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One of the leading airlines in the world, KLM offers premium traveling experience so that you can reach your destination within the shortest possible time. Gone are the days when making KLM reservations was a stressful task as now is the time when you can easily book your flight right from the comfort of your space. With the introduction of the internet and the advent of technology, passengers can easily make air ticket reservation and save their time and effort. You can visit the KLM booking official site at any time and make hassle-free reservations for your next travel.

About KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Founded in 1919, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is almost a century old now and it continues to be the most significant flight carrier in the Netherlands. The headquarters are located in Amstelveen and the main area of working is the Amsterdam Airport. The airlines have retained its name since the time of its inception becoming the oldest one to do so in the process. Employing 35488 employees is no joke and KLM has few of the best in the business among them. They connect to 145 destinations and generate revenues in billions every year. Not only is their flight service impeccable but also their customer support services, due to which they have received a lot of popularity. They ensure that the customer has a good time while flying with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and don’t keep any stones unturned to make sure that it is a good experience.

KLM Airlines Destinations

KLM Airlines flies to nearly 145 destinations spread across the world. Unknown to some destinations comprises both domestic and international places. Today the airline flies to nearly all the continents.

Kindly confirm whether the airline flies to your desired destinations. Over the years, KLM Airlines stopped flying to some destinations.

List of Destinations

Here is a list of some of the popular KLM destinations. They include;

  • Flights to Brazil
  • Flights to China
  • Flights to Costa Rica
  • Flights to Denmark
  • Flights to Ghana
  • Flights to Italy
  • Flights to United Kingdom
  • Flights to New York
  • Flights to Argentina
  • Flights to Angola

Terminated Destinations

Unfortunately, KLM Airlines no longer flies to some destinations. Therefore you can’t buy KLM reservations to any of these places.

  • Austria
  • Cameroon
  • Canada
  • Iran
  • Zimbabwe
  • Zambia
  • Ireland
  • Ethiopia
  • India (Hyderabad)
  • Yemen

Fleet Size

KLM Airlines has a total fleet size of 116. The airline’s planes include both Boeing planes and Airbus aircraft. Thanks to this large fleet size, KLM flies to nearly 150 different destinations.


Currently, KLM Airlines has 115 aircraft in operation. Unknown to some KLM Airlines has three cargo planes. Boeing 747-400 only carries cargo from one destination to another. Apart from those, KLM Airlines has countless passenger planes.

Notable planes include;

  • Boeing 787-10
  • Airbus A330-300
  • Boeing 737-800
  • Boeing 777-200ER
  • Boeing 787-9
  • Boeing 737-900

Each of these planes has an incredible capacity. For instance, Boeing 777-300ER can carry at least 400 passengers. The least capacious aircraft is Boeing 737-700 which can only accommodate 132 passengers per trip.

Old Planes

KLM Airlines had more Boeing planes, especially in the late ’90s. However, some of the planes fell into disuse after some time. Below is a shortlist of some of these aircraft.

  • Boeing 747-200B
  • Boeing 737-300
  • Boeing 737-200
  • Boeing 747
  • Airbus A310-200

Cabin Classes

KLM Airlines boasts of three different cabin classes. These travel classes are first class, business class and economy class. For this reason, customers must specify their preferred travel class when completing KLM reservations.

Please note that each of these travel classes attracts varying booking fees. Understandably, first-class draws the priciest reservations.

a) First Class

A customer is free to fly first class with KLM Airlines. Technically this travel class attracts the costliest KLM reservations. The good news is that here there are countless facilities available for you. Here is a list of some of the notable features;

  • Priority boarding
  • Leather seats
  • In-flight magazines
  • In-flight power outlets
  • Televisions
  • Privacy canopy

b) Business Class

A business class is the second most expensive travel class. Here clients get to enjoy more personal space. Remember that in this travel class, there are no middle seats. Below is a list of some of the notable characteristics;

  • Free newspaper
  • Reclining leather seats with an extra legroom
  • Finger-licking meals and drinks
  • Fast check-in process

c) Economy class

Economy class is the most affordable travel class out of the three. Just like in other cabin classes clients here can access relatively luxurious facilities on board. Some of the notable features of this cabin class include;

  • Quick seat selection
  • A legroom
  • Reclining leather seats


KLM Airlines has partnered with several airlines. This partnership enables travellers to fly to more destinations. Today, KLM Partners airlines are more than 100.KLM Airlines is among the members of the SkyTeam alliance.

If you fly with any of the partners, you get to earn some miles. Apart from airlines, the airline has partnered with the hotel industry.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Partners

Below is a list of some of the noteworthy partners.

Flight Schedules and Flight Status

KLM Airlines releases its timetable at least 5 months in advance. Therefore you can get it from the airline’s website. Unfortunately, you must know that the KLM flight schedules may change. That’s why you ought to rely on the online timetable.

Airlines Schedules

A client can easily access the flight schedules. Previously the airline used to create a PDF for downloading. All you need to do is to enter your preferred flight. Kindly enter your preferred destination and point of departure and go through the results.

Some of the crucial details include

  • Destination
  • Point of departure
  • Departure time
  • Arrival time

Before you complete a KLM book a flight confirms whether the flight is still available. Sometimes the airline may cancel a flight owing to unavoidable reasons such as harsh climatic conditions.

How to Check Flight Status

Today there are various ways of checking the status of your flight. For instance, you may;

  • Visit KLM’s official website: one is free to visit www.klm.us/flight-status to confirm your flight status. You’ll be expected to enter the relevant flight details such as booking number and surname.
  • Contact customer care: better still, you can opt to contact customer service. Today the airline is available on all the social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Therefore you’re free to contact them at any time of the day or night.
  • KLM mobile app: lastly, you’re free to use the airline’s mobile application to check your flight status. If you notice any unexpected problem, don’t worry, all you need to do is to get in touch with customer support quickly.

In Flight Amenities

KLM Airlines features several fancy onboard amenities. Normally customers may be expected to pay to access KLM in-flight amenities. However, in some rare cases, the airline includes the costs in the KLM reservations.

Examples of In-Flight Amenities

Some of the rare facilities available on KLM aircraft include;

  • In-flight Wi-Fi: each KLM plane is equipped with fast speed internet. A client is free to sign in and use this secure internet. Normally the airline will charge you $10 per hour. The good news is that this Wi-Fi is unlimited.
  • Power outlets: They provides several power outlets. Therefore you can easily charge your phone during the flight. The good news is that such in-flight amenities are free of charge.
  • Blankets and pillows: KLM Airlines offers blankets and pillow to each passenger who boards their planes. The beauty of the blanket is that it’s thick hence warm.
  • Inflight bathroom: They offers onboard lavatory for convenience. Therefore you can easily ease yourself during the flight. Usually, the airline won’t charge you to access this facility.
  • Newspapers and magazines: KLM allows clients to download for reading during the flight. For Business class and first-class, you can access such reading materials for free.
  • Free meals: sometimes They offers free meals to passengers. However, this may depend on the type of air ticket. Typically if you book an international reservation, you stand a chance of getting free food and drinks.
  • Headphones: sometimes, KLM Airlines offers headphones to customers. However, you must know that you ought to part with a small amount of money. Please remember that KLM Airlines does not include headphone costs in KLM flight booking.

Baggage Policy

KLM baggage policy permits a flyer to carry baggage and include it in your reservation. However, you must know that the airline will charge you a baggage fee. Normally the baggage fee relies on several factors such as destination and number of travel bags.

Kindly know that the airline’s baggage policy partially applies to free baggage. For instance, you must adhere to the size and weight requirements. However, for free luggage, no baggage fee applies.

How to add Baggage to your Booking

Customers can add baggage when booking KLM reservations. All you need to do is to add luggage details when checking in. In such a case, you may be expected to clear the luggage fee online. If you’re unsure about applicable luggage charges, don’t worry.

KLM Airlines allows one to clear baggage fees at the airport. Once the airline’s representatives weigh your travel bags, they’ll tell you how much you need to pay. Please take note of the baggage tracking number. The staff will ask for it upon arrival at your destination, especially if your baggage goes missing.

Size and Weight Restrictions

Baggage policy stipulates some size and weight restrictions. Kindly ensure that you abide by the guidelines to avoid any inconvenience. A free suitcase must not weigh more than 23 kilograms. Please note that KLM Airlines weighs all travel bags before they allow one to load them onto the plane.

No travel bag can exceed 55 cm by 35 cm by 25 cm. Additionally, the travel bag must not weigh more than 50 pounds. However, in some exceptional cases, the airline may allow overweight bags. Therefore you must notify customer care in advance.

Baggage Fees

KLM baggage fee relies on several factors such as

  • Destination
  • Number of bags

For instance, if you wish to fly to Europe or some parts of Africa, you’ll have to pay $60 for your first checked bag. If you have a second bag, you’ll be expected to cough an additional $100. Therefore the more the number of bags, the higher the payable baggage fee.

KLM Cancellation Policy

KLM Airlines allows a client to cancel their booking if they no longer wish to travel. However, please abide by all the guidelines stipulated by the KLM cancellation policy. For instance, you can only cancel a valid KLM airline ticket. Most of the KLM reservations have a validity of 12 months.

Therefore please ensure that you cancel the reservation before it expires. Once your booking expires, it becomes both non-refundable and non-cancellation. Hence you end up losing your hard-earned funds.

How to Cancel a KLM Booking

KLM ticket cancellation policy provides several ways of canceling your booking. Firstly you can opt to visit www.klm.com to cancel your air ticket successfully. Kindly click on the request for a refund option to initiate the ticket cancellation process. You must select the air ticket which you wish to nullify.

Normally if one fails to stipulate which reservation they wish to cancel, all the reservations will get canceled. Customers must read the conditions of the ticket before booking. In some cases, some KLM cancellation policy may not apply.

Alternatively, you may prefer to contact customer care agents for assistance. Feel free to dial +1-855-915-0332 to request for ticket cancellation services. Mostly the agents won’t charge you a fee to invalidate your reservation.

Lastly, some clients may prefer to contact to cancel their booking using the KLM mobile app. You ought to select the ticket cancellation option. After that, you ought to enter the details of the reservation to cancel.

KLM Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your ticket within 24 hours, KLM cancel ticket within 24 hours demands that you get a full refund. Remember that in such a case, no KLM cancellation charges apply. On the contrary, if you delay beyond a day, you must pay a non-refundable service charge.

Flight Cancellation Fees

KLM Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy solely applies to those who cancel the ticket within a day. In such a case, no service charge will apply. On the flip side, if you delay, you may be required to pay some cancellation charges. Normally the KLM cancellation charges range between $100 to $400. The service charge varies depending on the value of the booking fee.

Flight Change Policy

KLM Airlines allows their clients to change their KLM reservations. However, you must know that the airline only welcomes valid bookings. KLM air tickets have a total validity of 12 months. Therefore you must modify your air ticket before it expires.

Kindly note that KLM change reservations policy expects you to change the booking at least 3 hours before departure time. Remember that the airline needs adequate time to find a suitable replacement in time.

How to Change a Booking

Flight change policy offers multiple ways of changing a reservation. For instance, you may;

  • Visit the airline’s official website: KLM allows one to visit www.klm.com/travel/gb_en/plan_and_book/booking/change_cancel_flight/index.htm to change a reservation. All you need to do is to click on the change flight option. However, you must first confirm whether your preferred flight is available.
  • Phone customer care: alternatively, a customer can phone customer care to change a reservation. Customer care agents are usually available 24/7.
  • KLM Airlines mobile app: lastly, you can use the airline’s mobile application to change a booking. The app is available online and is compatible with all smartphones.

Flight Change Fees

KLM Airlines charges a service charge for each air ticket you cancel. Today the airline will charge you $70 for each air ticket you modify. Kindly note that customer care won’t charge an extra service charge if they cancel the reservation for you.

Name Change Policy

KLM Airways welcomes name change request from their clients. However, please ensure that you have a genuine reason for changing your name. For instance, in the case of divorce, you can request customer care to change the name.

Similarly, you can request for this service if your name was misspelt during the ticket booking process. You can easily change your name on the airline’s official website. All you need to do is to log in to My Trip and navigate to the passenger’s details.

KLM Group Travel

KLM group travel allows people to fly in groups. Each group must comprise at least 10 people. Please note that each group can consist of a few minors. However, no group cannot comprise minors only. Additionally, no group can consist of a minor who is 2 years old or younger.

Flyers can complete a group booking at least 11 months in advance. Today the airline sets the deadline at 2 days.

How to Book a Group Booking

A customer is free to contact customer care to request for a group booking. Customer care agents are always available to attend to you. Customer care representatives will send you a quote for filing purposes.

Benefits of KLM Group Reservations Travel

KLM group reservations come with immense benefits. Here is a list of some of these benefits.

  • Group members enjoy a huge discount.
  • Each group member contributes an equal amount of the booking fee.
  • KLM won’t charge to change group member’s names
  • You’re free to clear the KLM booking fee over time.
  • One can add more group members later on.

Group Travel and Meeting

Group travel & meeting policy expects all clients to fly from a common point of departure. Therefore group members need to make the necessary arrangements. Additionally, all group members must fly to a common destination.

Remember that you’ll be expected to fill in all the flight details. Unknown to some KLM Airlines allows one to change a KLM group reservations.

Infant Travel Policy

KLM Airlines infant travel allows minors to fly either domestically or internationally. The airline allows both minors and newborns to fly as long as they are healthy. However, unlike adults, minors are expected to produce more travel documents.

Additionally a minor is not free to book a KLM reservations on their own.

How to Book a Flight for a Minor

KLM Airlines travelling with your infant policy offers several ways of booking a flight. However, you must know that KLM Airlines does not allow a minor to book a flight on their own. Only a parent, a guardian or an authorized person to book the flight for your kid.

  • Contact customer care: KLM’s infant travel allows a parent to contact them to request them to book a flight. You can either choose to chat with them on WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can call +31206490787 at any time of the day or night.
  • Visit the website; another option available is to visit www.klm.com to complete a booking. KLM allows the parents of infants and children to visit their official website to book a reservation.
  • KLM mobile app: lastly, you can opt to use the airline’s mobile application to book a KLM flight reservations. If you wish to fly with your kid, you ought to book two separate reservations.

Infant Fares

Infant fares depend on whether the kid will be accompanied or not. For instance, if your infant travels alone, they’ll pay the exact adult fare. On the contrary, accompanied infants only pay 10% of the current adult booking fee.

A slightly older minor will be expected to pay 75% of the current adult booking fee. In some cases, the airline offers special fares to kids flying to some destinations. As a result, you end up paying a smaller amount.

Compulsory Travel Documents

KLM Airlines expects minors to provide some travel documents for verification purposes. Some of these vital travel documents include;

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • I.D (A parent or guardian’s ID.
  • Health Certificate

Lap Kid Policy

KLM infant travel welcomes lap children on their planes. However, such an infant must of the age of at most 12 months. Kindly note that you must book a reservation for a lap kid. However, such a traveler will only be expected to pay 10% of the adult fare.

Unaccompanied Minor Policy

KLM allows kids to fly alone if they are between 15 to 17 years. However, such a kid will have to pay the current adult booking fee. A parent or guardian must escort a minor to the airport. Additionally, they must provide details of the most suitable pick-up point.

Special Assistance

KLM Airlines takes special care of patients with any special needs. The KLM special assistance policy strictly applies to flyers with special needs. However, such a client must request for the same at least 48 hours in advance. Please ensure that you report at the customer help desk upon arrival at the airport.

KLM Airlines will assign you a special assistant to help you throughout the flight. Kindly note that KLM won’t charge you an extra fee for special services.

How to Request for Special Assistance

If you require special assistance, you’re free to request the same by calling +31206490787. Better still, you can choose to send customer care a message via WhatsApp. Please ensure that you include your flight details in your message. The Customer care agent will notify the relevant department to make the necessary arrangements.

Alternatively, you can opt to reach customer support via their social media platforms. Today you can quickly reach them via

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp

Customer care agents are usually available throughout on any of the social media platforms. Please remember to special the kinds of special services you may require.

Lastly, the airline allows you to log in to My Trip to request special assistance. For instance, if you need wheelchair services, you can easily ask for it online.

Travelers who qualify for KLM Special Services

As hinted before, special assistance mainly applies to flyers with special needs. Notable forms of disability include;

  • Deafness
  • Crippleness
  • Blindness
  • Dumbness

Interestingly KLM reservations offers special services to expectant flyers. You won’t be expected to pay a penny to get special help.

Special Services

Special services vary depending on one’s special needs. For instance, you can get services such as;

  • Wheelchair services
  • Baggage loading and unloading services
  • Travel instructions interpretation services
  • Feeding services

Policy on Pets

Travel with pets allows a client to fly with a pet. However, you must note that such a pet needs to be both healthy and calm. KLM won’t tolerate any form of wild behavior. Additionally, you must notify customer care for at least 48 hours in advance.

Kindly note that the airline only allows small cats and dogs. Therefore you cannot fly with other pets such as reptiles or rodents, to mention but just a few.

How to Add a Pet to your KLM Booking

If you wish to fly with a pet, you ought to book a separate booking. Firstly you may opt to call customer care via 0035722671616 directly. Today customer care representatives are reachable 24/7. The good news is that KLM Airlines agents won’t charge you any service charge.

Alternatively, KLM traveling pets policy allows you to request booking assistance through any available social media platforms. Nowadays, KLM Airlines is available on

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter

Pet Carrier

Travel with pets policy expects a client to carry a pet in a container. Please ensure that the pet carrier;

  • It doesn’t exceed the dimensions 46 cm by 28 cm by 24 cm.
  • The pet carrier has to be well-ventilated.
  • Please ensure that it has soft sides.
  • It has to be relatively spacious.
  • Total weight of the carrier plus the pet needs not to exceed 75 kilograms.
  • One can only carry at most 2 pets per container.

Pet Fares

KLM Airlines’ pet fares rely on several factors, such as the destination. For instance, if you wish to travel with your pet locally, you’ll only need to pay $50 or more. However, for domestic flights, the pet fare cannot go beyond $100.

On the other hand, if you wish to fly internationally, KLM reservations will be pricier. Remember that international flights cover a longer geographical distance.

Pet Restrictions

Below are some of the restrictions that a client must never ignore.

  • KLM only allows small dogs and cats.
  • A pet must be at least 10 weeks old.
  • A small cat needs to weigh at least 8 kilograms.
  • A dog needs to weigh at least 6 kilograms.
  • A client can only fly with the allowed species of animals.

Manage Flight Booking

KLM Airlines allows one to manage their booking as they please. However, you must note that the KLM manage booking policy only applies to valid bookings. Therefore you must complete the travel process before the air ticket expires.

How to Manage a KLM Booking

Today there are diverse ways of managing a KLM flight reservations. For example, you can opt to;

  • Contact customer care: firstly, you’re free to phone customer care if you wish to manage a booking. Customer care representatives can cancel your booking, change the booking or re-edit your name.
  • Utilize the KLM App: alternatively, KLM manage my booking policy allows a flyer to use the KLM mobile app to manage your booking. One can easily download this technology from the airline’s official website.
  • Visit KLM’s official website: lastly, you can opt to visit KLM official site to manage your booking. You ought to navigate to the specific option you’re interested in. For instance, if you wish to cancel your reservation, click on the cancel flight option.

Ways of Managing a KLM Air Ticket

Today, manage flight booking offers several ways of managing a booking. However, you must know that a service charge may apply. For instance, you can;

  • KLM Change reservations: a client is at liberty to change an air ticket for whatever reason. However, you must remember that the airline will charge a reasonable flight change fee.
  • Cancel a reservation: secondly one is free to cancel their air ticket if they no longer wish to fly. Please make sure that you invalidate the booking before your air ticket expires. Once the ticket expires, it becomes both non-refundable and non-cancellable.
  • Change your name: if you misspell your name while booking an air ticket, you have no reason to panic. All you need to do is to log in to My Trip and re-edit your passenger details. Normally, manages my booking policy and does not expect you to cough up a service charge.
  • Check the status of your flight; a client can check the status of their flight at any time of the day or night. You may opt to visit KLM reservations official site and enter your flight details.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Travel Deals and Offers

KLM deals and offers targets to every client who wishes to fly with them. Unknown to some of these travel offers are conditional. Kindly note that some of these offers are usually available during the peak season. Therefore, it’s important that you visit official site to view all the available deals.

Examples of KLM Airlines Travel Deals

  • Travel packages: KLM offers some travel packages during the peak season. For instance, one can book both a hotel and a flight on one KLM flight booking. Similarly, you can travel to a given destination of your choice.
  • Promotions: KLM offers promotions to clients for both flights and hotel bookings. However, you must ensure that you utilize the right promotion codes when booking. Kindly note that promotion codes are usually unique.
  • Coupons: KLM Airlines offers coupon codes to clients. Kindly click on the coupon codes option to see all the available coupons. If the coupon is refundable, you can easily exchange in for money. On the contrary, if you receive a non-refundable coupon, you must visit KLM reservations official site to redeem it on a flight booking.
  • Offers: KLM Airlines offers the best deals to deserving customers. For instance, you can get a free drink such as beverages if you book a European Flight.
  • Cheap flights: in some cases, the airline offers cheap flights to customers. Here you get a huge discount for a particular flight.

Frequently Encountered Problems With KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

The world royal is associated with the airlines and rightly so as traveling in their flight is a different sophisticated and classy experience of their own. They put in a lot of effort to ensure that everything moves forward without any hiccups but sometimes some issues become unavoidable.

  • Problem with KLM reservations tickets online or changing flight timings.
  • Technical issues with the airline
  • Check in problem

Most of the problems are associated with some sort of server failures and once it is up and running again, there are no other such issues faced. You can call the KLM customer service number and inquire about any problems and get answers immediately.

KLM Book a Flight & Reach Your Destination Effortlessly

KLM Airlines offer several ways to make KLM flight booking such as via the airline’s official website, by downloading the mobile app and by calling the airline’s phone number. All you can do is search the KLM booking option on the airline’s official website and feed the correct details to make the final bookings.

In addition to this, you can also download the KLM mobile app on your smartphone and get the flight reservations done with ease. This app is your faithful travel companion and let you experience the world of KLM. Furthermore, you can also reach out to the airline’s phone number and make seamless KLM reservations in less than no time.

Browse KLM Reservations Official Site & Find Out Check-in Guidelines

There are plenty of ways in which you can check-in for your flight and get your boarding pass. These methods are online check-in, mobile check-in and kiosk check-in. It is advised to know the check-in deadline before making KLM flight booking.

  • Online/ Web Check-in facility is available within the specific time frame i.e. between 30 hours and 1 hour before the flight departure (24 hours before for the flights flying to the US). Make KLM reservations and check-in with ease to receive your boarding pass.
  • Airport check-in counters open between 2 hours and 40 minutes before the departure of Europe flights and between 3 hours and 60 minutes before the take-off of intercontinental flights. So, keep these deadlines in mind before KLM booking.

Reach Out to the KLM Customer Service and Fly With Ease

If you get stuck in any travel-related query, then don’t panic and contact KLM customer service instantly to seek assistance. KLM Airlines offers fully-fledged customer support to deal with the issues and queries of the passengers. No matter whether you can facing trouble in making KLM reservations or in checking the flight status or in tracking the missing luggage, KLM airlines is readily available to help you out.

So, what are you waiting for? KLM booking right away and purchase flight tickets at cost-effective price.

Contact KLM Royal Dutch Airlines customer support by dialing their customer service number

While running a company of such magnitude and report, one aspect that needs to be kept in its prime almost all the time is the customer service system and KLM has been very particular about that. KLM reservations helpdesk is considered one of the best in the business as they put in a lot of effort to listen to their customers and come up with proper solutions almost immediately. It might be related to anything, ranging from general inquiries about flight timings and schedules, to registering a complaint about someone, tracking baggage, problems with connecting flights etcetera. Whatever be the situation, KLM puts the customer as the number one priority and makes sure that the people using their services have no room for complaints.

Why to Make KLM flight booking?

KLM Airlines is notable for offering seamless flying experience to the passengers and thus it is advised to make KLM flight booking and enjoy the journey in the lap of comfort and luxury. Owing to its easy flight booking booking procedure and exceptional in-flight amenities, KLM Airlines has attained a special position in the aviation industry. Make KLM booking and reach your destination within little or no time.

KLM Airlines – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. How can I check if my KLM flight reservations is confirmed?

    If you want to know everything about your flight, then just login to the PNR status on the official website.

  2. 2. Can I change my KLM reservations to another one?

    Yes, it is allowed at a certain fee. However, to book another reservation, the price of the ticket may change due to tax recalculation and fare availability.

  3. 3. Do I need to print the KLM boarding pass?

    Check-in online is very quick and easy. Sometimes, the boarding pass is not available. In that case, you need to print check-in information and exchange it for a boarding pass at the airport.

  4. 4. Can I reserve seats on KLM Airlines?

    Yes, you can make the desired KLM seat reservations as per your choice. You can do it during the check-in process or on the mobile app with a free of cost.

  5. 5. Does KLM provide a meals facility?

    Definitely, KLM has a wide range of meals facilities for the passengers flying around the world.

  6. 6. How can I cancel KLM flight booking tickets?

    To cancel the flights with the KLM Airlines, simply request a refund online. And if you want to cancel it via a travel agent, then contact your travel agent.

  7. 7. How can I change the KLM reservations?

    For KLM change reservations:
    * On the official website, login to ‘My trip’.
    * Search and select alternative flights.
    * If you bought extra options with the flight, you can apply the same ones for a new ticket.
    * Confirm your flight change.

  8. 8. How can I contact the airlines?

    To get in touch with airlines, you need to contact the customer service team by dialing the toll-free number given on the website.

  9. 9. When can I make KLM group reservations?

    KLM  ensures that passengers traveling together can sit near their ones. You can make Seat selection at the check-in, from 30 hours before the flight departs.

  10. 10. Is it easy to buy a ticket with miles?

    KLM Airlines enables to book tickets with miles for one-way or round way trips very conveniently. The amount will be calculated based on origin, destination, and the date of your flight.


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