Qatar Airways Reservations (QR)

Make Qatar Airways Booking +1-855-915-0332 and Check-In With Ease

Qatar Airways is a world-famous air carrier that aims to offer incredible flight services to every single passenger. Passengers can make their Qatar Airways booking to travel to their desired destination at budget-friendly airfares. Have an unforgettable on-board experience by availing all the amenities provided by the airline.

If you want any assistance from the airline to select a flight that suits your budget, then you can contact the airline representatives through the phone number of the airline. They will help you to arrange an affordable vacation package. To search for the desired flight, type “Qatar Airways book a flight” over the internet, and you will be provided with many relevant results.

In-flight Amenities

Qatar Airlines has several amenities for its customers. Please note that some of these Qatar Airways in-flight amenities usage costs are included in the Qatar Airways reservations. However, one will need to dig into their pocket to access others.

Here are some of the facilities you can access during the flight.

In-flight Wi-Fi

Customers can enjoy secure and fast-speed internet connection during the flight. You’ll need to visit Qatar Airways booking official site “” to access Super-Wi-Fi. Once a customer pays the required fee, you can use the unique Wi-Fi access code to access it.

Normally the cost will cover the Wi-Fi charges for the whole journey. Whether you’d like to connect your smartphone, iPhone, tablet, or laptop, you’re free to do so.

Onboard Bathroom

Qatar Airways features a bathroom in each of the cabin classes. Ordinarily, the airline won’t charge you an extra fee to access this essential facility. Customers must abide by the In-flight bathroom rules.


Both First-class and Business class flyers can access flatbeds. You can convert the reclining seats into flatbeds to enjoy some quality sleep. Given that you’ll buy pricey Qatar Airways flight reservations, you won’t be charged for these.

Amenity Kits

Qatar Airways customers get amenity kits for their own comfort. Each of these kits consists of a toothbrush, socks, earplugs, and a lip balm (especially for the ladies)

Power Outlets

Qatar Airways is among the airlines that allows customers to carry electronic devices. Additionally, the airline has several power outlets. Therefore you can charge your device during the flight. Technically the airline won’t charge you an extra fee to use these facilities.

Flight Status and Schedules

Qatar Airways follows a strict schedule. Therefore, you ought to check out schedules before you book a reservation.


All Qatar Airways customers can access schedules. Usually, every time a customer is completing a Qatar Airways book a flight, they can tell the exact flight schedule. Such information includes;

  • Date of departure
  • Destination
  • Time of departure.

Flight Status

Customers can check their flight status on the airline’s official website. Kindly visit and click on the Qatar Airways flight status option. You’ll be required to enter your flight details to retrieve the relevant flight.

Better still, you can contact customer service to request them to check your flight status. Customer care won’t charge you an extra fee for this service. Customers ought to check the Qatar Airways flight status of their flight soon after booking a reservation.

Sometimes the flight status may not reflect, especially if your booking was unsuccessful. In such a case, please contact customer service for immediate assistance.


Qatar Airways flies to over 170 destinations across the world. Please note that the airline flies to both domestic and international destinations. Normally, domestic flights are relatively cheaper than international reservations.

List of Qatar Airways Destinations

Qatar Airways destinations are spread across 82 countries. The airline hopes to expand the total destinations to close to 180 by 2022. Here is a list of some of these prestigious places.

  • Flights to Angola
  • Flights to Algeria
  • Flights to Australia
  • Flights to Belgium
  • Flights to Brazil
  • Flights to China
  • Flights to Canada
  • Flights to India
  • Flights to Japan
  • Flights to Mexico

Suspended Destinations

Customers must know about suspended destinations before they book Qatar Airways reservations. They include;

  • Flights to Abha
  • Flights to Beijing
  • Flights to Manama
  • Flights to Hofur
  • Flights to Luxor
  • Flights to Alexandria
  • Flights to Cairo

Terminated Destinations

Unfortunately, Qatar Airways terminated some destinations such as:

  • Asmara
  • Stuttgart
  • Tripoli
  • Osaka
  • Hahn
  • Johor Bahru
  • Lima

Fleet Size

Qatar Airways has a staggering fleet size of 237. Thanks to this, the airline can fly to over 170 destinations, both local and international. Today, the average aircraft age is approximated to be 5 years.

Current Fleet Size

Currently, Qatar Airways has a fleet size of 233 aircraft, both cargo planes and passenger planes. Below is a list of these aircraft;

  • Airbus A350
  • Airbus A330
  • Airbus A380
  • Boeing 777-300ER
  • Boeing 777-8
  • Boeing 777-200LR

Apart from this, the airline has 27 cargo planes for the customers. They include

  • Airbus A330(4 in total)
  • Boeing 777F(21 in total)
  • Boeing 747-8F (2 in total)

Please note that each of these aircraft may have a varying capacity. Airbus A380-800 has the largest capacity of nearly 520. On the other hand, Airbus A319-100LR has the least capacity of 110 passengers.

Fleet History

Qatar Airways used to use some specific aircraft for its operation but stopped a few years back. These planes include;

  • Airbus A340-600
  • Airbus A340-600R
  • Boeing 747SP
  • Boeing 747-100B

Cabin Classes

Qatar Airways’ aircraft comprises three cabin classes for its customers. Each of these cabin classes features some unique characteristics. However, a few features may be similar in these three travel classes.

Qatar Airways booking process remains the same for any of the travel classes. Here are the three cabin classes available for travellers.

a) First Class

First Class attracts the priciest bookings owing to the luxurious facilities on board. Such fancy amenities include;

  • Privacy dividers
  • Food and beverages
  • Private lounges
  • Reclining leather seats.

b) Business Class

Business-class is the second most expensive travel class. Just like first class, here, customers get to enjoy reasonable privacy. Here are some of the amenities available for the travelers.

  • Complimentary food and beverages
  • Private dividers
  • Reclining leather big-front seats
  • Business lounge

c) Economy class

Technically, the Economy class attracts the most affordable air tickets than the other cabin classes. Customers get to enjoy essential facilities such as in-flight entertainment facilities, bathroom, seats, to mention but just a few.

Additionally, flyers get to enjoy a reasonable baggage allowance. However, such an allowance is less than that of the other two fancier travel classes. Qatar Airlines gives you the freedom to book Qatar Airways reservations of whichever cabin class, you please.

Flight Check-in Policy

Qatar Airways check-in policy dictates that each of its customers ought to confirm their booking. Additionally, the travel policy allows you to explore whichever option you deem fit. Today, the check-in process opens 24 hours before the flight and shuts at least an hour before the departure time.

How to Check-in for a Reservation

Flyers can capitalize on the online check-in option. You ought to visit Qatar Airways booking official site “” and click on the check-in option. After that, you’ll be required to enter your booking fee and the surname.

Another option is to visit the airport to complete this travel process. Kindly ensure that you carry all the necessary travel documents such as;

  • Boarding pass
  • Passport

Alternatively, customers can contact customer care to confirm their booking. check-in policy allows customer care agents to confirm Qatar Airways reservations for customers. Kindly note that the airline won’t charge you an additional charge for this.

Baggage Policy

Qatar Airways baggage policy is a travel policy that allows travelers to carry luggage. However, such a traveler must stick to all the guidelines, in place. Kindly note that you’ll have to pay a refundable baggage fee.

How to Book a Luggage

Flyers can explore different options to book a travel bag. For instance, you can add baggage in your Qatar Airways reservations. You’ll be required to enter some essential details such as;

  • Total number of bags
  • Weight of each travel bag
  • Destination

You’re free to clear the luggage fee online or at the airport after the cabin crew weighs your luggage. Alternatively, you can call customer service via +974 4023 0000 to request for booking assistance. Baggage policy states that you ought not to be charged an extra service charge for this.

Always ensure that you keep your Qatar Airways baggage tracking number well. This information is essential, especially, during the recovery of baggage upon arrival at your destination.

Qatar Airways Baggage Fee

Unlike other airlines, Qatar Airways charges baggage per kilo. Therefore, the heavier your luggage is, the more you’ll pay for it. Regularly, the price per kilo may vary slightly depending on where you’re flying to or from. For instance, if you’re in Central Asia, the cost per kilo will be $20.

Baggage policy allows one to carry excess baggage, if necessary. However, you must know that the airline will charge you an additional baggage fee. Usually, the airline will charge you $50 for the first extra bag.

If you have extra travel bags, it will cost you $200 if you pay the baggage fee online. On the other hand, if you opt to pay the fee at the airport, then you’ll have to pay $50 more.

Baggage Allowance

Qatar Airways offers a reasonable baggage allowance to clients. Mostly, the allowance depends on two factors: class cabin as well as your destination. Both First class and Business class flyers can carry two pieces of carry-ons, but they must not exceed 15 kilograms.

On the other hand, Economy class travelers are free to carry one carry-on bag which must not exceed 7 kilograms. Travelers flying either to or from Brazil can enjoy a baggage allowance of a travel bag not exceeding 32 kilograms.

Baggage Restrictions

Before customers buy Qatar Airways reservations, they must read the baggage restrictions. Firstly, the airline forbids customers from carrying some items. They include;

  • Firearms
  • Projectile devices
  • Toys
  • Sharp objects

Apart from that, you must note that baggage policy specifies the maximum size restrictions. A customer cannot carry a travel bag that exceeds the dimensions 50 cm by 37 cm by 25 cm.

Similarly, no luggage should weigh more than 32 kilograms. However, the airline allows slightly overweight luggage. Overweight baggage attracts additional charges.

Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy

Qatar Airways allows its passengers to cancel their reservation within 24 hours of original booking without any fee prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. If your flight gets delayed by more than three hours or it gets canceled, then you can request a refund. You can cancel your Qatar Airways flight booking without any hassle.

  • If you have booked a non-refundable ticket, then no part of the airfare will be refundable.
  • If you are going to travel with an infant, then the infant will also be charged with the same cancelation or change penalty as yours.
  • If you have booked a non-refundable ticket with non-refundable fares, then the unutilized coupon’s flown based tax is refundable.

Cancel your reservation through the Qatar Airways booking official site even at last moments.

Flight Change Policy

Qatar Airways flight change policy gives flyers the green-light to change a reservation. However, such travelers must adhere to all the guidelines in place. For instance, customers can only change Qatar Airways reservations.

Qatar Airways tickets have a total validity of 12 months. For this reason, a client is free to change his or her booking within this period.

How to Change a Qatar Airways Flight Booking

Qatar Airways change reservations policy provides multiple ways of changing a Qatar Airlines booking. You can:

a) Change the booking on Qatar Airways official site

Qatar Airways clients can visit to change a booking. You ought to click on the change flight option to start this online process. After that, enter the correct flight details of your alternative flight.

The system will register your new booking and discard the previous one. However, you must note that a fare difference may apply.

b) Calling customer care

Qatar flight change policy permits clients to phone customer care to request them to change a flight, for them. For this reason, feel free to call +974 4022 6000 to request customer care representative to modify your booking.

c) Change the booking using Mobile app

Lastly, one can change the reservation by using the Qatar Airways mobile application. You’ll have to follow a few simple on-screen instructions to change the booking successfully. A customer can download this application from Google Play store.

The technology is compatible with multiple smartphone and iPhones. Qatar Airways won’t charge you for using the technology.

Flight Change Fee

Qatar Airways will charge a customer a small service charge for changing their reservation. Today the service fee begins from $15 and may vary depending on a few factors like your booking fee.

Qatar Airways Group Travel

Qatar Airways group travel policy solely applies to customers who’d like to travel as a group. Please note that each group must comprise at least 10 members. Apart from that, there are other strict guidelines that all group members must obey.

How to Book a Qatar Airways Group Reservations

A customer can visit to book a group reservation. You’ll be required to fill in a group booking form. Customer care will send you a quote upon reviewing your booking. In most cases, the agents will send you the quote within 72 hours.

Alternatively, customers can opt to contact customer service, to book Qatar Airways group reservations. Customer care agents will email you a quote for apparent reasons. The good news is that you don’t have to send group members’ names in your booking.


Each group must consist of at least 10 members or more. Additionally, customers must clear the booking fee within 7 days before departure. If a group fails to clear the reservation fee before the flight, risks ticket cancellation.

Please note that all group members must travel on the same flight. Furthermore, the members must equally be heading to the same destination.

Types of Groups Allowed

Group travel & meetings policy allows different types of groups such as;

  • Sports group: sportsmen, and sportswomen can book Qatar Airways reservations if they wish to travel together.
  • Family groups: family members can travel together to enjoy a holiday if they so wish. Thanks to group travel discounts and offers, you’ll end up saving a few bucks.
  • Education groups: a group of students or researchers can travel together on the same flight. However, you must know that each group member will have to pay a specified fare amount.

Group Travel Services

Qatar Airways group travel policy stipulates a few services for group members. For instance, a group member can request a dedicated group check-in counter, if they so wish. In some cases, Qatar Airways can provide special meals that meet dietary requirements.

Customers must familiarize themselves with the group travel policy before they complete a Qatar Airways book a flight.

Infant and Children Policy

Qatar Airlines infant travel policy allows minors to fly. However, such travelers must adhere to the guidelines in place. Please note that some of the policies may apply to kids with special needs.

How to Book a Reservation for a Minor

Qatar Airways travelling with your infant travel policy, offers several ways of booking a ticket for a minor. A parent can visit Qatar Airways booking official site to book a ticket for both himself/herself and the Child. However, you must note that a small kid fare may apply.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with customer care to reserve a booking for a child. Please feel free to dial +974 4022 6000 to book an air ticket for your child. However, you must know that the airline doesn’t allow a kid under 5 years to travel unaccompanied.

Infant Fares

The infant fare is usually 10% that of the adult. That implies that there is no fixed infant fare. However, in most cases, domestic flights attract the cheapest infant fares. On the other hand, international flights attract pricier infant fares as the tickets are quite high.

Lap Children Policy

A traveler above 18 years can carry a baby on their laps during the flight. Ordinarily, the airlines allow this for short flights such as domestic trips. Usually, the airlines may not charge such a minor, any infant fare.

Infant Travel Documents

Infants and children who wish to travel with Qatar Airways must provide some travel documents. Such documents include;

  • Birth Certificate
  • School ID
  • Passport
  • Boarding Pass

Unaccompanied Child Policy

Qatar Airways allows a kid between 5 to 15 years to travel unaccompanied. However, such a kid will have to pay a specified infant fare. The kid’s parent will have to purchase a return ticket for the airline’s employee who’ll accompany the child back.

Please note that the airline offers an escort service to young unaccompanied children.

Minor Check-in Policy

Infant travel guidelines forbid minors from confirming a reservation online. Therefore such a traveler must visit the airport with an adult to confirm their booking. Additionally, they must carry some essential travel documents.

The airline will assign an unaccompanied kid a flight attendant. If a parent is to accompany the kid, then he or she is free to confirm their air tickets online.

Ref :

Special Assistance

Qatar Airways special assistance policy targets flyers with special disabilities. Customers have no choice but to abide by the set guidelines in totality. Technically, special passengers don’t have to pay an extra fee to enjoy these vital services.

How to Request for Special Assistance

Any flyer with a special disability can visit Qatar Airways booking official site “” to fill in a special assistance request form. Please ensure that you fill all the required fields for apparent reasons. Some of the essential details include;

  • Full names
  • Destination
  • Date of travel
  • Customer’s disability
  • Required special help

Alternatively, you can contact customer care directly to request for them. Don’t hesitate to call +974 4022 6000 to request for special services. Customers must request for this at least 48 hours before the flight.

Please note that customer service needs adequate time to make the necessary arrangements. In most cases, Qatar Airways will assign each special flyer, an assistant, upon request. You’ll fly on the same flight with the helper so that they can offer any service during the flight.

Travelling with a Personal Assistant

Special assistance policy allows a client with special needs to fly with a helper. However, you must note that you’ll have to book an air ticket for them. Kindly, notify customer care in advance for consideration during the seat allocation process.

If you opt to travel with your assistant, you’re not eligible for special services. Remember that the airline will assign you adjacent seats.

Flying with a Service Animal Policy

A client can fly with a service dog if they have any form of disability. In most cases, Qatar Airlines won’t charge you any fee if you opt to travel with your service dog. However, you must ensure that your animal is disease-free.

Additionally, you must know that the animal with be regarded, as checked baggage. Unfortunately, not all countries will allow a psychiatric service. Some of the countries that will allow such animals include;

  • Australia
  • Georgia
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom
  • Norway
  • India

Customers travelling with a service dog may be required to provide some documents such as mental health certification; must be signed by a health professional. It would help if you took full responsibility for the service dog during the flight.

Policy on Pets

Qatar Airways travel with pets policy permits a flyer to fly with his or her pet. However, it would help if you strictly abide by all the set guidelines. Qatar Airlines cannot allow you to fly with a sickly pet. Therefore you must prove that your pet is disease-free.

How to Book a Reservation for a Pet

Customers can notify a Qatar Airways agent that they wish to travel with a pet. Kindly call 877-777-2827 to get in touch with customer care. You ought to cooperate by providing all the required details.

Nowadays, travelling with pets, policy demands that you inform customer care at least 48 hours before the flight. The agents will inform you of the necessary travel documents. Some of the mandatory travel documents include;

  • Pet passport
  • Health certificate

Pet Fares

Qatar Airways pet fare relies on several factors, such as the weight of your pet. If a pet weighs under 32 kilograms, you’ll have to pay $200.Interestingly,the policy on pets equally allows customers to fly with both small and medium pets.

Qatar Airways travelling with pets dictates that larger dogs that weigh between 32 kilograms and 75 kilograms will cost you $350. In some cases, the fare may rise to $450 if the flight is to cover a longer distance.

Pet Container’s Guidelines

A pet container must be relatively light and well-ventilated. Smaller pet carriers must not exceed a dimension of 175 centimeters. On the other hand, a larger carrier must not surpass a size of 245 centimeters.

One must ensure that the pet’s carrier is fully clean. Not to add, that the container ought to be comfortable.

Forbidden Breeds

Unfortunately, travel with pets travel policy, forbids some breeds for undisclosed reasons. Such breeds include;

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Chow Chow
  • Dogo Argentino
  • English Mastiff
  • Shar Pei
  • Presa Canario
  • Shih Tzu
  • Japanese Chin

Customers who book Qatar Airways reservations for forbidden pets risk losing their booking fee. That’s why you should visit to see the full list of all the forbidden breeds.

Allowed Animals

Qatar Airways Policy on pets allows specific pets such as small cats, dogs and birds. Apart from that, the airline allows a few service dogs. Ordinarily, the airline does not charge travelers any pet fare, if they fly with a service dog.

Deals and Offers

Qatar Airways offers tasty flight deals to its customers. These travel deals may vary depending on the time of the year. Ordinarily, Qatar Airways deals and offers are especially more during the peak season.

Available Travel Deals

  • Coupons: Qatar Airways offers coupons to customers. Thanks to these travel deal, you can get 10% off the booking fee or a hotel booking fee. Please ensure that you use the right coupon code to enjoy the discount.
  • Promotions: sometimes, Qatar Airways reservations, offers special promotions to its customers. Customers must use the specific Qatar Airways promotional codes to enjoy these travel deals. Each of these unique promotion codes consists of 8 letters.
  • Vacation packages: during the peak season, Qatar Airways offer several vacation packages. For instance, a customer can book both a hotel and an air ticket in one Qatar Airways flight booking. For this reason, such a client is entitled to a reasonable discount.
  • Holiday offers: apart from vacation packages, you can equally enjoy a holiday offer. The most common offer is the Privilege Club offer.

Qatar Airways Reservations Official Site

Making a reservation through the official website of the airline is the most used method by the airline. Implement the forthcoming steps to make Qatar Airways flight booking from the official site of the airline.

  • Open the official site of the airline and fill all the required fields in the “flights” section.
  • Choose the type of your trip that is one-way, round-trip, and multi-city.
  • Enter other mandatory details such as the origin destination, final destination, date of departure, and the number of passengers. Fill the return date if you are going on a round-trip.
  • Enter the promo code, if available, to get a discounted airfares on Qatar Airways book a flight.Click on the “show flights” option, and all the available flights will be displayed on your screen. Choose the flight that suits your budget.


The phone number of the airline is another method to book your flight. Call on the number and follow the voice prompts over the phone to get in touch with the airline representative. Share your details with them, and they will help you to book tickets in pocket-friendly fares.

The best thing about reaching out to the airline’s experts through Qatar Airways customer service is that they also provide you honest opinions of previous users. You can check the reviews of the airline and then make your choice.

Qatar Airways mobile app

Take full control of your journey with the mobile app of the airline. Enhance your service with a wide array of additional services. With this app, you can book lounge access as well as purchase excess baggage very easily. Make Qatar Airways booking, manage booking, check-in, etc. through this app

Download the app on your mobile app and stay updated on every detail of your journey. You always have a go-to option for everything related to your journey.

Book tickets by using any of the methods and have an enjoyable on-board experience.

When do we need to contact Qatar Airways customer service?

Qatar Airways is a reputed name in the aviation industry. It might be young, but no less than the competition to other airlines. Being the world’s fastest-growing airline, Qatar is improving its services day by day. There may come instances when you face issues while making Qatar Airways flight booking, then you can immediately connect to the help desk of the airline for prompt assistance. If any airline wants to be successful, then their primary concern should be customer satisfaction, and it is what Qatar Airways excels at. The customer service of the airline is so beneficial for people in trouble.

Certain situations when you may need to contact Qatar Airways booking desk are-

  • Flight cancellation

Canceling a fight can be a trouble sometimes, but with the support of airline experts, you can do it very easily. Call them and know the Qatar airways cancellation policy. Experts will provide you all the information with which you can easily make cancellation.

  • Baggage information

Knowing the baggage allowance of the airline you are traveling with is very important. Passengers can call on the dedicated number to know the given weight and size limitations on the baggage.

  • Flight schedule

After making Qatar Airways booking, you need to stay updated with the airline schedule to avoid any last-minute hassle. Pick your phone and dial the number to know the current status of your flight.

  • Easy check-in

The phone number of Qatar Airways helps people to check-in for their scheduled flight without any trouble. Most of the passengers prefer online check-in o save time and effort. Avoid standing in the long queue and check-in through Qatar Airways reservations official site. If you don’t know how to do it, call them and avail immediate assistance.

Reaching the airline experts is easy; all you need to do is dial the number. Talk to them and solve all your queries.

  • Qatar Airways book a flight

Making a reservation with the airline is no rocket science, you can do it with much ease. Open the official site of the airline and get your booking done within no time. If you need assistance on how to book a flight ticket, then connect to airline representatives. They will guide you through the Qatar Airways flight reservations process. The agents will find the best reasonable package for you.

  • On-time support

Qatar Airways makes sure that passengers get all the assistance they require in the hour of need. Travelers can connect to the airline irrespective of the time of the day. Customer service is available round the clock. Call on the phone number of the airline and be ready to get instant assistance from the airline representatives.

Make Qatar Airways booking and contact the airline experts if you are facing any issue related to your air travel.

FAQ’s Related to Qatar Airways Booking

1. Can I reserve seats on Qatar Airways?

If you have made a reservation from the official site of the airline, then you can select your preferred seat from the booking confirmation page after the completion of the booking process. Once you have made a reservation through the “Qatar Airways book a flight” option, then you are able to select your desired seat through the “Manage Booking” section.

2. How can I reschedule my Qatar Airways flight?

To make changes in your existing online, navigate to the “Manage Booking” option on Qatar Airways official site. If you are eligible to make changes online, then you will see the “Modify flights” button. Click on this option and select a new flight to travel to your final destination. Pay immediately for making changes to your existing Qatar Airways booking. 

3. How can I hold my booking on Qatar Airways?

* While making a reservation, select the option of “Hold My Booking.”
* Select a timeframe to pay the minimum fee. If you are going for a non-refundable fee, then hold your reservation for a selected timeframe. You don’t have to pay immediately for the ticket.
* Complete payment later for your Qatar Airways flight booking either offline or online. Pay the price of your ticket within the selected timeframe. 

4. What is the check-in time for Qatar Airways?

It is always recommended to the passengers to check-in 3 hours before the departure time. The check-in counter gets close 1 hour before the departure time while boarding gates closes 20 minutes before departure.

5. Can I book another airline ticket in addition to Qatar Airways award booking?

Yes, you can book a mix of both Qatar airways and one world airline.

6. Do I need to confirm my flight?

No, it is not necessary. But still to avoid any confusion or doubt it is good to confirm the flight by visiting the airline’s website.

7. How to hold the Qatar Airways reservations?

To hold a ticket:
* While booking tickets on the website, select the ‘Hold my booking’ payment option.
* For a non-refundable fee, reserve your itinerary for a selected time frame without making a payment at the spot.
* Complete the payment within the selected time frame online using the ‘My Trips’ feature or offline at Qatar Airways sales office.

8. Will Qatar Airways refund the tickets?

If the flight gets canceled, the passengers will get a refund of their ticket to the original form of payment.

9. How to cancel Qatar Airways tickets?

To cancel Qatar Airways flight booking and get a refund, you need to contact the agent/office where you booked your ticket.

10. How can I cancel the flight ticket without penalty?

In such a case, the passengers need to cancel their tickets within 24 hours of the ticket purchased. After the time-lapse, the cancellation fee will be charged.

11. How can I make Qatar Airways seat reservations?

To book a seat:
* Go to the official website.
* Select the ‘Manage booking’ option.
* Enter the booking reference number and last name of the passenger.
* Under the ‘Manage flight’ menu, click ‘Modify seat selection’ to book a seat.

12. What happens when the airline cancels the ticket?

In such a case, Qatar Airways will arrange another flight for the passenger to the final destination, or else you will get a refund.

13. Where can I check my Qatar Airways booked flight status?

To check the flight status, the passengers can visit the official website of Qatar Airways and access the PNR within the seconds.
Turn your travel dream into reality and explore this beautiful world with Qatar Airways. The airline keeps releasing numerous of deals and offers, snag any of the deal to have an economical journey. Opt for the “Qatar Airways book a flight” option and make a Qatar Airways reservations with putting any extra effort. 

Turn your travel dream into reality and explore this beautiful world with Qatar Airways. The airline keeps releasing numerous of deals and offers, snag any of the deal to have an economical journey. Opt for the “Qatar Airways book a flight” option and make a Qatar Airways reservations with putting any extra effort.


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