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TAME Airlines Reservations And Get Amazing Deals

Want to glide along the length of the Amazon river and bask in the natural landscape of the Equator? If yes, then get your tickets to Ecuador done today. Just contact TAME Airlines today to get your bookings done at amazing prices. To get your tickets done today, just contact the company by dialing the TAME Airlines reservations number +1-855-915-0332 and you can look forward to your vacation amidst the grasslands of spring.

About TAME Airlines

TAME Airlines, established in 1962, is the national airlines and the largest civil aviation venture of Ecuador. The company is headquartered in Quito and operates from its main center of Marisca Sucre International Airport in Quito. The unusual trivia about this company is that it was propounded by the Air-Force of the country.

Very soon, after its origin, it became a commercial project and as of this year it operates both on domestic and international levels and also provides chartered services. The company’s initial vision was to help the airforce earn revenue and make Ecuador accessible to the army because of the lack of government transport infrastructure and also partly to prepare pilots for the army.

Its frequent international expeditions began in 1966, with flights going to Havana, Panama City and Santiago. It was only in 2011, when the company changed hands of ownership from the Air Force to the government of the nation.

Frequently encountered problems with TAME Airlines

From the inception of the airline, the size and quality of the fleet have grown. What started off with a Douglas series aircraft has now Airbuses operates in its rank. However, the fleet was never the issue. The real issues are:

  • Frequently people reported about losing baggage.
  • Flights are sometimes cancelled without due replacement for the passengers
  • Customers have paid for services against which no receipt was given to them.

These problems need closer monitoring by the company, and since they have government association, the prestige of the country is also at stake. In any case, should you face any problem with regards to the airline you can contact them directly by dialing the TAME airlines reservations number.

Contact TAME Airlines customer support by dialing their customer service number

The people on the other side of your phone call are blessed with abilities that are going to solve your problems at a trice. If you face any problem, you can call them up by dialing the TAME airlines customer service number and the rest shall be taken care of.


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