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Hawaiian Airlines Book a Flight And Grab Some Amazing Deals

Traveling may sound so exciting, but it can get so frustrating for you if you don’t get the proper services from the airline. Many airlines promise to deliver excellent services but fail to fulfill it. Though Hawaiian Airlines is different, it delivers what it promises. If you also want to avail all the benefits of the airline’s incredible services, then make Hawaiian Airlines reservations immediately. The utmost priority of the Hawaiian Airlines is its customers, that’s why they keep featuring several deals for passengers’ convenience. The Hawaiian Airlines reservations number is +1-855-915-0332.

About Hawaiian Airlines

In the U.S. state of Hawaii, Hawaiian Airlines is renowned as the largest airline and the tenth-largest commercial airline of the US. The main hub of the airline is Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, located on the island of O’ahu, and the secondary hub for the airline is Kahului Airport, settled on the island of Maui. Opt for the Hawaiian Airlines book a flight option to travel to your dream destination under your budget.

This US flag carrier operates its flights American Samosa, New Zealand, Asia, Australia, United States mainland, Hawaii, French Polynesia.

Hawaiian Airlines Information’s

Hawaiian Airlines Official Site www.hawaiianairlines.com
Hawaiian Airlines Reservations Phone Number+1-855-915-0332
Hawaiian Airlines Customer Service Number+1-855-915-0332
For Guests with Hearing or Speech Disabilities (TTY) Dial 711 or Submit Online Request
Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Allowance Rule 115https://www.hawaiianairlines.com/legal/international-contract-of-carriage/115-baggage-allowance
Group TravelRequest Form for Group Reservations
Special Assistance Traveling With Animals https://www.hawaiianairlines.com/our-services/special-assistance/traveling-with-animals
For Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy Contact+1-855-915-0332
Airlines CodeIATA Code : HA
ICAO code: HAL
Callsign: HAWAIIAN


Hawaiian Airlines flies to over 30 different destinations. These destinations comprise both local and international places.

Domestic destinations attract cheaper Hawaiian Airlines reservations than international destinations.

Current Hawaiian Airlines Destinations

Hawaiian Airlines flies to destinations such as;

  • Flights to Australia
  • Flights to France
  • Flights to South Korea
  • Flights to Japan
  • Flights to New Zealand
  • Flights to Los Angeles
  • Flights to San Jose
  • Flights to New York City
  • Flights to San Francisco
  • Flights to Las Vegas
  • Flights to Seattle
  • Flights to San Jose
  • Flights to Phoenix

Terminated Hawaiian Airlines Destinations

Customers can no longer book Hawaiian Airlines reservations to fly to destinations like;

  • Ontario
  • Taipei
  • Guam
  • Beijing
  • Manila
  • Rarotonga

Fleet Size

Hawaiian Airlines has a total fleet size of 62. Thanks to this, Hawaiian Airlines can fly to over 20 destinations, both local and international.

Current Fleet

At the moment the airline has an in-service fleet size of 61 aircraft. None of these aircraft has a capacity of under 120 passengers. Notable planes include;

  • Airbus A330
  • Airbus A321neo
  • Boeing 787
  • Boeing 717

Hawaiian Airlines ordered 10 more Boeing 787 aircraft to boost its current fleet size. Airbus A330 is the most capacious with a staggering passenger capacity of 278 passengers.

Fleet History

Hawaiian Airlines has been in operation since 1929 and has proven its worth over the decades. The airline used to own different brands of aircraft. However, owing to undisclosed reasons, the airline did away with some of the planes. Some of these planes which fell into disuse include;

  • Boeing 767-300
  • Convair CV-340
  • Beechcraft model
  • McDonnell Douglas DC
  • Douglas DC-3
  • Boeing 767-300ER

Cabin Class

Hawaiian Airlines comprises three cabin classes for its customers. Some of the travel classes may have a few similar facilities. However, largely the onboard facilities differ spectacularly. A customer must specify their preferred travel class when completing a Hawaiian Airlines booking.

Here are the three travel classes;

a) First Class

First-class features the most lavish facilities out of the three cabin classes. However, customers must be willing to buy the priciest, Hawaiian Airlines reservations. Here are some of the notable features;

  • Luxurious leather seats
  • Privacy dividers
  • Fast check-in process
  • Extra legroom
  • Club lounge access

b) Business class

Business-class is the second most expensive travel class of Hawaiian Airlines. Just like in First class here, travelers can access equally lavish onboard amenities. Such facilities include;

  • Comfortable leather seats
  • Complimentary food and drinks
  • Bathroom
  • Pillow and some blankets
  • Secure Wi-Fi

c) Economy class

A customer can buy affordable Hawaiian Airlines reservations, thanks to Economy class. However, customers can mainly access basic in-flight facilities such as seats and washrooms. Notable facilities in this cabin class include;

  • Foods and beverages
  • Seats with an armrest
  • In-flight entertainment facilities.

Hawaiian Airlines Partners

Today, Hawaiian Airlines has partnered with a few partners. Major Hawaiian Airlines reservations partners include other airlines. Partnerships will help travelers to have more destinations to choose from.

Partners Airlines

Today, Hawaiian Airlines has partnered with over 8 Partners airlines. They include:

Customers can earn HawaiianMiles if they fly with any of the partner airlines. Once they accumulate enough points, they can redeem them hence save some money.

Other Partners Include

  • Marriott Credit Cards; customers are free to transfer Marriott points to Hawaiian Airlines. Customers earn more than 6 points for every $1 they spend at any Marriott Bonvoy hotels.
  • American Airlines AAdvantage: Hawaiian Airlines customers can earn some AAdvantage miles if they fly with Hawaiian Airlines. Customers are free to redeem these points to book either a hotel or a flight.

In-Flight Amenities

Hawaiian Airlines is among the airlines with incredible in-flight amenities. Passengers may have to cough up more money to access some of these amenities. However, in some cases, Airlines includes the charges in the Hawaiian Airlines reservations.

List of Hawaiian Airlines Amenities

Some of the most breathtaking facilities include;

  • In-flight Wi-Fi: customers can connect to the HawaiianAir Wi-Fi during the flight.
  • Power outlets; Hawaiian Airlines’ planes feature some power outlets. Therefore a traveler is free to charge their smartphone, iPads, and tablets during the flight.
  • In-flight magazines: Customers who buy Hawaiian Airlines flight reservations can access some well-written magazines. One such magazine is the Hana Houl, which focuses on lifestyles.
  • Reclining leather seats; another notable facility has to be the reclining seats. Therefore customers can enjoy unmatched comfort during the flight. Interestingly, you can convert these seats into flatbeds.
  • Ear buds: Hawaiian Airlines sells ear buds to passengers at an affordable. Each ear bud will cost you not more than $4.Alternatively, you may opt to purchase headsets instead at an equally affordable rate.
  • In-flight entertainment: travelers can equally take advantage of the in-flight entertainment facilities. For instance, you can watch free movies, TV shows, and much more during the flight. However, you may need to purchase a Wi-Fi package to access all these.
  • Free alcohol: if you’re a beer drinker, you have every reason to consider Hawaiian Airlines reservations. Normally, the airline includes beverages costs in the air tickets. Therefore you can enjoy alcoholic beverages, especially if you booked an international flight.
  • In-flight lavatory: a traveler can access the in-flight amenity if necessary. Ordinarily, the airline won’t charge you to utilize this onboard amenity. However, the airline expects customers to respect the rules pinned on the lavatory door. For instance, you must uphold cleanliness by doing the right thing after you use the bathroom.
  • USB outlets: some of the planes have USB ports. Customers are free to use them as they are spread out across the entire aircraft.

Schedule and Flight Status

Hawaiian Airlines releases its timetable to customers in advance. Today, a customer can visit www.hawaiianairlines.com/book/flightschedule to check Hawaiian Airlines schedules. A customer is free to download the whole timetable in advance if they so wish.

Hawaiian Airlines Schedules

Customers ought to check the airlines schedules before completing a Hawaiian Airlines book a flight. The schedule discloses some pertinent details such as;

  • Departure city
  • Arrival City
  • Date of the flight
  • Return date
  • Flight duration

Nowadays, customers can get all these details whenever they click on any flight. This information enables the client to make a well-informed decision.

Flight Status

A customer is free to check their flight status if they like. Firstly, you can opt to visit the airline’s official website. After that, click on the flight status option and enter your flight details.

Alternatively, you’re free to call customer service to inquire about the same. Kindly feel at liberty to call +1-855-915-0332 for assistance at any time. Customer care agents will ask for your personal and flight information to assist you.

Flight Check-in Policy

Hawaiian Airlines check-in policy dictates that you confirm your booking before the flight. Today, the policy provides countless ways of doing this. Technically, the check-in process opens 24 hours before the flight. Ordinarily, the process closes between 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the type of flight.

How to Check-in for your Flight

Hawaiian Airlines provides three distinct ways of confirming a flight. Firstly, you’re free to visit www.hawaiianairlines.com/manage/check-in online check-in option. Upon visiting the website, click on the check-in option to kick-start this online process. You’ll be required to enter the right flight details.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the Hawaiian Airlines app to complete the Hawaiian Airlines check-in process. You’ll have to follow similar steps as someone who is confirming their Hawaiian Airlines flight reservations on the airline’s website.

Thirdly, you can visit the airport to confirm your booking. You ought to report to the customer Help Desk for help. Several customer care agents are available to take you through this process. You’ll be required to produce several travel documents such as the boarding pass, passport, among others.

Clients are free to explore whichever option they please to confirm their Hawaiian Airlines reservations.

Baggage Policy

Hawaiian passengers are free to travel with baggage thanks to Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy. The travel policy stipulates a few guidelines for the customers to adhere to. If anyone disregards any of these rules, they risk losing their reservation.

How to add Luggage to your Reservation

A customer can add luggage when checking in for a flight. You’re free to visit https://www.hawaiianairlines.com/legal/list-of-all-fees and add your baggage details. Upon adding baggage to Hawaiian Airlines reservations, you can opt to clear baggage fees.

Technically, the baggage fee may vary slightly depending on a few factors. Alternatively, you can choose to request for help from customer service. Don’t hesitate to call 1 (866) 389-6654 to get in touch with a customer care representative.

Lastly, some customers may prefer to email customer care. In such a case, baggage policy expects you to clear the luggage fee in advance.

Always remember to ask for your correct Hawaiian Airlines baggage tracking number. This detail is especially important if one wishes to trace their luggage during the flight. Each suitcase bears a unique luggage tracking number.

Baggage Fees

Normally, the baggage fee may vary depending on the number of bags. Technically, the first bag ranges between $25 to $30. If you’re travelling to Neighbor island, you’ll pay $25. On the contrary, if you’re flying to North America, you’ll be requested to pay $30.

If you’re a member of HawaiianMiles, you’ll only pay $15. A second checked bag will cost you $35 if you’re flying to Neighbor Island. If you’re travelling to North America, Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy expects you to pay $40.

However, if you’re a HawaiianMiles member, you’ll only pay $20. Today, you’re free to carry more than three bags if you so please. If you wish to fly to North America, it will cost you $100 per travel bag.

On the other hand, if you wish to travel to Neighbor island, you’ll have to spare $50. Unfortunately, HawaiianMIles members won’t receive any discount.

Unlike other airlines, Hawaiian Airlines allows one to carry overweight travel bags. If your luggage weighs between 23 kilograms to 32 kilograms, you’ll pay $35 each way. On the contrary, if the baggage weighs between 32kgs to 45 kgs, the baggage policy dictates that you pay $70.

Size and Weight Restrictions

Customers must read these restrictions before, they Hawaiian Airlines reservations. For instance, the airline won’t allow travel bags whose total dimensions exceed 206 centimeters. Each travel bags must not weigh beyond 72 inches by 30 inches.

How to Make Hawaiian Airlines Reservations?

Purchasing g flight ticket with the airline is no rocket science; the airline has facilitates its passengers with multiple options for easy booking. Hawaii always strives to provide a world-class experience to its passengers. Passengers are provided with several options to book flight tickets such as Hawaiian Airlines reservations official site, mobile app, and reservation number of the airline.

Choose any of the methods to make a hassle-free booking under your budget. Make reservations and save on your travel expenses. Fill all the information correctly to avoid any last-minute problem.

Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy of Hawaiian Airlines is quite decent. It allows passengers to cancel their tickets even at the last moments without any hassle. If you are facing any sudden change in your plan, then you can cancel your Hawaiian Airlines flight reservations very easily.

Hawaiian has a 24-hour cancellation policy.

  • Passengers can cancel their flight booking within 24 hours of their original booking for a full refund back. The ticket should have been purchased at least seven days before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • You may have to pay some fee if you are canceling your ticket without following given limitations and restrictions.

Go through the cancellation policy of Hawaiian Airlines before canceling your Hawaiian Airlines reservations.

Flight Change Policy

Hawaiian Airlines flight change policy permits a client to modify a reservation for whatever reason. At the same time, the policy clearly states all the guidelines that one must obey. For instance, you ought to pay a small flight change fee.

You ought to know that this policy only applies to valid Hawaiian Airlines reservations. Therefore, you must complete this process within 12 months. Remember that Hawaiian Airlines’ air tickets have a total validity of 12 months.

How to Change a Booking

Hawaiian Airlines change reservations policy offers several ways of changing a reservation. For instance, you can visit www.hawaiianairlines.com/onlineticketchanges to modify the booking. You’ll only have to follow a few on-screen instructions to change the reservations successfully.

Alternatively, you can opt to use the Hawaiian Airlines app to alter the booking. You can easily download this technology either from Google Play store or visit the airline’s official website. Technically the airline won’t charge you an extra fee to change your air ticket.

Finally, you can contact the airline’s representatives to request them to change the reservation for you. Kindly dial +1-855-915-0332 during the daytime to request for this service. However, you must know that Hawaiian Airlines flight change policy expects you to settle the flight change fee.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Fees

Hawaiian Airlines will charge you a flight change service charge of $200 for each flight you change. However, if you wish to change an international air ticket, the Hawaiian Airlines flight change fee may rise to $300.

Usually, the airline deducts this service charge from the already paid booking fee. Interestingly, if you wish to change a reservation to Hawaiian island, the flight change fee will only be $30.

Name Changing Policy

Name changing is slightly different from changing a flight. Normally, the airline permits one to change their name. Mostly, a legal name change may result from divorce. You can call the relevant department via +1-855-915-0332 to request for details modification.

In such a case the airline won’t charge you any Hawaiian Airlines flight change fee as your reservation remains as before. Similarly, you can contact customer care if your name was misspelt. They’ll rectify the mistake within a few minutes at no charge.

Hawaiian Airlines Group Reservations

Group travel policy allows groups of at least ten members. The travel policy stipulates a few guidelines which each group must observe. Additionally, all the group members must fly together on the same flight.

Usually, group members stand a chance of earning HawaiianMiles to use to complete a Hawaiian Airlines book a flight. You can accumulate the points only to redeem them when they become enough for an air ticket booking.

How to Book a Group Reservation

Technically, the Hawaiian Airlines group reservations policy offers several ways of booking a Hawaiian Airlines group travel. Firstly, you’re free to visit www.hawaiianairlines.com/our-services/products-and-programs/meetings/group-travel and click on the Group travel option. Below you’ll see a Request Group Travel option.

Kindly click that option to request for a group travel form and fill it. You’ll be required to enter essential details such as;

  • First name
  • Email address
  • Middle name
  • Primary number
  • Group name
  • Trip type
  • Departure city
  • Arrival city
  • Group type
  • Country
  • Street address

Alternatively, you may choose to contact customer care agents for guidance. Please feel free to get in touch with customer care via +1-855-915-0332 for immediate assistance. Customer care agents ought not to charge you for this service. Therefore travelers have a reason to call them to request them to book Hawaiian Airlines reservations for them.

Hawaiian Airlines Group Fares

Each group member must pay an equal share of the overall booking fee. Technically, group travel do not have a constant booking fee. The amount varies depending on a few factors. Additionally, customers can capitalize on a few Hawaiian Airlines group travel packages. Consequently, you end up saving a few bucks.

Hawaiian Airlines Group travel and Meetings

Customers can take advantage of the group travel & meeting options. The airline offers a wide range of flexible services to group members. Remember that you must all travel to the same destination. Therefore, you may request for meeting services so that you all depart from the same departure city.

Group Restrictions

Hawaiian Airlines group reservations stipulate a few restrictions to group members. Some of these include;

  • Each group must comprise at least ten members.
  • Each group must fill in a group travel request form.
  • All group members must travel on the same flight.
  • Groups must clear the Hawaiian Airlines flight reservations before the flight date.
  • Groups must submit group members’ names before the flight.
  • A group member cannot cancel a group reservation without the consent of other group members.

Hawaiian Airlines Vacations

Hawaiian Airlines offers countless Hawaiian Airlines vacation packages. These holiday packages enable a traveler to fly at a cheaper rate. Normally, these packages target everyone, especially those clients who would like to go on holiday.

How to Book a Vacation

Today, the airline allows one to visit www.hawaiianairlines.com/book/vacation-packages to book any Hawaiian Airlines reservations they please. After that, you’ll have to navigate to vacation deals to access these holiday vacation packages.

Some of the packages combine both flight and a hotel. On the other hand, other vacation packages combine both flight and car hire costs. The vacation costs may vary depending on the type of travel class you choose

Another option available is to get in touch with the airline by calling the Hawaiian Airlines vacations phone number. Kindly call +1-855-915-0332 to request for booking assistance. However, for this option to work, you may have to clear the required booking fee first.

Notable Airlines Packages

A customer can travel to different vacation destinations thanks to Hawaiian Airlines vacation packages. Some of these include;

  • Paniolo Greens: customers can fly to Waikoloa and spend four nights there. This vacation combines the cost of both a flight and accommodation fees for 4 nights.
  • Westin Hapuna Beach Resort: another irresistible vacation package has to be the Westin Hapuna Beach Resort. The holiday package combines both the flight costs as well as accommodation fees for 5 nights.
  • Marriott’s Waikoloa Ocean Club: this vacation package allows one to travel to this ocean club and spend two nights in their luxurious hotels.
  • Holua Resort: the package will enable you to travel to the Holua Resort more cheaply. Additionally, it will combine both the flight and the accommodation fee for two nights.

Hawaiian Airlines Manage Booking

Manage booking policy gives you the freedom to manage your reservation as you please. However, you must know that the policy stipulates some guidelines. For this reason, you must fulfill all the requirements for the airline to approve your request.

How to Manage your Hawaiian Airlines Reservations

Manages my booking offers countless ways of managing a booking. For instance, you can;

  • Visit official website; a customer is at liberty to visit Hawaiian Airlines reservations official website to manage their booking. For instance, you can either change or cancel a reservation for any reason.
  • Use the Mobile app; another option is to utilize the Hawaiian Airlines mobile app to manage their booking. This technology is compatible with most smartphones and tablets. Additionally, the airline won’t charge you to use it.
  • Ringing customer service: nowadays, customers can contact customer care directly for assistance. All you need to do is to dial +1-800-367-5320 during business hours for specialized assistance.

Ways of Managing a Hawaiian Airlines Booking

A traveler is free to try any of these ways for to manage flight booking.

  • Cancel an air ticket: the airline gives you the freedom to cancel the booking if you no longer wish to travel. You can either choose to visit www.hawaiianairlines.com/manage to revoke the reservation or contact customer service. However, you must note that a small service charge will apply.
  • Change a reservation: today, you can modify your reservation for whatever reason. However, it would be best if you did this at least 3 hours before the flight. Additionally, you must know that a small change fee may apply.
  • Change your name: you may err in typing your name during air ticket booking in some cases. Similarly, a divorce may lead to the changing of one’s legal names. As a result, it may become necessary to re-edit your name. You’ll need to get in touch with customer service directly to do this.
  • Confirm booking: Hawaiian Airlines expects its customers to check-in for their flight. Today, you can either use the mobile app or visit the airline’s official website. Kindly click on the check-in flight option to start this online process.

Airlines Deals and Offers

Hawaiian Airlines offers amazing travel deals to its customers. Any customer is at liberty to take advantage of these Hawaiian Airlines reservations deals and offers. Normally, these travel deals are temporary; hence you must leverage them when you still can.

Customers ought to check available deals before completing Hawaiian Airlines flight reservations.

List of Available Hawaiian Deals and Offers

  • Promotions: Hawaiian Airlines is widely known for providing incredible promotions. It would help if you used the correct Hawaiian Airlines promotion codes to enjoy these. In some cases, you must travel within a specified period to enjoy this offer.
  • Discounts: customers can enjoy some discounts on either their flights or hotel bookings. Discounts apply on both flights as well as hotel booking; hence they help one to save a lot of money. A customer must use the accurate discount code to capitalize on the discount.
  • Coupons: Some coupons help one to save 50% of the flight costs or hotel bookings. To utilize this, you must visit the Groupon coupons and enter the coupon code as you checkout.
  • Vacation packages: travelers have several reasons to capitalize on Hawaiian vacation packages. The packages help one to fly to a desired vacation destination more cheaply. Most of these packages combine both the flight and the hotel booking in one.

Hawaiian Airlines Reservations Official Site

Booking through the official website of Hawaiian Airlines is the most convenient and easy method. Most of the people prefer this option to purchase tickets from the airline, as they can find numerous tempting deals and offers on this website. Follow the below-mentioned steps to make Hawaiian Airlines flight reservations.

  • Open the official site of the airline in your web browser.
  • On the home page, you will see the “flights” section. Fill all the required fields of this section.
  • Choose the type of your trip that is round-trip, one-way, and multi-city.
  • Enter the origin and final city, airport, or island in the “from” and “to” fields to Hawaiian Airlines book a flight.
  • Enter the date of departure. If you are selecting a round-trip, then fill the return date also.
  • Enter the number of passengers mentioning numbers of adults and infants.
  • If you want to book a refundable ticket, then tick the box.
  • After filling all the necessary fields, click on the “search flights” options to find out all the available flights.
  • Click on the “promo code” option if any promo code is available. Apply it to have a discounted airfares.

If you are facing any problem while booking a flight ticket, then contact the Hawaiian Airlines customer service. The airline’s experts will assist in making the Hawaiian Airlines reservations.

Hawaiian Airlines Mobile App

Another way to book flight tickets the mobile app of the airline. This app of the airline is your travel tool kit. The app will be your travel companion throughout your journey. With this app, you can every information related to your journey on your mobile. Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Passengers can make reservations, check-in, know the schedule, etc. from this extensive mobile app.

If you want to know the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy, refund policy, baggage policy of the airline, etc. then you can have all this information from the app. Download the app and stay updated to every detail about your journey.

Contact Hawaiian Airlines customer service desk

If you don’t know how to use digital methods to book flight tickets, then the easiest way to book a flight ticket is by calling the phone number of the airline. Reach out to the airline representatives and purchase flight tickets within no time. They will assist you in making Hawaiian Airlines reservations.

Get in touch with the air travel experts if you are facing any other issue related to your travel. You can call them in the hour of need without thinking twice. They are available round the clock for your convenience.

Why Should you Choose Hawaiian Airlines Book a Flight?

Hawaiian Airlines is considered as one of the beneficial, secure, and safest International Airlines in the entire world. Most of the travelers prefer to travel with the airline to make their journey convenient and hassle-free. The airline offers impeccable services at low fares. The airline has many advantages, which are mentioned below. Make Hawaiian Airlines flight reservations and enjoy these benefits.

  • Hawaiian offers two types of memberships to members of its frequent flyer program. The membership includes World Elite MasterCard and Business MasterCard. Members get bonus miles, special discounts, and complimentary checked baggage.
  • Hawaiian Airlines offers special support for nursing mothers flying with their infants and disabled passengers. Opt for the Hawaiian Airlines book a flight if you are traveling with your kid to have a safe journey.
  • Lounge facility is available at various Hawaiian Airlines destinations. Travelers can relax there while waiting for their flight.
  • The customer service of the airline is available 24/7. You can contact them in the hour of need without any hesitation. Share all your concerns, and they will provide you the best solution possible. You can call them before the flight, during the trip, or even after the flight.

Book flight through Hawaiian Airlines reservations official site and enjoy all these benefits.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

Many people face problem while planning a trip. Most of the questions asked by passengers are mentioned below.

1. How much does it cost to change the Hawaiian Airlines reservations?

The cost to change the flight booking will depend upon the difference in the fare at the time of rebooking plus the change fee per ticket.

2. Does Hawaiian Airlines have a 24 hour cancellation policy?

As per the 24 hours cancellation policy, the passenger is allowed to cancel the Hawaiian Airline flight reservations 7 or more days before the flight departure and within 24 hours of the purchase.

3. How can I confirm my flight reservation?

To confirm the flight booking:
* Visit the official website of Hawaiian Airlines.
* Go to the link on the homepage that says ‘Flight Status’.
* Enter the booked flight number.
* Click on the ‘Check Status’ or ‘Go’ option.

4. Is it possible to cancel the flight and get a refund?

Yes, The passenger can cancel a non-refundable ticket and get a full refund without any penalties, as long as you booked your ticket seven days ahead of your flight and within 24 hours of booking.

5. How can I apply for a Hawaiian change reservations?

To change flight:
* Visit the Hawaiian Airline website.
* Go to ‘My Trips’.
* Enter the ticket confirmation number and the passenger’s last name.
* Click the ‘View My Ticket’ option.
* Go to ‘Change My Flights’.
* Follow the further instructions and pay the fees if asked.

6. Is it possible to get in touch with Airlines?

Yes, you can contact the customer service team through the website that is available 24/7.

7. Can I book Hawaiian Airlines with miles?

The procedure is very easy to book flight tickets with award points. Follow the instructions given on the website.

8. How can I get a refund on Hawaiian Airlines group reservations?

If you have cited the 24-hour rule, then you can get a full refund in the original form of payment. The airlines also provide you flight credit. If the ticket is booked through a travel agent. then contact him for further refund.

9. Does the Airline offer a free meal?

Yes, Hawaiian Airlines offers you a taste of the islands and it’s complimentary. For a full list of meals, you can visit the In-Flight Dining page.

10. Does Hawaiian Airlines book a flight offline?

Hawaiian Airlines offers offline booking service through the customer representatives. By just calling Hawaiian Airlines reservations number +1-855-915-0332, you can book tickets from home.


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