LOT Polish Airlines Reservations (LO)

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Poland is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in Europe and rightly so. The scenic beauty, the mountains, and the water bodies, you can experience nature at its very best. Thousands of people visit Poland every year and the airlines that they most commonly use is the LOT Polish Airlines due to its amazing connectivity and diligent customer service. The LOT Polish Airlines booking is always available for all your inquiries regarding their services.

About LOT Polish Airlines

The airline was founded almost 90 years back on 29 December 1928 and it is one of the oldest functioning airlines in the world. It is based in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland and the two main hubs are the Warsaw Chopin and the Budapest International Airport.

The amazing connectivity of LOT Polish Airlines can be understood by the fact that it covers 133 destinations spread across Europe, America, and Asia. Anyone heading to Poland from any of these places can board a flight conveniently.

The ownership of the airline has been a subject of a lot of disputes over the years. Presently, 68% of the shares are owned by the government of Poland while almost 7% is owned by the employees themselves. Around 25% come under the private sector. It also generates revenues in millions which shows that it is still making good business in its sector.

Frequently encountered problems with LOT Polish Airlines Reservations

LOT Polish Airlines is known for the superior quality services it provides to its customers. However, it is not free of problems and complaints. The way it deals with these issues and sets them right almost immediately is what is commendable about them. Few of the common problems include –

  • LOT Polish Airlines group booking
  • Poor quality food and beverage
  • Difficulty in booking tickets online
  • Less legroom in the flights

LOT Polish Airlines keep updating their airbus to fend off the legroom problem. Other than that, most of the other issues are dealt with in the most professional manner.

Contact LOT Polish Airlines customer service by dialing the customer service number

The customer service quality has been consistent since its time of inception almost 9 decades back. If you plan to fly using their services and have some queries that need answering, all you need to do is call the LOT Polish Airlines booking number. The LOT Polish Airlines customer service executives will attend to you almost immediately and solve all your problems in a jiffy.