively, you can get combined award tickets. Frequently, Turkish Airlines issues combined award tickets in partnership with the Star Alliance Program.

Today, Turkish Airlines MILES&SMILES award tickets apply to either one-way trips or round trips. You won’t believe this; a client is free to use an award ticket for a Turkish Airlines group booking. Technically, the airline can issue such a ticket to a family just the same way they can for an individual.

Therefore, it’s possible to fly for an unforgettable vacation using this type of air ticket. Please note that the MILES&SMILES program categorizes flights into two classes. These are:

  • Guaranteed Space
  • Limited Space Capacity

For the Guaranteed space, the airline does not limit the total number of tickets they can issue. On the other hand, for the Limited Space Capacity, the bookings fall under specific classes. No wonder Limited Space Capacity air tickets have a lower Miles value.

Cheer up, as it’s effortless for you to book an award ticket. Feel free to visit Turkish Airlines official site “https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-int/miles-and-smiles/” to get it. Alternatively, you can approach any authorized travel agency. Don’t hesitate to contact customer service to inquire about authorized travel agencies. In most cases, if you book an award ticket via a sales office, ensure that you submit your Turkish Airlines MILES&SMILES card and your ID. Once the airline verifies it, they’ll allow you to board the plane for the flight. It’s that uncomplicated!

Special Assistance Policy

Gone are the days when airlines never used to bother much about passengers with special needs. You need to learn about the Turkish Airlines special assistance policy; you’ll love it. The travel policy aims at guaranteeing the safety and comfort of customers with any form of disability.

To begin with, Turkish Airlines won’t charge you an extra booking fee to enjoy this service. The airline’s commitment to guaranteeing every passenger’s comfort during the flight is impressive.

The fantastic news is that special services equally apply to sickly passengers and pregnant women. For you to get this service, you must notify customer care in advance. You’re at liberty to either email them or call them directly.

The beauty of prior notification is that the airline gets adequate time to make the necessary arrangements. Once you arrive at the airport, report to the Turkish Airlines booking help desk to get an assistant. Technically the assistants are free to offer any form of help necessary.

Please note that you cannot enjoy special assistance if you travel with a companion. Ensure that you inform the customer support team during Turkish Airlines reservations so that you can be assigned adjacent seats. Ordinarily, the airline assigns passengers seats randomly.

Below are some of the special needs that airlines recognize for the provision of special assistance.

  • Hearing impairment
  • Visual impairment
  • Walking disability
  • Mentally disabled passengers
  • Passengers with one broken leg or arm

These days there is no limit to the help that a professional helper can offer. For instance, he or she can help you load your luggage onto the plane. Furthermore, if you have a hearing problem, the helper won’t mind interpreting the travel instructions. If you only move using a wheelchair, you don’t need to feel left out. You can request for a helper to wheel you around, whenever necessary. Immobile passengers can enjoy special services. Visit for more : https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-int/any-questions/special-assistance-for-passengers/

Rules for Turkish Airlines Change the Reservation

Passengers may make changes to their flight schedules and routes but not to passenger details. When passengers like, they can connect flights and babies to your current Turkish Airlines reservations as well.

Turkish Airlines change reservations can only be made to a few tickets that depend on the fare’s rules. When changes have been made, a change fee can apply also. The cost varies according to purchased flight and food.

Passengers may review the fare policy on the website of the Airline to figure out what charge is payable. With only a few fares like Prime Fly, changes to the economy could be made cost-free on international flights.

The Airline does not allow changes if the departure time is less than one hour remaining. When there’s a disparity in rates, then the passengers will have to pay the difference. If passengers choose to change the domestic ticket route, they can change it to other internal flights only with no international routes.

Infant and Children Travel Policy

Customers need to understand Turkish airline’s infant and children’s travel policy. A traveler is free to travel with his or her kid if they so, please. However, you must know that the airline will charge you a small Turkish Airlines booking fee.

Children Travel Documents

Just like the adults, kids, too, must produce a few travel documents. Usually, the airline will demand these files, especially during the flight day. Below are some of the necessary documents for infant travel.

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Identification Document (Birth Certificate)

Turkish Infant Fares

As you know, all kids who wish to fly need to pay the required infant fares. The good news is that the airline offers fantastic discounts to children. Today, a kid who is under two years old deserves a reasonable travel discount.

Today, a parent will enjoy a discount of $4.5 for a kid to enjoy a direct flight in an Economy class. If you would like your kid to enjoy a transit flight, you’ll be eligible for a discount of $5.17. However, if your wish is to travel in a Business class, the airfare will be less by $ 6.49.

For kids who wish to enjoy a direct flight domestically in Business Class, they’ll enjoy a considerable discount of $5.83. Please note that for international flights, the discount varies slightly depending on a few external factors. On the bright side is that the infant and children will enjoy better cuts.

Unaccompanied Infant Travel

Turkish Airlines has a stringent unaccompanied infant travel policy. Technically, kids under 12 years cannot travel on their own. Therefore if you book an air ticket for such a kid, the airline may turn down the request. The airline considers kids under 12 years as still too young and unsuitable for unaccompanied air travel.

A kid between 13-17 years is free to travel unaccompanied. However, you must ensure that your kid is old enough to understand the travel instructions. Additionally, the child must possess all the required travel documents.

Baggage Policy for Kids

You’ll love the airline’s baggage policy, especially for kids. Children can carry luggage onto the plane. However, you must know that you’ll have to pay a reasonable luggage fee. Additionally, you must understand that there are several size and weight restrictions in place.

Kids with Special Needs

Nowadays, Turkish Airlines has a fantastic infant travel policy, especially for kids with special needs. Typically, the airline offers special assistance to such infants and children, especially if they’re unaccompanied.

Reference: https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-int/any-questions/infants-and-children/

Travel Pet Policy

If you need to know about Turkish Airlines travel with pets, policy, you’re reading the right blog. Technically the airline permits clients to travel with either cats and dogs, or small birds. However, you have no choice but to abide by the airline’s policy on pets.

Unfortunately, you cannot travel with either dogs and cats or cats and birds for apparent reasons. Please note that you must carry your pet in a clean and well-ventilated carrier. If you wish to stash two pets in one container, ensure that they don’t exceed the set maximum weight limit.

Customers must know that they must book Turkish Airlines reservations to travel with their pets. Factually speaking, there are several ways of booking an air ticket. Firstly, you may prefer to visit https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-int/any-questions/traveling-with-pets/ or contact customer support.

Each passenger can only carry at most two pet containers. Today the airline expects you to vaccinate the pet first. If the animal has any medical allergy, you won’t be allowed to travel with it. If the pet exceeds the weight limit, you can carry in checked baggage. However, in such a case, you’ll have to pay an extra pet fee.

Turkish Airlines Pet fee

Clients willing to travel with a pet must pay a small non-refundable booking fee for the pet. Nowadays, the minimum pet fee is $140 but may vary depending on the dog’s total weight and its container. If you wish to book a transit flight, you’ll have to pay at least $300.

Turkish Airlines traveling with pets domestically, attracts a small fee of $90.You’ll be right to say that you’ll need to pay more for an international flight. Lately, one will have to pay a whopping $50 to travel with their pet internationally.

Pet Container Restrictions

It’s important to know that the airline has carrier size restrictions. These days your pet’s container must not exceed the dimensions 23 cm by 30 cm by 40 cm. Additionally, you must label the carrier with the following details.

  • Passenger’s official name
  • Passenger’s contacts
  • Pet’s name
  • Passenger’s address

Forbidden Dog Breeds

Unknown to some people, the airline does not allow some specific breeds of dogs.These are

  • Rottweiler
  • Pincher Doberman
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Bull Terrier
  • American Pit Bull terrier

Turkish Airlines Booking Online Process

To make your Turkish Airlines flight reservations online, click on ‘book flight.’ Select the destination to start and proceed, pick the type of the trip followed by the location, the number of passengers, and the cabin category.

When you keep the Miles account, then you can reserve the same flight fare. Turkish Airlines offers its services for customers such as travel insurance, car rental, hotel bookings, and online Turkish Airlines flight reservations.

Turkish Airlines USA Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Turkish Airlines Cancellation policy?

You can cancel Turkish Flight tickets in different ways, like online as well as offline. When you cancel your flight, note that as soon as you cancel as much as you can save.
According to the Turkish Airlines flight cancellation Policy for a Refundable ticket, the Passenger may receive the amount from the original ticket price after cancellation fees are deducted. However, non-refundable fares are not eligible for reimbursement.

2. Describe the process for Turkish Airlines 24-hour Cancellation?

Turkish Airlines 24-Hour cancellation Policy specifies that if passengers cancel tickets within Twenty-four hours of the original booking, they must pay cancellation fees.
The Turkish Airlines flight cancellation fee will depend on the time-considered routes and class of passengers. Deduction relies on the form of the ticket the passenger purchases.

3. How to Cancel Turkish Airlines seat reservations within 24 Hours?

Under 24 hours of purchase, the Passengers can cancel their tickets, they are liable for a full refund. The Flight tickets should be canceled within 24 hours of Turkish Airlines reservations ticket, and the reservation must be in seven days or before the scheduled flight departure date.
Both Non-Refundable and Refundable tickets cancel in 24 hours of departure, with a full refund. You can call the customer service representative effectively to help you cancel your Turkish Airlines seat reservations.

4. What are the Turkish Airlines ticket cancellation charges?

Turkish Airlines has designed a sheet for cancellation fees according to your fare. Economy Promotion tickets are non-refundable. If you have economy promotion tickets, you do not qualify for any refund for cancellation.

5. Explain the Turkish Airlines cancel flight refund policy?

The sum of the refund after cancellation depends on the route and the passenger class. If the flight changes scheduled in time, you can get a refund from Turkish Airlines without extra fees.
No Extra charges will be paid if your tickets cancel within 24 hours of purchase. The flight shall be canceled seven days or more before departure. When you cancel within 24 hours of the original Turkish Airlines booking, you have non-refundable tickets and a tax portion of the total fare. Within 20 business days, all payments will be credited to your account.

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