JetBlue Airlines Reservations Number +1-855-915-0332 and Get Ticket Deals

When planning to book flight tickets, JetBlue Airlines can be an ideal choice to travel with. Make JetBlue reservations and get flight tickets with enticing deals. You can easily find flight tickets at reasonable air fare. So, travel with JetBlue airlines and experience an air trip to remember. The Jetblue reservations phone number is +1-855-915-0332.

About JetBlue

Established in 2000, JetBlue is one of the largest airlines in America that transport passengers at relatively low cost. It has its main base at J. F. Kennedy International Airport, New York. The airline is the 6th largest in the US in terms of passengers carried. With a fleet size of 254, JetBlue flies more than 1000 flights daily and travels to 102 destinations in both the domestic and international circuit. Every year millions of people make JetBlue flight reservations and reach their destinations.

It has codeshare agreements with 21 different airlines service. Their flights have larger leg space for a comfortable journey. They provide complimentary snacks comprising of food items from big brands. JetBlue also provides its passengers with a wide range of alcoholic beverages. 

The flight is equipped with free Wi-Fi with high speed and numerous options for movies for each passenger. You get access to DirectTV with multiple channels and SiriusXM Radio. Therefore, you will never have a dull moment throughout your journey. So, make JetBlue Airlines reservations and experience comfortable and convenient air travel.

jetBlue Reservations

How to Make JetBlue Airlines Reservations?

JetBlue is known for providing excellent airline services at low air fare. From flight booking to reaching the destination, you will love every service provided by JetBlue airlines. When it comes to flight reservations, the airline allows you to book flight tickets by using multiple platforms: JetBlue reservations official site, reservations-desk, or mobile application.

After finalizing the travel destination, you must opt for any of these platforms to book your flight tickets. You must book flight tickets with the discounts and running deals offered by the airline. If you are unsure how to book flight tickets, then read the instructions mentioned below and book your tickets with any of these methods.

In-Flight Amenities

JetBlue has earned a reputation worldwide for being a low-cost airline offering excellent amenities on the plane without charging a single penny extra from their passengers. JetBlue also facilitates passengers by providing them on-board entertainment in the form of TV shows, movies and shows. This airline introduced the concept of live TV at each seat and has been globally recognized for being the only airline in the United States providing such popular in-flight entertainment for all passengers irrespective of their travel class and category. 

This major American airline also provides their customers good food while making them fly to their chosen destination and their suitable and budget travel class safely and smoothly. Above all, JetBlue is known for being an airline committed to their esteemed global clients. They ensure on-time departure and arrival of flight and with superb on-board amenities at free of cost.

Schedules and Flight Status

JetBlue Airlines usually plans for flights at least 10 months in advance. Customers are free to complete the JetBlue book a flight upon the publishing of flight schedules.

Flight Schedules

JetBlue Airlines releases its schedules at least six months in advance. For this reason, you can easily tell whether the airline will fly to a given destination. The timetable discloses essential details such as

  • Date of the flight
  • Time of the flight
  • Destination
  • Point of departure

Ordinarily, whenever one searches for a given flight, they get all the necessary details. Better still, you can opt to contact customer care to enquire about flight schedules.

Flight Status

Customers ought to check the flight status before the flight. Technically there are two ways of checking the status of your flight. Firstly, you may visit Jetblue reservations official site “” and click on the flight status option.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with customer care to confirm your flight status. If you had booked a reservation and it fails to reflect, don’t panic. Kindly call customer service and feed them with the correct flight details. Customers can use the JetBlue Airlines app to check their flight status. This application is both easy to use as well as convenient.

Destinations JetBlue Serve

JetBlue is known for operating non-stop scheduled flights within the United States specifically North, South and Central America. Besides, this premium American airline is recognized for operating international flights across Mexico and the Caribbean. 

JetBlue has got a new recognition in the year 2015. It was one of the first airlines to get a license to operate charter flights to Cuba. Remember that the departure point of charter flights to Cuba will be New York City. As per the recent research, JetBlue announced the launching of trans-Atlantic flights between New York and Boston, and London. Scheduling non-stop itineraries is the specialty of JetBlue Airways Corporation.

After knowing about the strength, passenger carrying capacity and the impact of choosing JetBlue to fly to any destination within the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean, you might be looking forward to making JetBlue Airlines reservations. Well, they keep on reading the best rather most convenient ways to book a flight with JetBlue reservations.

There is a step by step guide that will help you in the booking of flight to your chosen destination and the amenities you can get when you prefer flying with JetBlue Airways Corporation.

Fleet Size

JetBlue Airlines has a total fleet size of 268. Thanks to this, JetBlue Airlines can fly to over 265 destinations, both local and international.

Current Fleet Size

Currently, the airline has over 265 aircraft in operations. Each of these planes has varying capacities. These aircraft include;

  • Airbus A321LR
  • Airbus A321-200
  • Airbus A2220-300
  • Airbus A320-200
  • Airbus A321neo

JetBlue Airlines hopes to expand its fleet size in the years to come.

Fleet Capacity

Each of the aircraft has a specific capacity. For instance, Airbus A321neo can carry nearly 200 passengers. On the other hand, Airbus A320-200 can only carry 150 passengers. Airbus A220-300 has the least capacity of 140 passengers.

Cabin Classes

JetBlue Airlines features three cabin classes. Each of these travel classes has some unique features. However, some features may be similar, especially for first-class and business class.

Kindly specify your preferred cabin class when completing a JetBlue flight booking. Here are three cabin classes;

a) First Class

First-class draws the most expensive JetBlue reservations, out of the three. However, the airline has the most luxurious in-flight amenities for the customers. Kindly note that the airline won’t charge for some of these amenities. However, you may have to pay a small charge to enjoy some facilities, especially in-flight entertainment facilities. Some of these fancy features include;

  • Privacy dividers
  • Lounges
  • Suite style seats
  • In-flight bathroom

b) Business Class

Business-class is the second most pricey travel class. Here customers can access equally luxurious facilities such as first class. Notable facilities available here include;

  • Wi-Fi
  • Business lounges
  • Reclining leather seats
  • Live television
  • In-flight washroom

c) Economy class

The economy class attracts the most inexpensive JetBlue Airlines reservations. Additionally, the travel class has the fewest luxurious facilities. Customers must pay exorbitantly to access fancy onboard amenities.

  • Available facilities include;
  • In-flight entertainment facilities
  • In-flight lavatory
  • Wi-Fi
  • Tv Screens

JetBlue Partners

JetBlue Airlines has partnered with over 40 airlines. These partnerships aim at enabling customers to fly to whichever destination they please. Additionally, such partnerships enable both JetBlue and its partners to enjoy multiple mutual benefits.

Some of the JetBlue Partners airlines are:

Apart from those, there are other JetBlue partners in existence. They include.

  • Amazon: customers earn 3 TrueBlue points whenever they buy a product while on board. The more bucks you spend, the more TrueBlue points you earn.
  • Marriott Bonvoy: travelers can earn TrueBlue points whenever they book any of the 6700 participating hotels
  • Avis & Budget: here, members earn at least 100 TrueBlue points per day. Not to add, the other offers available that enable them to save up to 35 percent.
  • Icelandair: customers will earn some TrueBlue points whenever they fly with Icelandair airlines.

Flight Check-in Policy

JetBlue Airways online check-in policy expects all customers to confirm their booking. Today this process opens at least 24 hours before the flight. Usually, the check-in process closes an hour before the flight.

How to Check-in for a Flight

Flight heck-in guidelines provide several ways of confirming a booking. Firstly, you’re free to capitalize on the online check-in option. Kindly visit Jetblue reservations official site “” and click on the check-in option.

You’ll be asked to enter the relevant flight details for confirmation purposes. Alternatively, you can contact customer care to request them to confirm the booking for you. Normally, Qatar Airways won’t charge an extra fee for this. Lastly, you can visit the airport to confirm your booking. However, you must know that you’ll have to present all the necessary travel documents. The good news is that not all customers need to confirm their JetBlue Airlines reservations.

Baggage Policy

Baggage policy refers to some guidelines that apply to customers who wish to travel with luggage. All customers must adhere to these guidelines to avoid any inconveniences. For instance, the airline will charge you a small baggage fee. 

How to Book a Baggage

A customer can add luggage on his or her reservation online. Kindly visit Jetblue reservations official site to add a travel bag to your reservation. You’ll be required to offer the relevant baggage details. Normally, if you choose to add the baggage online, you should clear the baggage fee online. 

Alternatively, you can opt to contact customer care to request them to add luggage to your booking. Please, feel free to dial 1-866-538-5438 to get in touch with a customer care agent.

Baggage Fees

Baggage policy dictates that the baggage fee relies on the total number of travel bags. A first checked bag will cost you $35, while the second one will attract an extra luggage fee of $45. If you have more travel bags, you’ll be required to pay $150 for each extra travel bag.

Customers who’ve booked JetBlue flight reservations are free to carry an overweight bag. However, the reality is that no travel bag can exceed a specified maximum weight. Similarly, one can carry oversize baggage, if they must.

However, you must know that the luggage must not exceed a maximum size of between 63 inches to 80 inches.

Size and Weight Restrictions

Baggage policy imposes some strict size and weight restrictions. Firstly, the first three checked travel bags must not exceed 23 kilograms. Likewise, these travel bags must not exceed a maximum size of 62 inches.

The maximum size refers to the sum of the length, width, and height of each pet container. Any overweight travel bag must weigh between 23 kilograms to 45 kilograms. Similarly, an oversize suitcase needs to have a maximum size of up to 80 inches.

Baggage Allowance

JetBlue Airlines offers an allowance to its customers. A customer can carry a single carry-on-bag at no charges. However, your bag must not measure beyond 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches. Unfortunately, the airline does not offer a luggage allowance to children.

JetBlue Airlines Cancellation Policy

Jetblue Cancellation Policy

JetBlue is known for providing customer-friendly services. The airline understands that people might need to cancel their book tickets due to unwanted circumstances. That is why JetBlue has created an extensive cancellation policy to deliver better services, free flight cancellation. However, it depends on the flight cancellation timing and fare type. Please note that the flight tickets must be booked directly with the airline, such as from JetBlue reservations official site, reservations-desk, mobile app, or ticket counter at the airport. If you have booked the flight tickets from a third-party website or travel agency, then connect them immediately.

Cancelling within 24 hours of booking

If you cancel your refund within 24 hours of the flight booking, then JetBlue will refund the air fare with the original mode of payment automatically. Please note that the JetBlue flight reservations must be purchased at least seven days before the date of travel.

Cancelling after 24 hours of booking

When you cancel your tickets after 24 four hours of the booking, you can request for a refund if you have booked a refundable flight ticket. However, the tickets must be cancelled before the scheduled flight departure. Moreover, you should know more about the “JetBlue book a flight” cancellation by connecting with the airline’s helpdesk. Please note that Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra and Mint are non-refundable fares.

JetBlue makes its best efforts to deliver customer-friendly services. When you scan the flight tickets, opt for the “JetBlue book a flight” option, and experience a fantastic air trip.

Flight Change Policy

Flight change policy allows clients to modify their reservations for whatever reason. Kindly note that this travel policy solely applies to valid JetBlue reservations. For this reason, you must change the booking before the ticket expires.

JetBlue air tickets have a total validity of 12 months. Thus, you must change the reservation before this period expires.

How to Change a JetBlue Flight Booking

JetBlue change reservations guidelines provide two distinct ways of changing a reservation.

a) Change the reservation on JetBlue Airlines official site

A traveler can quickly alter their booking on JetBlue’s official website. Kindly visit and book an alternative flight. Once you visit the website, you ought to click on the flight change option.

b) Phoning customer care

JetBlue Airlines allows customers to contact customer care to request for re-booking services. However, you must understand that customer care will charge you an additional $25. Feel free to call (800)-538-2583 at any time of the day.

c) JetBlue Airlines application

flight change guidelines allow customers to utilize JetBlue Airlines application to re-book. Ordinarily, the airline won’t charge you an additional fee for this. Not to add that the application is both fast and reliable.

Flight Change Policy

A customer will have to pay a flight change fee, for each ticket he or she changes. Additionally, you must note that this service charge is non-refundable. If you request customer care to help you to cancel the booking, you’ll have to pay an extra fee of $25.

Jetblue Group Reservations Policy

Group travel policy is a travel policy that allows customers to book a reservation as a group. Normally, such a group must consist of at least 10 members. Group members get to enjoy an incredibly huge discount.

How to Book a Jetblue Group Reservations

A customer can request a group reservation online by filling in the JetBlue Airlines group bookings form. Kindly visit official site to fill in this essential online form. Once you submit the form, the customer care will review and send feedback.

Alternatively, you can reach customer service via +1-855-915-0332 to request them to book the reservation for you. Technically, you do not have to provide some details such as group members’ names immediately.

Some of the most vital information includes;

  • Destination
  • Place of departure
  • Email address
  • Contacts
  • Total number of group members

Group Travel & Meetings

Group travel & meetings policy allows one to book a corporate meeting. The airlines will offer unconditional help to make your meeting easier.

Group Travel Restrictions

A group must submit the group names at least 7 days before the flight. Additionally, you’re free to change the name as you please before the flight’s set date. Similarly, group members don’t have to clear the booking fee of JetBlue Airlines reservations, at once.

Instead, you can clear the flight reservation slowly before the flight date. However, you may be required to pay a $50 per person deposit to confirm your JetBlue reservations. Technically, a group can consist of at least 8 group members.

However, you must note that the JetBlue group travel policy offers better perks to groups of over ten members.

Allowed Types of Groups

JetBlue group reservations policy allows a wide range of groups. Such groups include;

  • Education groups: students or scholars can travel together with JetBlue Airlines. Just like other types of groups, these, too, are eligible for a huge perk.
  • Family groups: families can fly together with JetBlue Airlines. However, the group must consist of at least one adult.
  • Church groups: similarly, a group of church members is free to fly together. Please ensure that you abide by the JetBlue Airlines reservations guidelines.

Special Assistance

Special assistance policy aims at enabling travelers with special needs to enjoy unmatched comfort. However, such customers must notify customer service in advance. Usually, customer care won’t charge you an extra fee to access this.

This travel policy covers several forms of disabilities, such as blindness, deafness, crippleness, among plenty of others.

How to Request for Special Assistance

Flyers with special needs can contact the customer center to request for special services. Please call 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) to request this special help. Customer care agents will take down your details and make the necessary arrangements.

Secondly, you can visit the airport and report at the customer help desk. Please note that customer service may ask for some specific travel documents. Frequently, you don’t have to pay any extra fee to get special assistance.

Flying with an Assistant

You’re free to travel with your assistant if you have any special needs. However, you must book an air ticket for your helper. Additionally, the helper must produce all the necessary travel documents at the airport. Apart from that, you must notify customer service on time. Consequently, the agents will assign you adjacent seats.

In such a case, such a customer is eligible for special services. Typically, JetBlue Airlines mainly allows majors.

Special Assistance Fee

JetBlue Airlines does not charge special passengers to provide them with special services. However, you may be required to provide a few documents. As long as you have any form of disability, you’re entitled to these services at no extra charges.

Special Dog Policy

JetBlue allows service dogs, including emotional dogs. However, customers must ensure that they follow the policy on animals. For instance, the dog must be disease-free and calm. Additionally, you must notify customer care in advance, at least 48 hours early.

Kindly note that one customer can carry a maximum of one service animal. Additionally, the animal must provide disability mitigation directly to the customer who wishes to travel. You must ensure that your support dog is well trained on how to behave in public.

JetBlue Airlines does not condone any form of unruly behavior during the flight.

Infant Travel Policy

JetBlue’s infant travel policy targets travelers under 18 years. This travel policy allows such travelers to travel either with an adult or unaccompanied. Such flyers must fully abide by the guidelines in place, lest they lose their reservations.

Similarly, just like adults, infants and children must equally pay a small booking fee.

How to Book an Air Ticket for an Infant

JetBlue traveling with your infant policy permits you to book a reservation for a kid. Kindly visit Jetblue reservations official site and book the reservation. Please note that the airline does not allow an infant to reserve an air ticket on their own. 

Alternatively, you can get in touch with customer care reservations for booking assistance. Feel free to call (800)-538-2583 to get in touch with a customer care representative.

Infant Fares

JetBlue Airlines does not charge lap children. However, a small tax may apply, especially if you’re flying outside the U.S.Unaccompanied kid pays a higher infant fee owing to the unaccompanied minor service charge.

Normally, infant fares are not constant, as they depend on the actual booking fee. Normally, domestic flights attract the cheapest infant fares.

Infant Travel Documents

Infant travel policy dictates that infants and children must provide some travel documents. No kid will be cleared for the flight unless they produce all the documentation. They include;

  • Boarding pass
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Photo ID(Of the adult dropping you off)
  • A minor travel consent form(If the child is traveling with one parent)

Unaccompanied Children Policy

JetBlue traveling with infant policy permits kids to travel unaccompanied. However, such minors must be between the ages of 5 to 14 years. Today, the airline will allow you at least three unaccompanied children if the flight is non-stop. 

Unaccompanied kids can enjoy a minor special service from JetBlue flight reservations. Kids under 14 years must be placed under the unaccompanied minors program. On the other hand, an infant above 14 years can opt-out of this program. 

An adult must suggest a suitable drop off and pick-up station. You must ensure that you arrive at the place at least 15 minutes before the flight.

Lap Kid’s Policy

JetBlue Airlines allows customers to fly with a lap kid. However, such a kid must be between the ages of 3 days to 2 years. Technically, the airline won’t charge you to travel with a lap child. However, some tax may apply, especially if you’re flying outside the United States.

Policy on Pets

JetBlue Airlines travel with pets policy gives you the freedom to travel with a pet. However, you must abide by all the guidelines set by the airline. For instance, you must produce all the required documentation at the airport for clearance purposes.

How to Book a Reservation for your Pet

Technically, JetBlue Airlines travel with pets policy allows you to contact customer service to add a pet to your reservation. Kindly call 1-800-538-2583 during business hours for booking assistance.

Alternatively, you can visit Jetblue reservations official site to complete this booking. In such a case, you’ll have to clear the entire booking to complete the booking process successfully. Some customers may prefer to use the JetBlue Airlines mobile application.

Pet Fares

JetBlue Airlines charges customers $125 for a one-way trip. That means that you may end up paying a higher pet fare if you purchase a different air ticket. Today a customer can only carry one pet for each flight.

Pet Carrier Specifications

Traveling with pets policy stipulates a few instructions. A pet carrier’s dimensions must not exceed 17 inches by 12.5 inches by 8.5 inches. Additionally, you must ensure that the container is well-ventilated.

Apart from that, a pet carrier must exceed 20 pounds. Today, the airline expects the container to be sizable and comfortable for your pet. Please ensure that the pet carrier has a leak-proof bottom as well as cozy.

Pet Restrictions

Nowadays, travel with pets policy imposes a few restrictions on customers. For instance, each customer can only travel with one pet. Additionally, it would help if you carried your pet in a well-ventilated pet container.

These days, JetBlue Airlines allows cats and dogs in the cabin. However, you must ensure that you vaccinate your animal first. A traveler must know the importation requirements of the country to which they’re traveling.

Pet Check-in Policy

Kindly note that you must check-in with your pet at the airport. All this while you must ensure that your animal remains in the pet carrier. The cabin crew will take some time to inspect the container to ensure that it follows the set guidelines.

JetBlue Airlines does not place your pet via an x-ray machine; they prefer manual inspection. Customers who do not follow the guidelines risk losing their JetBlue Airlines reservations.

Pet Remains Policy

Unlike other airlines, JetBlue Airlines does not allow pet-remains. Therefore you cannot transport these remains with the airline for whatever reasons. You can only travel with a pet that’s still alive.

Ref :

JetBlue Vacations
JetBlue Vacations

Customers can book JetBlue Airlines reservations to enjoy JetBlue vacations. The airlines offer irresistible travel deals to customers who wish to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. JetBlue Airlines has partnered with several players, such as the hotel industry, to enable you to get amazing travel deals.

How to Book a JetBlue Airlines Vacation

JetBlue vacations offer several ways of booking for a JetBlue holiday. You’re free to visit to book a JetBlue vacation. Usually, the airline offers travel discounts to customers. Today, the airline offers multiple JetBlue vacation packages to travelers.

A customer can get a holiday package that combines flight booking and accommodation costs in one booking. Not to add, that the airline will offer a reasonable discount. Another option available is to get in touch with customer service by dialing the JetBlue vacations phone number +1-855-915-0332.

Don’t hesitate to dial number to get immediate assistance. Customer care agents won’t ask for any service charge. You must provide all the essential details such as;

  • Destination
  • Date of departure
  • Point of departure

JetBlue Vacation Packages

There are countless JetBlue vacation packages available for you. For instance, you can capitalize on the Punta Cana vacation package. Thanks to this package, you can travel to Punta Cana for as little as $302. Usually, this package may combine both the flight costs as well as a hotel booking fee.

Similarly, some packages allow travelers to enjoy VIP treatment at a cheaper rate. These holiday packages enable you to get brilliant resort perks. In some cases, the airline partners with some holiday destinations to offer good travel deals.

For instance, you can enjoy a few nights at the Cadillac hotel at an affordable rate. Not to add that the package will equally cover your flight charges. Additionally, you can equally travel to the Cabana bay beach at a small fee.

Thanks to this, you can save up to 40% or more as you’ll only pay $264 per traveler. This payment will cover both the flight and the hotel for 3 days.

JetBlue Vacations Destination

There are several JetBlue vacations that you can consider. Such destinations include;

  • Flights to Las Vegas
  • Flights to Brickell Bay Beach Club and SPA
  • Flights to Cabana Bay beach
  • Flights to Jamaica
  • Flights to Cancun
  • Flights to Casino Aruba beach

JetBlue TrueBlue Reservations

TrueBlue is a program that enables members to earn points for booking a flight. Travelers accumulate points until the points become redeemable. You can redeem the points to either book a flight, a hotel, or both.

How to Redeem TrueBlue Points

Customers must visit to complete TrueBlue redemption bookings. You’ll first have to log in to your TrueBlue account. To do this, please enter the correct email address and your password.

Alternatively, you can opt to use the JetBlue app to redeem your TrueBlue points. Different flights will require a varying number of points. Normally, domestic flights attract the least TrueBlue points. You’ll have to select points instead of dollars while booking the specific reservation.

Jetblue TrueBlue Reservations

JetBlue award flight booking refers to an air ticket bought using TrueBlue points. One must have the precise required TrueBlue points for the flight. Customers with adequate points can book such JetBlue reservations hence save a lot of money.

How to Join TrueBlue Program

If you’re not yet a member, you can visit the TrueBlue program’s official site to sign up. You’ll be required to provide vital details such as;

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Birthday

Manage Flight Booking

JetBlue Airlines manage booking policy permits a customer to take charge of your booking. Therefore you can take advantage of travel policies such as cancellation, flight change, and check-in policies.

How to Manage a JetBlue Flight Reservations

JetBlue Airlines manage my booking travel policy and offers three ways of managing a reservation. For instance, you can:

  • Manage the booking on JetBlue Airlines official site; firstly, you can visit official site to manage your air ticket. You’re free to cancel, check-in, or re-book for whatever reasons. However, you must understand that the airline will charge you a reasonable service charge.
  • Manage using the JetBlue Airlines app: another option available is to utilize the JetBlue Airlines mobile application. This technology is compatible with several smartphones, iPhones, and tablets. Additionally, the customer care does not charge you to use this new technology.
  • Calling customer care: today, manage flight booking guidelines, permits customer care agents to manage your reservation. However, customer service can only manage your reservation at your request.

Ways of Managing a JetBlue flight Booking

Manage booking policy gives you the freedom to:

  • Cancel a reservation: you can cancel your flight if you no longer wish to travel. Technically, you can choose to visit JetBlue’s official website to do this. Alternatively, you can call +1-844-528-2229 to request for a flight cancellation service.
  • Printing your boarding pass: JetBlue Airlines demands that you print your boarding pass before the flight. For this reason, you ought to visit this airline’s official website to print it out.
  • Change your flight: JetBlue Airlines gives you the green-light to change your booking. All you need to do is to visit Jetblue reservations official site to complete this online process. You can also visit the airport to request customer care representatives to change the booking for you.
  • Checking-in for a flight: a client is free to confirm their booking on the airline’s official website. Although the process isn’t mandatory, it’s essential to detect any problem in time.

Deals and Offers

JetBlue Airways is among the few airlines that provide deals and offers to customers. However, in some cases, these JetBlue Airways deals and offers are conditional. Therefore you’ll have to fulfill the conditions to enjoy them.

Examples of Deals and Offers

  • Promotions: JetBlue Airlines offers some promotions to its customers. In most cases, these promotions come with a few conditions. You ought to use the unique promotion codes to enjoy such travel deals.
  • Discounts: the airline provides discounts to customers, especially during the peak season. Mostly the airline offers discounts on flights as well as hotel bookings.
  • Vacation packages: sometimes, JetBlue offers some vacation packages to customers. For instance, a customer can pay one overall booking for a hotel’s vacation package and a flight booking fee. Before you complete a JetBlue flight booking, check out the available vacation packages.
  • Offers: when the peak season comes knocking, JetBlue Airlines provides reasonable offers to lure customers. Thanks to these JetBlue Airways deals and offers, you can travel at a more affordable cost.

Accessibility Assistance

Accessibility assistance policy aims at flyers with any form of disability. These travelers can request special assistance during the flight. Usually, the airline won’t charge you an extra booking fee to cover this.

You must strictly follow these accessibility guidelines to get an assistant.

How to Request for Accessibility Assistance

Customers can request for JetBlue accessibility assistance at least 48 hours before the flight. Firstly, you can opt to visit Jetblue reservations official site to request for special services. Customer care will review your request and offer feedback.

Secondly, you can choose to contact customer service to request for special services. Feel free to call +1-844-528-2229 to request for an assistant. Today, customer care agents are reachable 24/7.

Flyers who qualify for Accessibility Assistance

Please note that the accessibility assistance policy solely applies to flyers with special needs. Such clients include those that are;

  • Blind
  • Deaf
  • Crippled
  • Mentally disabled

Corporate Travel Programs

You’re free to complete a corporate booking. Business people can book such JetBlue Airlines reservations. Normally the JetBlue airlines offer essential facilities such as lounges and meeting rooms.

How to Book a Corporate Booking

If you’d like to reserve a corporate booking, you can contact the corporate office. Feel free to call +1-800-538-2583 for immediate help. On the contrary, if you have either a speech or hearing impairment, feel free to dial +1-800-336-5530, for help.

JetBlue Blue Inc

This is among the corporate travel programs that target both start-ups and small businesses. Thanks to this, participating businesses can earn some TrueBlue points whenever their employees travel.

Unlike other airlines, JetBlue airlines does not offer separate loyalty programs. Both clients and organizations earn TrueBlue points. JetBlue Blue Inc. provides four distinct levels of access to users. These are;

  • Arrangers
  • Travelers
  • Travel agents
  • Administrators

What is the Most Convenient Way to Book a Flight?

It is quite easy and convenient to book a flight with JetBlue reservations helpdesk. However, there are not any special tricks to follow to make JetBlue flight reservations. You can either browse through the official website of the airline or can contact a travel agent. Both of these ways can help you make flight reservations to your destination in a jiffy. But, make sure that the travel agent you chose is dedicated and responsible enough to keep you updated about the cost of the flight ticket and also finding the difference in airfare when there is a hike in the cost of the flight ticket offered by JetBlue Airways Corporation. 

JetBlue with an easy to navigate website has attracted super busy travel enthusiasts from all around the globe. Besides, this major American airline has a flexible and easy to handle date search on its official website. You can browse through the website of the airline and search for the lowest airfare to your destination on a monthly calendar. However, it is always suggested to compare the cost of flight tickets with other airlines before making the final deal with an airline. It is one of the basic yet major and reliable keys to get good deals on flight ticket booking to any destination throughout the United States, the Caribbean and Mexico.

Flight Deals at JetBlue 

JetBlue is known and highly appreciated for facilitating travel enthusiasts globally with lucrative deals on flight ticket bookings. Sales on airfare has been a major platform to avail low-cost airline tickets. However, there is no time scheduled regarding the deals, sales and discount. Therefore, it is always better to keep browsing the website and tracing the price page to grab an offer without missing any chance. 

There are some important factors to consider and things to follow to get flight deals at JetBlue Airways Corporation. Some of them are:

1. Make sure that you sign up to the official website of JetBlue for getting free alerts. It is the most basic yet reliable platform to know any deal or discount offered by the airline on flight ticket.

2. It is important to sign up to the newsletter of JetBlue Airways Corporation. This will definitely help travel enthusiasts get offers or discounts which usually come in the form of promo code or special event offers.3. Making JetBlue Airlines reservations is as important as browsing through the social media page of the airline. This will enhance the opportunity of grabbing a chance to get the deal and discount offered by this major US airline.

Get Prompt Assistance from JetBlue Airlines customer service

Through services offered by JetBlue Airlines are efficient and user-friendly. Still, people face difficulties while using the services. That’s why JetBlue has established a customer service team, which is responsible for providing the needed assistance to the passengers in need. The customer service department has a team of well-trained experts who will assist you in every flight-related query. From JetBlue cancellation policy to flight check-in, you will surely get satisfactory assistance from the designated experts.

How to Make JetBlue Airlines reservations From official site

The official website of JetBlue Airlines is the best place to book flight tickets, as it features the running deals and relevant data about the airline. It also allows you to book your tickets manually with a customizable flight search. You can search for flight tickets by using the filter option and customize your search for JetBlue book a flight. Follow the steps mentioned below to book flight tickets. 

  • Go to the official website of JetBlue Airlines and navigate to the flight booking section.
  • Here you need to provide the required details as per your planned trip and travel budget.
  • Select the type of travel from the available option: Roundtrip, One-way, and Multi-city.
  • After that, you need to enter the departing and final destination in the required fields to continue with the JetBlue reservations process.
  • If you want to use TrueBlue points to book flight tickets, then ticket the checkbox beside “Use TrueBlue points” option.
  • Enter the date of travel in the required fields.
  • Enter the number of travelers as adults, children, and infants.
  • Now, click on the “Search flights” button to find the available flights as per the provided details.
  • On the next page, you will see all available flights. You can customize your search and include add-ons in your itinerary. Select any one of the available flights and do the needful to finish the “JetBlue book a flight” process.

Follow the mentioned steps and book your tickets manually. In case you want to purchase vacation packages, then you must search for them from the “vacations” tab available in the search engine on the JetBlue website. You can also use the JetBlue low fare calendar to find the cheapest flight of the month to your destination.

JetBlue Book a Flight with Reservations-Desk

In case you don’t want to book a flight ticket manually or fail to find the desired flight deals, then you can book your tickets by connecting with the airline’s reservations-desk. You can find the reservation number on the official website of the airline. The Jetblue reservations number +1-855-915-0332 will connect you with a team of travel professionals. Dial the dedicated number and ask the designated expert for JetBlue flight reservations assistance.

The designated expert will ask you to provide the needed details. You can also ask the expert about the running deals on flight booking. Opt for this method and book your flight tickets without making any extra effort.

Book a flight with Mobile Application

You can also use the airline’s mobile application to book flight tickets with the airline. You can install this app on your mobile phone from Google Play Store and Apple Store, depending on your cell phone. After installing the app, you need to log in or signup with your email id. Then you can make JetBlue reservations.

Moreover, apart from the flight reservation, you can use the JetBlue app for other services, such as mobile check-in, flight status checking, and others.

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jetBlue Airlines Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cancellation policy for Jetblue Airlines reservations?

Reservations made one week or before the flight departure may be canceled without any penalty up to 24 hours after the ticket booking. After that, penalty is applied.

2. How can I make Jetblue reservations?

To book tickets online:
* Go to the official website of Jetblue Airline.
* Log in to your respective account. If you do not have, create one.
* Go to the ‘Flight’ tab.
* Select the type of fare.
* Click on the ‘search flights’ option.
* Book ticket with the most desirable flight.

3. What is the cheapest way to make Jetblue reservations?

The cheapest way is to book the tickets 3-4 months before the scheduled flight departure. And find deals and offers for the selected flights.

4. What is the Jetblue Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy?

If the Jetblue Airlines flight booking was done seven days or more before the flight departure, then the passengers will have 24 hours from the time of their original booking to cancel their reservation without being charged a cancellation fee.

5. How can I place request for a refund with Jetblue Airlines?

To place a request for a refund:
* Click on the Jetblue manage booking option.
* Enter the Jetblue flight reservations number +1-855-915-0332 and the last name of passengers.
* Select a flight to cancel.
* Select ‘continue’ option to get a refund.

6. What is the refund policy of Jetblue Airlines group reservations?

Refund will only be initiated when the ticket cancellation is made within the 24 hours of ticket purchase. After time lapse, no refund will be given.

7. Do you provide Jetblue change reservations option?

Yes, the passengers can change reservation. However, there are certain conditions given on the website of airlines that are to be followed.

8. Does Airline provide check-in facility?

Yes, the Jetblue Airlines provide both online and offline check- in facility for the passengers.

9. Can I book the ticket offline at the airport?

Yes, besides Jetblue online booking, the passengers can get their tickets book at the airport also.

10. What If I had a doubt regarding Jetblue book a flight?

For any assistance, the passengers can feel free to contact the Jetblue customer service team 24/7. The details are given on the website to reach us.


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byJason Klett onSkyTripMart

Do not fly with jetblue, really terrible airline, without no warning they changed the dates of our flights. Also i was trying to contact Jetblue reservations desk but no staff member picked up my call. Worst experience!

bySimha jerry onSkyTripMart

JetBlue customer service was absolutely great, i booked flight from Philadelphia to Seattle but due to some issue my flight was delay for 9 hours, so they helped to change my ticket reservation to another jetblue flight. Great work!

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