Spirit Airlines Reservations (NK)

Spirit Airlines Book a Flight and Find Some Amazing Deals

Have you ever fancied wandering along the beautiful white sand beach of Miami? If the price of the air ticket is bothering you, then you must not have checked the amazing deals of Spirit Airlines yet. Call on the Spirit Airlines reservations help desk +1-855-915-0332 and learn about their extremely lucrative deals on air tickets. You can easily find flight deals on pocket-friendly fares. Moreover, you will love the services offered by Spirit Airlines during the journey. So, if you are planning to book flight tickets at reasonable air fare with world-class facilities, then opt for Spirit Airlines book a flight option without thinking twice.

About Spirit Airlines

Founded in 1983, Spirit Airlines is one of the extremely low-cost airlines of the United States. It operates from numerous bases, including the airports of Atlantic City, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, Detroit, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago – O’Hare, and Orlando. The airline is ranked seventh in the list of the largest commercial airlines in the US. Every year millions of people make Spirit Airlines reservations to reach their destinations.

Spirit Airlines maintains a huge fleet of 135 aircraft and flies to 76 destinations across Central America, South America, the United States, and the Caribbean. The airline operates more than 600 scheduled passenger flights on a daily basis. Passengers can customize their travel options and choose from the list of bags, choice of seat, and in-flight refreshments. Opt for Spirit Airlines book a flight option and experience the best air travel without hampering much on your pocket.

The airline maintains a young fleet comprising of clean and fuel-efficient aircraft. The seats are highly comfortable with space to fit extra luggage beneath. If you have any queries regarding their seat reservation procedure, then clear it from the experts over the Spirit Airlines reservations phone number +1-855-915-0332. The airline makes sure that people don’t go through any hassle while using the services offered. You will love every moment on Spirit flights, as you can enjoy the exquisite range of the amenities provided by the airline to make your journey worthwhile.

How to Make Spirit Airlines Reservations?

Spirit Airlines knows how to impress their customers by offering what they need. As some people want to book tickets manually, or some want expert assistance; that’s why Spirit allows you to book flight tickets from the multiple platforms offered. You can opt to book flight tickets online from the Spirit airlines reservations official site or mobile application. In case you want to book tickets directly with the airline’s executives’ assistance, then connect with the reservations-desk. It totally depends on you which method you wish to book tickets, as all these methods are efficient and user-friendly.


Spirit Airlines flies to over 40 different destinations. The good news is that the airline flies to both domestic and international destinations.

Here is a list of some of these prestigious destinations.

  • Flights to Colombia
  • Flights to Haiti
  • Flights to Jamaica
  • Flights to Peru
  • Flights to Arizona
  • Flights to California
  • Flights to Michigan
  • Flights to New Jersey
  • Flights to Maryland
  • Flights to Florida
  • Flights to Indiana

Today, domestic destinations attract much more affordable air tickets than international destinations. Understandably, international destinations take longer duration than the local ones. On the bright side, you can book either ticket from the airline’s official website.

Terminated Destinations

Unfortunately, the airline terminated some Spirit Airlines destinations for undisclosed reasons. Some of these include;

  • Mexico
  • Bahamas
  • Haiti
  • Cuba
  • Texas
  • South Carolina
  • Columbia
  • New York

Fleet Size

Thanks to the large fleet size, Spirit Airlines can fly to over 70 destinations. Currently, Spirit Airlines has a total of 155 aircraft. Additionally, today, the average fleet age is 6.3 years. The airline is partnering with more airlines to expand its total number of destinations.

Current Fleet

Today, the airline boasts of a fleet size of nearly 150. Recently, the airline ordered 100 more aircraft in a plan that seeks to expand its fleet in under 5 years. Some of the aircraft in operation include;

  • Airbus A321
  • Airbus A319
  • Airbus A321 neo
  • Airbus A319neo

Each of these planes has a given capacity. For instance, the Airbus A320neo can carry at least 180 passengers. On the other hand, Airbus A321-200 has a capacity of 228 passengers.

Historic Fleet

Spirit Airlines has a few aircraft that it used to use for its operations a few years back. These aircraft include;

  • McDonnell Douglas DC-9-30
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-87
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-87
  • McDonnell Douglas DC-9-20

Cabin Classes

Spirit Airlines features three customer-friendly cabin classes. Each of these travel classes has unique features. For instance, First Class has the most luxurious amenities. However, you must know that you’ll follow the same process to complete a Spirit Airlines booking regardless of the travel class. For this reason, different cabin classes attract varying air tickets.

Here are the three travel classes.

a) First Class

First attracts draws the priciest reservations due to its incredibly luxurious facilities. They include

  • Entertainment facilities
  • Leather seats of dimension 36 inches by 20 inches.
  • Privacy dividers
  • Lounges and clubs
  • Free food and beverages

b) Business class

Business-class is the second most expensive travel class. This travel class has equally luxurious amenities onboard. Here are some of the notable facilities;

  • Big front seats
  • Lounges
  • Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary beverages

c) Economy Class

Economy class

is the least luxurious travel class out of the three. However, flyers can equally access essential facilities such as inflight entertainment and the washroom. Economy class flyers can enjoy a reasonable baggage allowance. Customers should read the airline’s baggage policy before they book Spirit Airlines reservations.

In-Flight Amenities

Spirit Airlines features several in-flight amenities for the flyers. Today, different cabin classes have varying in-flight amenities. Usually, the first class has the most luxurious facilities for First Class flyers.

These amenities include:

High-Speed In-flight Wi-Fi

Spirit Airlines offer secure in-flight Wi-Fi to travelers. However, you must know that the airline will charge you a small fee of $6.50 to enjoy unlimited internet connection throughout the flight.


First-class flyers and business class customers can enjoy a good time in this top-class lounges. For instance, there are some clubs there where you can enjoy some good beverages. In most cases, the airlines include the lounge entry fee in Spirit Airlines reservations.

Big front seats

Spirit Airlines has the most comfortable seats for its customers. All customers can comfortably sleep as these seats can be converted into flatbeds. Each seat measures 36 inches by 20 inches.


Each cabin class consists of at least one clean bathroom. Customers can relieve themselves here at no charges. However, you must ensure that you stick to the lavatory rules. The good news is that unlike other sections, in this Spirit, in-flight amenities travelers enjoy maximum privacy.

Call Button

Customers have a right to a call button, especially to request for urgent help. Spirit Airlines has some call buttons for travelers to ask for help. Passengers with special needs are especially free to contact a flight attendant at any time during the flight. Thanks to these facilities you have a reason to complete a Spirit Airlines book a flight.

Flight Check-in Policy

Spirit Airlines check-in policy expects all customers to confirm their booking before the flight. Usually, this process opens 24 hours before the flight. Frequently, this travel process closes at least 45 minutes to an hour before the set time of departure.

How to Check-in for a Spirit Airlines Booking

Customers can leverage the online check-in procedure to confirm their booking. Please visit Spirit Airlines official site and click on the check-in option, to kick-start the process. Spirit Airlines expects you to provide essential details such as booking code and your surname.

Alternatively, you can visit the airport to complete this process. However, you must know that you ought to arrive early or experience a delay. Remember that customer care attends to hundreds of flyers at the airport. Lastly, travelers can contact customer care to confirm their Spirit Airlines reservations. Kindly provide the agent with the necessary flight details for smooth ticket confirmation. Don’t hesitate to call +1-855-915-0332 for assistance. Unfortunately, customer care agents are only reachable during business hours.

Schedules and Flight Status

Flyers are free to access the Spirit Airlines flight schedules on its flag carrier’s official website. This information is especially vital while booking a reservation.

Flight Schedule

It’s important to know the airline’s schedule when completing a Spirit Airlines flight booking. This details will include;

  • Date of flight
  • Time of flight
  • Destination

Don’t hesitate to contact customer care to request them to send you a link to flight schedule. Normally a customer always gets the flight schedules after they select any flight.

Flight Status

Spirit Airlines expects customers to check their flight status regularly. Today, there are two distinct ways of finding out about your flight status. For example, you can visit Spirit Airlines reservations official site to get this information.

Alternatively, you can contact customer service to inquire about the same. Please ensure that you provide essential details such as;

  • Booking number
  • Surname

If your flight status is not as you expected don’t hesitate to call Spirit Airlines flight reservations Centre for quick intervention.

Baggage Policy

Flyers can carry a suitcase when travelling with Spirit Airlines. However, they must be strict to the baggage policy. Remember that the travel policy spells out some size and weight restrictions among other stipulations.

How to Reserve a Baggage

Spirit Airlines expects clients to notify them if they wish to carry a travel bag. Kindly feel free to call 801-401-2222 to request for booking assistance. You ought to specify all the details related to your luggage such as;

  • Number of travel bags
  • Weight

Alternatively, travelers can visit www.spirit.com to book Spirit Airlines reservations. Please only use this option if you’re sure about the baggage fees. If you have additional bags, you can click on the ‘add bags’ option. Unknown to some, purchasing the booking online can help you save a few bucks.

Kindly ensure that you note down the Spirit Airlines baggage tracking number. The system will always generate this information for each baggage booking. You can use this tracking number to recover your travel bags, especially when they go missing.

Baggage Fee

Spirit Airlines baggage fees vary slightly depending on the total number of travel bags. For instance, you’ll need to pay $21 to $50 for your first checked bag. On the contrary, it will cost you $31 to $60 for a second bag.

Today, the airline allows a customer to carry up to five travel bags. You’ll have to pay $76 to $100 for the third, fourth and fifth travel bag. Apart from that, Spirit Airlines will charge you an additional fee of $65 for a gate baggage checking.

Baggage policy allows oversized travel bags. Today, you’ll need to pay an oversize baggage fee of between $100 to $150. If you have an overweight bag that doesn’t exceed 100 lbs, you’ll have to pay an additional baggage fee of $75.

Size and Weight Restrictions

Spirit Airlines specifies some strict size and weight restrictions. Customers carrying baggage must abide by these guidelines. A carry-on travel bag must not exceed the dimensions 10 inches by 18 inches by 22 inches.

Kindly ensure that neither of your travel bags has a maximum size that exceeds 80 inches. Maximum size refers to the summation of the length, width and height. An oversize bag can have a maximum size of over 80 inches.

The first five travel bags must not exceed 18 kilograms. On the other hand, an overweight suitcase can only weigh between 20 kilograms to 45 kilograms.

Reference : https://customersupport.spirit.com/en-US/category/article/KA-01143

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines is renowned for offering flyer-friendly services to passengers. Spirit Airlines allows the passengers to cancel their booked tickets and get refunds if eligible.

Flight Cancellation within 24 Hours

Passengers who cancel their Spirit Airlines reservations within 24 hours of the flight booking are eligible to get a full refund. However, the flight must be booked at least seven days or 168 hours before the flight departure. In case you have booked the ticket within seven days or 168 hours before the flight departure, then know about the refund eligibility by connecting with the Spirit Airlines customer service.

Flight Cancellation after 24 Hours

If you want to cancel the booked flight tickets after 24 hours of the flight booking, then you may or may not get a refund on ticket cancellation. You must connect with the customer service team of Spirit Airlines and ask an expert about all the terms and conditions.

Spirit Airlines makes all its efforts to deliver the best possible travel experience to the passengers. It will be a good decision if you book your flight tickets from the Spirit Airlines reservations official site on your next vacations.

Flight Change Policy

Spirit Airlines flight change policy allows travelers to change their booking. Usually, the travel policy spells out several guidelines to be abided by by the customers. Firstly, one can only change a valid Spirit Airlines flight booking.

Spirit Airlines air tickets have a total valid of a year. Therefore, a customer must change such a ticket within this fixed period.

How to Change a Spirit Airlines Booking

Flight change policy offers several ways of changing Spirit Airlines reservations. For instance;

a) Changing on the airline’s official website

Spirit Airlines flight change policy allows a client to visit https://customersupport.spirit.com/en-US/category/article/KA-01195 to alter their booking. Once you visit the website, click on the ‘change flight’ option to start this online process. Then you’ll need to enter your previous flight details to cancel them.

Later, you ought to select an alternative flight and book it. Kindly note that the airline will charge you a small non-refundable flight change fee.

b) Phoning Customer service

Flight change policy allows one to contact customer care to request for ticket change services. Therefore feel free to call +1-855-915-0332 to request for assistance anytime. Customer care agents may ask you for an extra fee except for the flight change fee. In most cases, the extra charge may not exceed $10.

c) Mobile App

Spirit Airlines change reservations policy allows a client to use the Spirit Airlines app to modify a reservation. This mobile application is compatible with any smartphone, iPad or laptop; hence don’t hesitate to visit Spirit Airlines reservations official site to download it. Better still, you can download it from PlayStore.

d) Emailing or WhatsApp Customer Care

Lastly, you’re free to email customer care to request them to re-book for you. Alternatively, you can send your request to customer care via Spirit Airlines WhatsApp number is 801-401-222.

Flight Change Fee

Spirit Airlines will charge you a small flight change fee of $90. If you request customer care to nullify the reservation for you, you may end up paying a total flight change fee of $100. Interestingly, flight change policy allows clients to change group booking.

However, each group member will have to cough up at least $50. Ordinarily, the airline deducts this service charge from the paid booking fee.

Spirit Airlines Group Reservations Policy

Spirit Airlines group travel policy allows flyers in groups of ten to fly together. However, you have no choice but to abide by the guidelines in place. You don’t need to clear the reservation fee during booking. However, you must ensure that you clear the booking fee before the flight.

How to Book a Group Reservation

Spirit Airlines group reservations policy provides several ways of booking group travel. For instance, you’re free to visit https://customersupport.spirit.com/en-us/category/article/KA-01333 to complete the booking process. Kindly fill out the group travel form on the website.

Customer care agents will give you feedback within 3 business days. Usually, customer care representatives will send you a quote in under 72 hours for filing purposes. You don’t need to submit the group members’ names while booking the reservation.

Better still, you can contact customer service via 801-401-2222 for assistance. The representative will guide you through the group travel booking process. You ought to provide all the crucial details such as;

  • Contacts
  • Group Members’ names
  • Email address
  • Destination
  • Point of Departure
  • Date of travel

Spirit Airlines Group Travel and Meeting

Group travel & meeting policy accommodates travelers from different locations. However, such group members must be on the same itinerary. Additionally, the members must be flying to the same destination.

Spirit Airlines Booking Charges

Kindly note that Spirit Airlines reservations policy stipulates all the applicable charges. For instance, each group member will be required to pay a fixed booking fee of $5. Apart from that, a charge of $50 will apply per group member, if you change your name.

If you clear the booking fee after 2 months, the airline will charge you an extra $40. In some cases, the airline may charge you a flight cancellation fee.

Spirit Airlines Booking Restrictions

Group travel policy imposes some restrictions. They include:

  • Each group needs to consist of at least ten members.
  • All the group members must be on the same itinerary.
  • No group member should be under 18 years.
  • Each group member will pay an equal booking fee of $5.
  • Group members must clear the booking fee within 60 days.
  • An individual group member cannot cancel the booking.

Spirit Airlines Manage Booking

Spirit Airlines manage booking permits flyers to change their booking. However, you must understand that a reasonable service charge may apply. In most cases, customer care will deduct any applicable service charge from the paid flight reservation fee.

How to Manage a Spirit Airlines Booking

Manage my booking policy and offers multiple ways of managing a reservation. For example, you may;

  • Manage your air ticket on the airline’s official website; feel free to visit Spirit Airlines official site to manage your reservation. Whether you’d like to cancel your booking or re-book you can do it there. However, you must note that a fixed service charge may apply.
  • Mobile application; likewise, you can use the airline’s mobile application to manage your booking. Normally, Spirit Airlines won’t charge you an extra fee to use this technology. For this reason, visit the airline’s official website to download this app.
  • Contact customer service: Spirit Airlines manages my booking allowing you to contact customer care to request for booking management services. Whether you choose to call directly or to email them, they’ll help you out. Kindly reach customer support through +1-855-915-0332.

Ways of Manage a Air Ticket

Manage flight booking policy allows you to;

  • Re-book: technically, you’re free to change your Spirit Airlines flight booking for whatever reasons. You can try whichever option above, to modify your reservation. However, the reality is that you’ll have to pay a minimal flight change fee. Today, the airline will charge you at least $90.
  • Cancel a flight: you can cancel a booking if you so wish. Spirit Airlines cancellation policy allows you to call customer care to revoke the booking. Similarly, you can visit official site to cancel the reservation.
  • Print your boarding pass: today, you must print your boarding pass before the flight. Cabin crew will demand to see your boarding pass, before they allow you to travel. On the other hand, if you contacted customer care to book the ticket for you, visit the airport and request for this vital travel document.
  • Hotel booking: Manage flight booking allows you to add a hotel in their booking. Therefore, visit the Spirit airlines official site and reserve the best hotel for you.

Spirit Airlines Reservations Official Site

The official website of the airline might be the ideal place for you to make flight reservations, as it features all the deals offered by the airline. In addition, here you can check out other relevant info about the airlines, such as baggage policy, cancellation policy, etc. If you want to make Spirit Airlines flight reservations from the official website of the airline, then go with these steps.

  • Go to the official website of Spirit Airlines, i.e., www.spirit.com
  • You will see a Flight search engine, which you can use to book flights, vacation packages, cars, hotels, and Cruise rents.
  • Enter the departure and final destination of your travel in the “From” and “To” field.
  • Select the type of trip and payment option.
  • Enter the date of travel in the required field.
  • Select the number of travelers as Adults and Children.
  • Now, click on the “SEARCH FLIGHTS” button to continue with Spirit Airlines flight reservations.

On the next page, you will see the available flights as per the provided details. You can check out the complete fare calendar on the entered route “Month” option besides “Week.”

Further, do the needful and provide the needed details to complete the flight booking. You will get a mail on the provided email id after finishing the flight booking process.

Infant Travel Policy

Spirit Airlines infant travel policy helps to enable minors to travel. However, you must know that you must religiously abide by the guidelines in place. If you disregard any guideline, you risk losing your hard-earned travel funds.

How to Book an Air Ticket for an Underage Flyer

Spirit Airlines allows minors to book a reservation. Today, you can visit Spirit Airlines reservations official site to reserve a seat for yourself. Normally, the airline does not allow infants under 5 years to travel alone. However, they can fly with a young adult who’s over 15 years.

Alternatively, you can contact customer service to request for booking assistance. Feel free to dial 801-401-2222 to get the urgent assistance you so require. Customer care agents are well-versed with Spirit Airlines infant fares. The booking fee may vary slightly depending on the time of the year. Ordinarily, the booking fee may drop slightly, during the peak season.

Lastly, infants and children travel policy allows one to send an email to request for booking help. Kindly ensure that you first clear the required reservation fee. Additionally, ensure that you include all the necessary details in your email. Mostly, customer care responds to email within 24 hours.

Infant Fares

Minors ought to pay a small booking fee, especially if they are to travel internationally. Normally, the booking fee may vary slightly depending on the ticket type. Usually, international tickets attract higher infant fare than domestic flights.

Infants on Lap Policy

Infant travel policy allows some flyers to carry their infant on their lap. Usually, one adult can only carry at most one kid on his or her lap. Spirit Airlines does not charge any Spirit Airlines booking for a lap child. However, you must know that taxes and other fees may apply.

Please note that the airline mainly allows lap kids for domestic flights. That’s why you must get in touch with customer care first to know whether they’ll allow you to carry your child in your laps.

Baggage Policy for Kids

Spirit Airlines has a strict baggage policy for kids who’d like to travel with them. A parent is free to carry a diaper bag at no additional charges. Additionally, the kid must ensure that the personal bag does not exceed the dimensions 18 inches by 14 inches by 8 inches.

Infants and Children Travel Documents

Infant travel policy dictates that infants and children must produce a few mandatory travel documents. The airline’s representatives will ask for these documents at the airport for verification and clearance purposes.

  • Birth certificate
  • Parent’s ID
  • Passport
  • Boarding pass

Unaccompanied Infant Policy

Infants and children above 5 years are free to travel unaccompanied. However, you must know that such kids can only fly on direct flights. Additionally, the flyers are subject to the unaccompanied minor services by Spirit Airlines.

Kids above 15 years can equally travel unaccompanied for either domestic or international flights. However, the reality is that such kids are free not to pay the unaccompanied minor service charge, if they do not need it.

Minors must notify customer care if they wish to travel unaccompanied. Additionally, the flyer must check-in at the airport before the flight. Spirit Airlines’ travelling with your infant policy expects whoever is to pick the kid to arrive at the pick-up point at least 20 minutes before.

Ref : https://customersupport.spirit.com/en-us/category/article/KA-01161

Special Assistance

Spirit Airlines is quite famous for its reasonable special assistance policy. Spirit Airlines special assistance policy aims at enabling travelers with special needs to enjoy their air journey. This includes customers with special conditions such as blindness, deafness, crippleness to mention but just a few.

How to Request for Special Assistance

A special customer can visit Spirit Airlines reservations official site “https://customersupport.spirit.com/en-us/category/article/KA-01297” to fill a special assistance form. Once you submit the form customer care will review it and make the necessary arrangements to avail an assistant to you. Ensure that you include all the vital details such as;

  • Customer’s disability
  • Full names
  • Destination
  • Point of departure
  • Date of travel
  • Time of departure

Alternatively, you can request for customer care’s assistance. Firstly, you may opt to call them directly to explain your situation. Feel free to call 1 855 728-3555 for immediate assistance at no additional charges.

Better still, you can send your request to customer care via their WhatsApp number. Customer care agents are always online, especially during business hours. There are several special services on offer; hence you must specify the kind of assistance you need.

Flying with your Assistant

Technically, special assistance policy permits one to travel with their helper. However, you’ll have to purchase an air ticket for them. Additionally, you ought to notify customer care in advance so that they can assign you adjacent seats.

Customers who travel with their assistants are not eligible for special services. That’s why the airline assigns your help a seat next to you to enable him or her to help you out whenever necessary.

Travelling with a Service Animal

A customer is free to fly with a service animal such as a dog. Customers who travel with service animals can equally request for special services. You must upload all the required travel documents, for Spirit Airlines staff to clear you to fly with the psychiatric service animal.

Today, one must submit those documents online, at least 48 hours before the flight for verification purposes. Apart from that, you must fill in three forms, located at the bottom of Spirit Airlines official site. These forms are;

  • An acknowledgement form
  • Mental Health Expert form
  • Veterinary Health form

Examples of Special Services

Spirit Airlines offers a wide range of services to special passengers. They include

  • Hearing assistance
  • Wheelchair services
  • Baggage loading services
  • Travel instructions interpretation assistance
  • Visual assistance.
  • Mobility aid

Please note that customer care won’t charge you an extra fee for this service. If you didn’t travel with your helper, you could use the call button to request for a flight attendant.

Pet Policy

Spirit Airlines travel with pets policy gives you the green-light to travel with a disease-free pet. However, you must ensure that you strictly follow all the guidelines. You need to provide the details regarding your pet while reserving a booking.

Allowed Pets

Spirit Airlines travelling with pets policy only allows specific pets. Please note that you can only fly with a domestic animal. Today the travel policy recognizes animals such as;

  • Small dogs
  • Domestic birds
  • Rabbits
  • Domestic cats

Forbidden Animals

Spirit Airlines won’t allow any customer to fly with a wild animal such as reptiles, snakes, among others. Additionally, you cannot fly with other creatures such as;

  • Insects
  • Rodents
  • Huge birds

How to Book a Reservation for your Pet

Today, a client can book a reservation for his or her pet by contacting the Spirit Airlines Flight reservations Center. However, you can first visit “https://customersupport.spirit.com/en-us/category/article/KA-01181” to book your individual booking. Afterwards, you can contact the customer centre to request them to add a pet to your booking.

Better still, you can request customer care to book both Spirit Airlines reservations for you. Typically, the agents won’t charge you an additional charge for the service.

Pet Fares

Technically, the airline will charge you $110 for each pet carrier. Each pet carrier can carry at most two healthy pets. For a round trip, you’ll have to pay at least $200.Usually, these fares are constant regardless of your air ticket type.

Nowadays the airline won’t charge you any booking fee if your pet also serves as a service dog. For service dogs, you don’t need to have a pet container.

Pet Carrier Specifications

A customer can only carry a pet in a well-ventilated pet container. Each pet container must not exceed the dimensions 18 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches; equivalent to 45 cm by 35 cm by 22 cm.

Similarly, the pet carrier must not weigh more than 18 kilograms. Each passenger can only carry at most a single pet container.

Pet Restrictions

A passenger cannot carry a pet as checked luggage; since it’s usually too cold in the cargo section. Lastly, you should note that the airline does not allow some animal species.

Deals and Offers

You’re free to capitalize on the Spirit Airlines deals and offers. Mostly, these deals are designed to suit any customer who wishes to travel with Spirit Airlines.

Common Travel Deals

  • Spirit Airlines Coupons: today, Spirit Airlines offers coupons to customers. Please note that you’ll need to use the specific coupon code to enjoy this travel deal. You can get a coupon that will save you 70% of the actual booking fee.
  • Discounts: Spirit Airlines offer customers some incredible discounts, especially during the peak seasons. In some cases, the airline may offer discounts on hotel bookings made through Spirit Airlines official site.
  • Promotions: customers can equally enjoy some promotions, especially during a given season. Customers will have to use the unique promotion codes to utilize such travel deals. In most cases a promotion has a specific condition; you must travel within a stipulated period to enjoy the deal, lest you become ineligible.
  • Flight offers: you must always be on the lookout for Spirit Airlines flight offers. Thanks to these offers, you can save a few bucks.
  • Vacation Packages: apart from offers, Spirit Airlines equally provides some attractive vacation packages. These packages help a traveler to enjoy a holiday at an affordable price. Remember that such travel deals include the air ticket, hotel and a car in one package; hence you pay less. Feel free to visit www.spirit.com to book such a Spirit Airlines flight booking.
  • Car rental offers: sometimes, Spirit Airlines offers car rental offers on cars. The airline has partnered with some car companies to enable its customer to book a car affordably.

Spirit Airlines Book a Flight with Reservations-Desk

In many instances, people might need to connect with the reservations-desk of Spirit Airlines, such as difficulty in booking tickets and finding the desired deal. Whenever you go through some problems while booking flight tickets, contact the reservations-desk without any hesitation. The experts designated on the reservations-desk are highly trained and experienced; they will guide you through the complete “Spirit Airlines book a flight” process.

You can connect with the reservations-desk by dialing their number mentioned on the official website of Spirit Airlines. Give a call on the Spirit Airlines reservations number +1-855-915-0332 and follow the voice prompts to connect with a designated executive. The designated executive will ask you to provide the needed details for flight reservations and book your tickets. Don’t forget to ask the airline representative about the running flight deals.

Spirit Airlines Flight Reservations by Mobile App

The airline has created an extensive mobile application to provide all the services on passenger’s finger tips. People can use this application to book Spirit flights also. Install the Spirit Airlines app from the Google Play Store and App Store, depending on your mobile device. After that, log in or sign up the application by using an email id. Then, you can make Spirit Airlines flight reservations from the flight booking section.

Moreover, the Spirit Airlines mobile app allows you to use other services more efficiently, such as online check-in, itinerary change, etc.

Get Prompt Assistance from Spirit Airlines Customer Service

Spirit Airlines has established a customer service team, which is responsible for providing the needed help to the passengers in need. The customer service team of the airline will cover you in every flight-related queries. The airline has appointed well trained and experienced travel professionals in the customer service team. From Spirit Airlines flight cancellation to Baggage Policy; you can get detailed information about all the flight-related topics by contacting the customer service team.

Check out the customer service number on the official website of the airline. Dial the number and follow the voice prompts to connect with the customer service team. The helpline number is toll-free and round the clock available, so call on the number without any hesitation. Opt for “Spirit airlines book a flight” and experience the best airline services.

Frequently Encountered Problems with Spirit Airlines

Headquartered in Miramar, Florida, US, Spirit Airlines successfully ditched the concept of high priced air tickets in the United States. It offers a lot of services to its customers at a meager price. The airline also runs a frequent flyer program named FREE SPIRIT.

Despite the excellent facilities at an extremely less price, the airline lags behind in some basic services. But the Spirit Airlines reservations crew makes up for all of them.

  • Passengers cannot change their flight
  • Issues in receiving refunds
  • Baggage lost

These are some of the common complaints from the customers that indicate the airline is still in the development phase. But the customer support desk helps the airline to bounce back from every odd situation brilliantly.

Contact Spirit Airlines Customer Service By Dialing Their Number

With more than 7500 employees, the airline is working very hard to satisfy each and every customer who has chosen them to fly with. If anyone faces a problem, then the help desk is always ready to resolve it. They are available 24*7 over the Spirit Airlines customer service number. Check out the helpline number on the official website of the airline. Dial the number and follow the voice prompts to connect with the airline.

Spirit Airlines Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make Spirit Airlines Reservations?

To book flight tickets:
* Visit the Spirit Airlines official site.
* Log in to the account.
* Go to the ‘flight’ tab.
* Select the type of fare.
* Click ‘search’ flights.
* Book your tickets.

2. How can I print my boarding pass at the airport?

Spirit airlines provide self-service kiosks where you can make Spirit air reservations and print the boarding pass. However, it should be done 1 hour before the flight departure. It may cost you a certain fee.

3. Can I choose my seat?

Yes, you can choose a seat in advance when making Spirit Airlines flight reservations. It may cost you a certain fee depending upon certain conditions.

4. Does Airline provide offers and deals?

While booking the flight tickets, you can avail of different deals and offers available of your choice.

5. How to apply for Spirit Airlines change reservations?

To change the reservation, the passenger needs to make a request online or contact the toll-free number given on the website.

6. Is it mandatory to select a seat while ticket booking?

No, it is not mandatory to select a seat. However, when making Spirit Airlines group reservations, you need to select desired seats and it may cost you for that.

7. What is the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy?

All the customers have to cancel their ticket within 24 hours of ticket purchase to get a full refund. After the time-lapse, the extra fee would be implied.

8. Do you provide ticketless Spirit Airlines vacation packages?

Yes, for that, all the travel documents are to be sent electronically to the email address provided for the contact person on the record.

9. What is the cheapest way to cancel Spirit Airlines booking tickets?

The passengers need to cancel their tickets within 24 hours of the ticket purchased.

10. How can I contact the Spirit Airlines reservations team?

The passengers can contact the toll-free number or can go through the get in touch details at www.spirit.com airlines reservations.


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Best flight I have ever travelled, Got cheap flight tickets. Price is affordable, Spirit Airlines reservations helpdesk provided me a discount on flight tickets. Great service!