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Surinam Airways is the national airline of Surinam that is headquartered in Paramaribo and was founded in 1953. It has both regional and extra-regional operations and has its primary hub at Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport. Even though it was founded by private entrepreneurs after certain years of operation it has been held by the Suriname government. Its international functioning commenced from 1964 when it flew to Curacao along with ALM Antillean airlines. When the country was proclaimed independent the SLM was appointed as the national airlines of the Republic of Surinam and started functioning in Amsterdam with a Douglas DC-8-63. By 1980s it had started operating on a global scale in places like Miami, Panama City, Georgetown, Belem and Manaus. Since its very first day, they have strived to be the favorite of their customers. They wish to achieve that by flying on consumer approved routes. In its last counting, the number of employees had significantly increased. Should you want to know more about their vision and their philosophy you can call them up at their Surinam Airways book online number +1-855-915-0332.

Frequently encountered problems

Even though the mark of being an underdeveloped country does lessen the burden of expectations on a corporate undertaking, the company has carried itself well in the face of adversities. However, there are still niggling problems associated to the airline. Here are some of them:

  • Critics have found out corruption in the books
  • The company has been overstaffed
  • Nepotism is a dominant evil in its appointment
  • There are no entertainment systems in some of the flights
  • People have complained about the spacing of seats, which does appear tightly placed

Perusing through these issues might provoke you to consider your flight choices but the company has always strived to better itself with each passing day.

Contact Surinam Airways Customer support by dialing their customer service number

The Surinam Airways customer support are probably the best part of their recruitment and should have any trouble making your way through you can contact them. For delay in flights, change in the routes of flights or any rescheduling you can get in touch with them. This talented pool of support team will make sure that your complaints don’t go unheard or you don’t have a change of heart about the airlines. Should you face any such problems you can contact them at the Surinam Airways customer service number.

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