Frontier Airlines Reservations (F9)

Frontier Airlines Book a Flight and Find Some Amazing Deals

Looking for the lowest priced tickets to fly across the United States? Frontier Airlines is the one name that can offer you Frontier Airlines book a flight tickets at an unbelievably low cost. Contact them over the Frontier Airlines reservations phone number +1-855-915-0332 to learn about the best deals offered by them.

About Frontier Airlines

Established in 1994, Frontier Airlines is a low-cost airline of the United States. It has its main hub at Denver International Airport. The airline is recorded to be the eighth-largest commercial airline of the country.

Frontier Airlines is wholly subsidized by Indigo Partners and has numerous focus cities across the country. The list of the focus cities includes Atlanta, Chicago – O’Hare, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Trenton, and Raleigh/Durham. It has a codeshare agreement with the Mexican Airline Volaris.

With a fleet size of 91, the airline travels to 111 destinations across the map of the continent. It operates scheduled domestic flights to numerous locations in the United States and international flights to six destinations in Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. You can call on the Frontier Airlines reservations phone number +1-855-915-0332 if you find any difficulty in reserving your air ticket.

Frontier Airlines Reservations Online

When you are in search of a reliable yet low-cost airline, look no further than Frontier Airlines. Make Frontier Airlines reservations to fly to any destination across Atlanta, Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando and Cleveland. This major airline of the United States ensures a safe, smooth and seamless air journey without hitting your pocket. Moreover, the best part of making Frontier Airlines flight reservations is multiple platforms of booking.

Conventional method of making Frontier Airlines reservations is still in use and demand that is booking ticket by visiting the kiosk of the airline. However, online reservation has a huge impact on travel enthusiasts of contemporary times. It is the key to saving time and money while getting the booking done in a jiffy from the comfort of your home.

Browse through the official website of Frontier Airlines, specify the details mentioned by the airline and get your booking done with a booking confirmation number on your email.


Unfortunately, very few customers are familiar with the Frontier Airlines destinations. Interestingly, this flag carrier flies both domestically and internationally. For this reason, you can consider the airline for any flight you please.

Lady luck is smiling on you as this blog will disclose these vital details. The only difference between domestic and international flights is that the former attracts pricier air tickets.

Frontier Airlines Domestic Destinations

Customers can book Frontier Airlines reservations for domestic flights. Today the airline flies to nearly 100 domestic destinations. Below are some of these prestigious places you can visit.

  • Flights to Denver
  • Flights to Atlanta
  • Flights to Des Moines
  • Flights to Detroit

Frontier Airlines International Destinations

As mentioned above, the airline flies to nearly ten different international destinations. Here is a summary of some of these fantastic places.

  • Flights to Santo Domingo
  • Flights to Punta Canta
  • Flights to San Salvador
  • Flights to Montego Bay
  • Flights to Cancum
  • Flights to San Juan
  • Flights to Guatemala City

Merits of Domestic Flights

Some people don’t get the differences between domestic flights and international flights. The truth is that domestic flights are cheaper than the rest. Apart from that, there are several merits to these Frontier Airlines reservations. Here are some of the advantages that you ought to know.

  • Highly affordable: one of the most undeniable merits is that these destinations attract cheaper air tickets. International reservations tend to be more expensive as they cover a greater distance.
  • Less time-consuming: domestic travelers get to their destinations earlier than those traveling internationally. As you can rightly guess, international flights cover a greater physical distance.
  • Highly convenient: you don’t require so many travel documents to travel domestically. Apart from that, domestic flights are rarely affected by external factors such as harsh weather. Thus clients can rest easy knowing that they’ll arrive at their destination in time.

Fleet Size

Few customers care to know about the Frontier Airlines fleet size. However, the truth is that the size of the fleet indirectly affects its customers. Remember that the size of the fleet will determine how many places the airline can cover.

Today, the airline boasts an astonishing fleet size of close to 100. We’ll enlighten you more on this crucial information.

Current Fleet

Today, the airline has a fantastic fleet size of nearly 100. Some of these aircraft include;

  • Airbus A321XLR
  • Airbus A321neo
  • Airbus A320neo
  • Airbus A320-200

Fleet Capacity

Please note that each of these aircraft has a varying capacity. Some planes can carry more passengers than others. For instance, the Airbus A321neo can carry nearly 250 passengers. On the other hand, Airbus A320neo can only manage 186 passengers.

Fleet History

A few years ago, the airline had some different aircraft brands. For example, the airline used to operate using the Boeing 737-300.Let’s see some of the aircraft that the airline used to operate with a few years ago.

  • Airbus A319
  • Boeing 737-200
  • Embraer E-190
  • Airbus A319

Cabin Classes

Frontier Airlines offers several cabin classes to its customers. Lucky for you, the airline gives you the freedom to book whichever travel class you like. Kindly note that each of these classes draws varying booking fees.

Count yourself lucky as this blog will enlighten you exhaustively on these travel classes.

a) First Class

There’s no other cabin class with more luxurious facilities than First Class. However, you must know that this luxury comes at a cost. That’s why this travel class attracts the priciest air tickets. You’ll be happy to see that you have direct access to several luxurious amenities.

These amenities include;

  • Leather reclining seats
  • Wi-Fi
  • Refreshments
  • Privacy dividers
  • Legroom
  • Entertainment facilities

Benefits of Flying First Class

There are several benefits of booking such a Frontier Airlines booking. We’ve rounded up some of the fantastic merits.

  • It guarantees privacy: here, customers do not have seatmates; hence they can enjoy some privacy. Apart from that, you’ll be glad to know that privacy dividers enable you to travel more comfortably.
  • More comfort: you’ll be happy to know that in this travel class, you sit on well-cushioned seats with an excellent design.
  • Fast clearance process: one of the main benefits of traveling in this cabin class, is that you get cleared quickly, for the flight. Remember that few travelers opt for such expensive cabin classes.

b) Business Class

Please note that this cabin class best suits customers, who are traveling for business reasons. You’ll realize that there are several facilities available to make your trip more comfortable. For instance, you can access a luxurious business lounge.

The only disadvantage of the Business class is that you pay a higher booking fee than Economy class. However, you’ll agree that this cabin class presents several advantages. Here are some of these;

Advantages of Traveling in Business Class

Let’s be honest; there are several benefits associated with this travel class. Here is a list of some of these advantages;

  • Comfortable sleeping facilities: unlike Economy class, here, customers can enjoy a night of more high-quality sleep. Remember that the seats are convertible to flatbeds for comfort purposes.
  • Quick clearance process: another notable benefit of this travel class is getting cleared very fast for the flight. As can rightly guess, the cabin class attracts few clients.
  • Luxurious facilities: just like in first-class, here, travelers equally enjoy some luxurious facilities. They include comfortable seats, entertainment facilities, to mention but just a few.

c) Economy Class

The Economy class is the most preferred cabin class of the three travel classes. Over half of customers prefer these Frontier Airlines reservations. You’ll realize that customers here can enjoy a reasonable baggage allowance.

Apart from that, there are other advantages associated with this cabin class. That’s why hundreds of holidaymakers prefer it while booking a reservation. Here is a summary of such benefits.

Indisputable Benefits of Traveling Economy Class

  • Highly affordable bookings: the main benefit of this travel class, is that customers can book more affordable air tickets. No wonder, hundreds of travelers prefer this cabin class.
  • More fun-filled: unlike other cabin classes than upholds quietness at all costs, here the rules are less tight. For this reason, a traveler can interact with their seatmate during the flight. Additionally, customers can capitalize on the available entertainment facilities to get endless entertainment.

In-Flight Amenities

Passengers have a right to get value for their money. Thanks to Frontier Airlines amenities, you can enjoy a fantastic air trip. If you’ve never travelled with Frontier Airlines, don’t worry.

Here are some of the incredible amenities available for you.

In-flight Wi-Fi

Customers can connect their device to the in-flight Wi-Fi. However, you must know that the airline will charge you for this. If you’re travelling for 650 miles, you’ll have to pay $4.95 to use your laptop. On the other hand, if your flight will cover between 651 miles to 1150 miles, then you’ll have to cough up $9.95.

That means that if your flight covers 1150 miles, the price will go up to $12.95. That is not to suggest that you cannot connect a smartphone: you’ll have to pay $4.95 to connect your phone if your flight covers less than 650. If your air trip covers over that distance, it will cost you $7.95.

Customers are free to include these costs in their Frontier Airlines reservations.


Customers can ease themselves during the flight, if the need arises. The good news is that the airline won’t charge you. Cheer up, as this amenity is available in any travel classes; whether first class, business or economy class.

Private Dividers

Customers can book Frontier Airlines flight reservations to enjoy these facilities. However, you must know that these amenities are mainly available in first class. The good thing about these facilities is that they guarantee the passenger’s privacy during the flight.

Complimentary Food and drinks

Here’s some good news; the airline sells complementary foods and beverages onboard. However, you must know that you may have to pay for this. In some cases, the airline may include this cost in the air tickets.

Comfortable folding seats

Most customers applaud Frontier Airlines for their luxurious seats. A customer can enjoy endless comfort due to this Frontier in-flight amenities. For example, for business class, a customer can convert the seats into a flatbed.

A customer can opt to include entertainment charges in their bookings. In such a case, it’s crucial to notify customer care to avoid any inconveniences.

Flight Schedules and Flight Status

Interestingly, very few customers check the Frontier Airlines flight schedules. Today, a customer can access these schedules from the airline’s official website. Remember that the airline does not fly to all destinations today. Thanks to technological advancement, customers can tell whether Frontier Airlines can fly to a specific place.

Frontier Airlines Schedules

Today, the airline discloses this information to the customer before they complete their booking. Below are some of the details that the airlines disclose.

  • Flight date
  • Time of the flight
  • Destination

Flight Status

Travelers need to check the status of their flight, before the actual date of the flight. Most customers forget to check their flight status after booking their ticket. Remember that in some cases, your booking might be unsuccessful.

For this reason, checking helps you to take appropriate action in time. Unlike before, there are convenient ways of completing this crucial process.

How to check Flight Status

As hinted above, there are several ways of checking your flight status. For instance, a customer can visit Frontier Airlines reservations official site ( ) to complete this process. You’ll only have to provide your flight details and get the feedback.

Another option available is to visit the airport, as there are several customer care agents available. Clients can report to the customer help desk to get assisted. The agent will ask for your details, then confirm your flight status.

Flight Check-in Policy

Clients ought to form a habit of confirming their flight in time. Thanks to the check-in policy, clients can complete the process quickly. If you do not know how to go about it, don’t worry.

Fascinatingly, this online process opens 24 hours to the flight. If you’re traveling domestically, you must check-in at least 45 minutes to time. On the other hand, if you’re traveling internationally, then confirm your booking at least an hour before the flight.

Thus you have plenty of time to do the needful.

How to Check-in for a Flight

Here’s some fantastic news; there are several ways of confirming a Frontier Airlines flight reservations. You might have about the online check-in option. A client is free to visit Frontier Airlines official site ( ) to complete this process.

After you visit the website, you need to click on My Trip/Check-in. Please ensure that you provide accurate flight details. Some of the essential information include the surname and the confirmation code.

That’s not the only option; you’re free to get in touch with customer care. However, this option is not convenient as customer care agents are only available during business hours. Lastly, you’re free to visit the airport to complete this vital process. There are plenty of customer care agents to help customers confirm their Frontier Airlines reservations.

Group Travel Policy

If you’re planning to travel with your family or as a sports team, you should consider Frontier Airlines. You’ll be glad to learn about Frontier Airlines group travel. If you’re not familiar with the airline’s group booking policy, rest easy.

This short deeply-researched write-up will enlighten you on how to go about it.

How to Book a Group Reservations

Travelers can capitalize on several ways of booking Frontier Airlines group reservations. For instance, a customer is free to visit to secure such a booking. You’ll have to fill in a group travel form. A group ought to consist of at least ten members.

Kindly ensure that you provide essential details before you submit the booking. Below is a list of some of these details;

  • Place of departure
  • Date of travel
  • Destination

Alternatively, you may opt to contact customer service to request this. The good news is that customer care representatives won’t charge you an extra fee for this. You’ll be relieved to know that you don’t need to clear the booking fee at once.

Frontier Airlines group reservations fall under the standard fare option; thus, you can clear it slowly. However, customers must pay the entire amount before the flight. Similarly, it’s not a must that you submit the group member’s name the same day.

That’s why the airline allows name changes even after you’ve submitted the booking request.

Frontier Airlines Group Booking Restrictions

Kindly note that;

  • A group must consist of at least ten members or more.
  • Each group must clear the booking fee before the flight.
  • You must submit all the group members’ details before the date of the flight.
  • All members will have to clear one fare price.
  • You’re free to change your name for a group reservation before the expiry period.
  • You must ticket within 60 days; your deposit holds the booking for two months.
  • Each passenger must pay a non-refundable booking fee of $5.

Frontier Miles

The beauty of such Frontier Airlines reservations is that they qualify for Frontier miles. Therefore each passenger in a group booking will earn some miles in their account. That’s why it’s essential for travelers to join FRONTIER Miles.

Baggage Policy

Frontier Airlines’ potential customers have a reason to smile. baggage policy allows clients to carry luggage, if they so wish. The airline encourages customers to abide by the baggage guidelines in place.

How to Reserve for Baggage

Kindly ensure that you inform customer service, if you wish to travel with a travel bag. Today, one is free to contact customer care directly to notify them. Mostly, customer care agents are only available during the daytime.

Alternatively, you may choose to complete this process online. Customers are free to book for a suitcase while making Frontier Airlines reservations. Kindly visit and log in to your trip.

After that, you’re free to add luggage and include all the necessary information. You must keep the Frontier Airlines baggage tracking number well. This information might be required, especially if your luggage goes missing.

Baggage Fee

As you can rightly guess, the airline will charge you a small fee. Usually, the baggage policy specifies the amount for each checked bag. For instance, a customer will have to pay at most $50 for the first travel bag.

On the flip side, you’ll have to pay $55 for the second travel bag. If you have a carry-on bag, get ready to pay $39 for it. Typically, the airline will charge you $60 for a checked carry-on bag. Customers can opt to clear the luggage fee online or at the airport.

Size and Weight Restrictions

Please note that the baggage policy stipulates some size and weight restrictions. For example, the first checked travel bag must weigh beyond 23 kilograms. Carry-on bags ought not to weigh more than 12 kilograms.

Remember that the airline will weigh each luggage at the airport. Any overweight travel bag must not weigh more than 45 kilograms. Kindly note that no travel suitcase can be longer than 62 inches. Carry-on bags must have a dimension of 10 inches by 16 inches by 24 inches.

Forbidden Items

Kindly note that Frontier Airlines does not allow some items. For example, a customer cannot travel with sharp objects such as knives. Additionally, nobody is allowed to carry cigarettes as the airline forbids in-flight smoking.

Frontier Airlines Cancellation Policy

Frontier Airlines has the most customer-friendly travel policies ever. For instance, the Frontier Airlines cancellation policy allows customers to revoke a reservation. However, holidaymakers need to abide by this vital travel policy.

Frontier Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Frontier Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy permits one to cancel a booking within 24 hours. The exciting news is that this policy exempts such people from paying a cancel flight reservation fee.

Technically this travel policy does not specify which option you ought to use. For this reason, you’re free to try whichever ticket cancellation option you like.

How to Cancel a Frontier Airlines Booking

The terrific news is that this travel policy offers multiple ways of canceling a reservation. Customers are at liberty to choose whichever option that works best for them. Here are the options available;

a) Online ticket cancellation

The first option is to revoke the booking on the airline’s official website. Ticket cancellation policy expects customers to follow some simple steps. Kindly visit Frontier Airlines reservations official site and click on cancel ticket.

After that, you’ll have to enter some of your flight details and click on submit. Usually, the airline may take a short period to review the request.

b) Offline Ticket Cancellation

Another option available is to cancel the reservation offline. For example, the Frontier Airlines cancellation policy allows one to contact customer service. Feel free to request the airline’s representatives to invalidate the booking for you.

Please call 801-401-900 during business hours for specialized assistance. Usually, the airline won’t charge you an extra fee for this. That’s not the only option; you’re free to visit the airport for help.

There are several agents there to attend to you within minutes. Similarly, the agents are only available during working hours; hence you must be time-conscious.

You’ll be glad to know that you can use the Frontier Airlines mobile app to cancel a reservation. Kindly download this useful application from Google Play store.

Flight Cancellation Fee

If a customer cancels an air ticket after 24 hours, they’ll have to pay a service charge. Today the airline will charge you at least $119 per ticket. Usually, the airline deducts this service charge from the paid booking fee.

Flight Change Policy

If you’re looking for an airline with sensible travel policies, you ought to consider Frontier Airlines. Nothing will impress you more about this flag carrier than the Frontier Airlines flight change policy. This travel policy allows a customer to modify a booking if they so wish.

How to Change a Frontier Airlines Booking

Customers have several options for changing their Frontier Airlines reservations. Below are some of the ways through which you can change your flight.

a) Online ticket changing

One of the most effective ways of altering a reservation is on the airline’s official website. You’re free to visit Frontier Airlines official site to change your booking. Please ensure that first check whether your preferred flight is available.

After that, click on the change flight and follow the simple on-screen instructions. If a fare difference applies, you’ll need to pay it to complete this travel process.

b) Contacting customer care

If you’re not familiar with the online re-booking process, you have no reason to worry. You can contact customer service to request for their service. Feel free to call +1-855-915-0332 to request customer care agents to help you out.

Frontier Airlines change reservations policy won’t charge you an extra fee for this. However, you must know that a flight changing service charge may apply.

c) Emailing customer care

If you happen to call customer care agents and they’re unreachable, don’t worry at all. You can email the representatives to request for Frontier Airlines flight change service. In most cases, the airline will act upon your email within 24 hours.

Please ensure that you include all the necessary information, such as your last flight details. The airline will first cancel it and re-book the alternative flight.

Flight Change Fee

If you change your booking within 13 days, the airline will charge you a service charge of $99. However, you must know that the airline will charge you $200 for any U.S air ticket. That’s why it’s essential to get in touch with customer care to know the specific amount.

Usually, the airline may deduct this service charge from the paid booking. However, in some cases, some travelers may opt to clear the amount in cash.

FRONTIER Miles Program

FRONTIER Miles is a program that helps clients to earn some points. Typically, each member earns one mile for every one mile they fly with Frontier Airlines. The good news is that the sign-up process is usually free.

FRONTIER Miles Booking

FRONTIER Miles reservations refer to air tickets bought using FRONTIER Miles. Please note that you need at least 10,000 FRONTIER Miles to enjoy the cheapest flight: a one-way local trip.

If you have enough miles, you can reserve a Frontier award travel booking. Interestingly, you can book an air ticket or even a hotel using these Miles. However, the rule is that you must have the required total Miles.

For you to book such a reservation, you’ll have to visit Frontier Airlines reservations official site. After that, ensure that you log in to your myFrontier account. First, search miles to know the total miles, needed to fly to a given destination.

If you have the required points, go ahead, and select the flight of your choice. You must complete your booking to get an email confirmation message.

Frontier Airlines Award Levels

Frontier Miles program provides three distinct redemption levels. These levels dictate how many points you need to reserve a given flight. Therefore you must understand your level before Frontier Miles booking.

  • Value award; this is the most basic redemption level of the three. Here, air tickets begin from 10,000 miles onwards. Kindly note that extra charges may apply, such as taxes and fees.
  • Standard redemption level; this is the second basic redemption level. This level offers more flights for customers than the value award level. Here, bookings start at 20,000 miles, onwards exclusive of taxes and other applicable fees.
  • Last seat award level. Here, unlike the standard level, customers must have at least 22,500 Miles to book Frontier Airlines reservations. Thanks to this, a customer can book any flight that has any unbooked airline seat.

One-way Flight Values

Below is a list of miles required to fly one-way, to some particular destinations.

  • Mexico-15,000 miles
  • Puerto Rico-10,000miles
  • Jamaica-15,000 miles

Round Trip Flight Values

You’ll need varying FRONTIER miles to travel round trip to some destinations. Here are these as well as the corresponding total miles.

  • Mexico-25,000 miles
  • Local Destination (Within the U.S)-40,000 miles
  • Puerto Rico-40,000 miles
  • Dominican Republic-30,000 miles
  • Jamaica-30,000 miles

Frontier Airlines Manage Booking

Frontier Airlines is among the airlines that allows customers to manage their bookings. Thanks to the Frontier Airlines manage booking policy, you can do whatever you please with your reservation, within the stipulated time frame.

How to Manage your Frontier Airlines Booking

Today, manage booking policy gives you the freedom to choose any avenues to modify your reservation. Let’s explore some of these practical ways.

  • Online Booking Management; this has to be the most convenient way of managing a reservation. A client can do this by visiting Frontier Airlines official site ( ) to manage your booking. Please ensure that you follow the simple on-screen instructions.
  • Customer support: an equally effective way is to contact customer care. A traveler is free to get in touch with customer care to request them for a Frontier Airlines manage my booking service. The good thing is that the agent won’t charge you an extra service charge for this.
  • mobile app: the third available option is to utilize the Frontier Airlines mobile application. You can download this mobile application from the airline’s official website. Interestingly, the airline does not charge customers to use this modern technology.

Ways of Managing a Frontier Airlines Reservations

The reality is that there are several examples of Frontier Airlines managing flight booking. They include;

  • Changing a booking: Frontier Airlines permits a customer to modify their reservation, if they please. However, you must know that the airline will charge you a small service fee. The good news is that you’re free to use whichever way you deem fit to accomplish this.
  • Checking Flight Status: few customers appreciate the importance of this way. However, you must know that it helps in the prevention of an inconvenience.
  • Cancelling a flight: customers can cancel their booking, if they no longer wish to travel. However, it would be best if you abide by the Frontier Airlines ticket cancellation guidelines.
  • Checking-in: today, the airline encourages customers to confirm their booking before the flight. All you need to do is to provide your flight details.

Special Assistance

Travelers with special needs have a reason to consider Frontier Airlines for their air trip. The airline has a fantastic special assistance travel policy. Please follow this policy religiously to enjoy the maximum benefits of this humane travel policy.

If you’re not familiar with the special assistance policy, don’t worry. This brief blog will discuss it in detail; you’ll be amazed by the reasonability of these guidelines.

How to Request for Special Assistance

Kindly note that you need to request this special help in advance. Remember that the airline needs to assign you a particular assistant. Today, you can get in touch with customer care to request for special services.

Feel free to contact 801-401-9004 to request for special services. The good news is that the airline won’t ask for more money to provide it. That’s not the only option at your disposal; you can request for the same online. You’ll have to fill in an accessibility request form on Frontier Airlines flight reservations official site.

Forms of Services for Special Passengers

This travel policy allows the cabin crew to offer a wide range of services. A customer with special needs will get any form of service that they may require. Below is a list of some of these services.

  • Wheelchair services
  • Hearing assistance
  • Vision help

Customers must know that the airline won’t charge you a cent for this. Therefore, you have every reason to enjoy your flight like any other customer onboard.

Flying with your Assistant

Cheer up as you’re free to fly with your assistant if you so wish. However, you must know that you’re not eligible for special services in such a case. Please note that you’ll have to book an air ticket for him or her.

Apart from that, you’ll need to notify customer service on time. This strategy is brilliant as the agents will assign you adjacent seats.

Frontier Airlines Services Hotline

As mentioned before, you ought to contact customer care directly to request for special assistance. You’re at liberty to dial 801-401-9000 during working hours. Customer care agents will capture your details and make the necessary arrangements.

Infant and Children Travel Policy

Here’s some good news for the minors; the airline has a favorable infant travel policy. For this reason, Infants and children can fly for whatever reason. However, you have no choice but to abide by the travel policy dutifully, lest you lose your travel funds.

How to Book an Air Ticket for a Minor

Technically, there are multiple ways of booking an air ticket for a minor. Today, traveling with your infant policy provides 3 distinct ways to book an air ticket. Firstly, you can complete this simple process online.

Kindly visit Frontier Airlines official site and follow some simple booking steps. You ought to pay the required booking fee online to complete the process successfully. Alternatively, you can choose to contact customer care.

Customer care agents will help to complete the process within a few minutes. Don’t hesitate to call +1-855-915-0332 to book an air ticket for your kid. The good news is that customer care agents won’t charge you any service charge for this.

In some rare cases, some customers prefer to book a reservation. Technically, there are multiple customer care agents there ready to help you out. You might have heard about the mobile app.

You’re free to use this technology to reserve an air ticket for your infant. The beauty of the app is that it’s fast and convenient.

Infant Travel Documents

The infant travel policy expects a minor to provide a few mandatory travel documents. Below is a list of these vital documents.

  • Boarding pass
  • Passport
  • Medical Certificate
  • Birth Certificate

Please note that you’ll have to present these documents at the airport for verification purposes. Upon verification, the Frontier Airlines reservations agents will clear you for your flight.

Unaccompanied Kid Travel Policy

Unlike before, the airline only allows kids over 15 years to travel unaccompanied. Kindly note that only a parent or guardian can book a reservation for such a kid. Additionally, you must know that the parent needs to accompany him or her to the airport.

An adult will have to pay a service fee of $110 for a one-way trip. A parent needs to fill out a pick-up form at the airport. The airline will contact the parent to pick-up the minor, upon arrival. An underage traveler will have to fill in an unaccompanied kid form at the airport.

Frontier Airlines Minor check-in Policy

Kids must confirm their flight just like the adults. However, in this case, you need to visit the airport to do this. The infant travel policy demands that your parent or guardian accompanies you there.

Policy on Pets

Thanks to travel with pets policy; you can fly with your animal. However, you must know that you have no choice but to abide by this travel policy. This well-researched blog will discuss these essential guidelines.

Kindly read it to the end to capture all the essential details.

How to Book the Reservation for your Pet

Here’s some good news, travelers can book an air ticket online. For this reason, feel free to visit Frontier Airlines official site ( ) to complete this online process. Holidaymakers need to follow the simple steps carefully to book Frontier Airlines reservations successfully.

Technically, the airline will charge you a reasonable pet fare for each animal. You can opt to settle the pet fare online or later at the airport. Customers must present a health certificate at the airport for clearance to fly.

Pet Fares

A client is free to travel with a cat, dog, or a household bird. However, you must know that you can only carry dogs or cats for international flights. Today, each traveler will need to cough up $99 for a one-way trip. That implies that other types of a trip like a multi-way trip will attract a higher pet fare.

Forbidden Dog Breeds

Unfortunately, Frontier Airlines does not allow some dog breeds. For this reason, customers are prohibited from bringing such dog breeds to the airport. Here is a list of some of these breeds.

  • Boston Terrier
  • Brussels Griffon
  • Bulldog
  • Chow Chow
  • Cane Corson


All traveling with pets customers need to take note of some restrictions. Below are some of these, then you need to remember always.

  • A customer can carry a pet in the cabin for domestic flights only.
  • It would help if you sat at the exit row, to travel with a pet internationally.
  • The airline will only allow a calm and harmless pet.
  • It would be best if you carried your pet in a well-ventilated pet carrier.
  • Ensure that your pet remains in its container throughout the flight.
  • The airline must inspect your dog carrier at the airport.
  • A pet container must not exceed the dimensions 18 inches by 14 inches by 8 inches.

Deals and Offers

It’s common knowledge that Frontier Airlines has a soft spot for its customers. That’s why the airline has countless promotions and deals. These deals aim at enabling customers to travel cheaply.

You have a reason to smile as this blog will focus on Frontier Airlines deals and offers; you’ll love it.

Frontier Airlines Deals

There’s no other airline with better deals for travelers than Frontier Airlines. Thanks to the airline’s discount club, members can enjoy amazing discounts. For example, if a customer completes a Frontier Airlines flight reservations, they get a crazy discount.


You’ll be happy to know that offers promotions to customers. However, customers must use the Frontier Airlines promotion codes to enjoy these. For instance, a client can get a 50% discount on their fare.

However, you’ll need to join any of the available memberships. For instance, you’re free to join Den to enjoy these fantastic discounts. For standard fare, you can get incredible discounts of 25% to 30%.

Frontier Airlines Book a Flight & Save Money

Make Frontier Airlines reservations to fly to your destination across United States without costing a dime. However, it is possible to save a lump sum amount of money on expensive flight tickets when you sign up to the website of the airline or its newsletter. Frontier Airlines book a flight by getting lucrative discounts on airline tickets which comes in the form of promo codes on the newsletter of the website. Get free alerts on offered prices by signing up to the website of Frontier Airlines.

Why to Browse Frontier Airlines Reservations Official Site?

When you opt for Frontier Airlines flight reservations online, it is essential to browse through the airline’s official site to search for flight options and getting the booking done in no-time. Apart from making reservation an easy and time-saving task, browsing through Frontier Airlines reservations official site can help you get relevant information on:

  • Flight cancellation
  • Making changes in flight
  • Baggage policy
  • Check-in
  • Modifications in itinerary

Frontier Airlines book a flight anywhere any time in a hassle-free way with the help of flexible and simple process of making Frontier Airlines flight reservations online.

Frequently Encountered Problems with Frontier Airlines

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Frontier Airlines swears by their tagline ‘Low Fares Done Right’. It allows the passengers to customize their flights according to their budget. The airline also offers special benefits to the customers through the Frequent-flyer program FRONTIER Miles.

Despite the hard work, this highly affordable airline lacks in many aspects while the authority tries hard to provide the cheapest deals to the customers. Passengers come up with several complaints about their discomfort while traveling. But there is nothing to worry as the Frontier Airlines customer service is highly efficient in its performance.

  • Untidy lavatories in the flight
  • Poor quality of the food served
  • Customers not receiving refunds on time

These are the very common problems that the airline authority has to deal with very often. But they are trying their best in minimizing them in the least.

Get 100% Assistance with Frontier Airlines Customer Service

Frontier Airlines book a flight and get assistance on customer executive 24×7. Staff at Frontier Airlines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist their customer with the process of making Frontier Airlines reservations.

To get step by step guidance on Frontier Airlines flight reservations, make sure that you stay connected with the staff of the airline online or over the phone. Keep the contact number of the airline handy or browse through Frontier Airlines reservations official site to avail Frontier Airlines customer service.

Telephonic Frontier Airlines Flight Reservations

With Frontier Airlines, travel enthusiasts of today’s time can make a reservation over the phone. This platform is flexible and convenient and most importantly time-saving and therefore has been preferred contemporary super-busy travelers.

Contact Frontier Airlines Customer Service

The 3000 diligent employees working with the airline are blessed with some amazing problem-solving skills that help them in solving the most difficult problem effortlessly. Whatever is your problem, you can be assured of receiving the most feasible solution to it. Connect to the Frontier Airlines reservations phone number +1-855-915-0332 in case you need any help from them.

Frontier Airlines Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to make reservations at frontier airlines?

Passengers can make his/her reservations either through an online process by the website of the airlines or at the airport counter.

2. How could a passenger check the status of the flight?

You can check the status of your flight at the information page of the airline or you will be notified through message or email on your registered number.

3. What if a passenger needs to change his plans?

You can easily change or cancel a reservation at the official website of the airlines with applicable fee according to the fares.

4. Is it possible to cancel the Frontier Airlines reservations?

Yes, you can cancel a reservation after the purchase of the ticket by submitting an appropriate reason.

5. Can I book refundable tickets with Frontier airlines?

Yes, you can book refundable tickets with the Frontier airlines.

6. What is the special feature of the refundable ticket booked with Frontier airlines?

With the refundable ticket, one will be able to get maximum refund on cancellation. There will be no deduction of cancellation charges at the time of cancellation.

7. How to use an e-ticket?

To use an e-ticket, simply get a booking through Frontier Airlines reservations official site. After reaching the payment screen, select the ‘credit with frontier’ option and enter your confirmation code.

8. Is carrying baggage in Frontier Airlines chargeable?

Yes, for carrying extra baggage, you will be charged a flat fee.


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