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About Cubana De Aviacion

Cubana de Aviacion or more popularly known as Cubana was established in 1929 is the national airline and the largest civil aviation venture of Cuba. It is headquartered in Havana and has its primary hub at Joseph Marti International Airport.

Initially a branch of the Pan American Airways, it was later taken over by private entities of Cuba after which it was finally held completely since 1959 by the Cuban government. It was the founder of the IATA and is also currently a member of it and also has a membership in its Latin American counterpart.

The airline company was founded by Clement Melville Keys on 8th Oct 1929 and was initially meant as a training institute and only flew chartered flights and used Curtiss Robin as a part of its first fleet. It was only during the Cuban revolution did the government take over the company

Frequently encountered problems with Cubana de Aviacion Booking

The company’s heritage speaks for itself and given that it has seen a change of lot of hands, it still stands strong. However, political turmoil and operational difficulties are of immense worries for the health of the airline. Passengers are often disappointed due to poor service and some of them are listed below

  • The passengers were detained in cramped up spaces without any explanation
  • Their flight change notification will cost you added amount over the initial ticket cost
  • Delayed flights as usual

Even though these issues are minor, they need proper vigil and if you ever face such issues you can contact them by dialing the Cubana de Aviacion tickets booking contact number for an immediate resolution of your troubles. Given that this is Cubana we are talking about we can expect improvement sooner rather than later.

Contact Cubana de Aviacion customer service by dialing their customer service number

Today the company operates in the Americas-North and South, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia, primarily because it has proven itself time and again that it is efficient. However, if you want to know more about the company you can dial the Cubana de Aviacion tickets booking number for more accurate information.