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The Pacific Islands near Australia are definitely one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world and if you want to reach there in the most convenient and cheapest possible way, Nauru Airlines is probably the best option that you have. Making bookings for a flight of Nauru Airlines is also easy and simple as all you have to do is make a call at the Nauru Airlines booking number and do the needful.

About Nauru Airlines

Founded on 17 September 1969, Nauru Airlines have been the flag-bearer of Nauru for a long time. Initially, it was called Air Nauru but as recently as 2014, the name was changed to what it is today.

The main flight service of Nauru Airlines is to other islands in the Pacific, so once you reach Nauru, your most suitable method of traveling to other tourist places will be using them. It also has a lot of flights to Australia as it is through here that people can travel to most other international destinations.

The headquarter of Nauru Airlines is at the Yaren District in the Nauru International Airport itself and the main office for operation is located in Brisbane which is a part of Queensland.

Peter Sheehan is the CEO of Nauru Airlines and it has a small fleet size of 5 but that is adequate to serve the purpose for which it was started and has been running successfully ever since.

Even though Nauru Airlines are more of a regionalized type of flight service, the customer service that it provides is surely on par with all of its competitors internationally. They have a dedicated group of people looking after this particular department and in case you want to speak to them about bookings, ticket prices offer and discount etcetera, they are available at Nauru Airlines customer service number.

Frequently encountered problems with Nauru Airlines

There is no denying the fact that there have been some complaints with respect to Nauru Airlines but none of it have been able to deter the airlines from its path of providing quality services.

  • Delay in the flight timings due to technical issues
  • Misplacement of baggage
  • The air host and hostess being rude to the flyers

Though Nauru Airlines have a stringent recruitment procedure for their crew, sometimes mistakes do happen, but they rectify it immediately without causing any inconvenience as such.

Contact Nauru Airlines customer service by dialing the customer service number

Whenever you have some inquiry, you can simply place a call at the Nauru Airlines booking number and you will get all the answers that you want. Use Nauru Airlines for hassle-free travel through the beautiful Pacific Islands.