American Airlines Reservations (AA)

American Airlines Book Flight And Find Some Amazing Deals

Are you fascinated by the idea of you walking along the length of the Brooklyn bridge or do you wish to spend the new year in Times Square? If yes, get your American Airlines book flight tickets done today and set out for a life changing journey to America. Just contact AA by dialing the American Airlines reservations number USA +1-855-915-0332 or for mexico and espenol you can reach out through American Airlines Numeros de Telefono and watch magic unfold before your eyes.

About American Airlines

American Airlines, established in 1926 is an American civil aviation initiative, which is headquartered at Fort Worth, Texas, US. It has many regional hubs in New York, Miami, Charlotte and Los Angeles.

It is considered to be the world’s largest airline in terms of the fleet size, revenue generated, destinations covered and kilometers flown. The company has led the foundation of Oneworld Alliance, the third largest alliance of the world.

With the company acquiring the Airbus A320S, the exclusive agreement with Boeing came to an end. They also conduct a frequent flyer program named as AA advantage. There remains, however, a stigma of discrimination associated with the airlines.

In one of the cases a colored woman was shifted from first class to economy class while her traveling partner was not hassled. In another instance, a black man was asked to vacate his seats after he was harassed by two rude white travelers. Since then steps have been taken to mitigate such travesties.

In case you encounter any issues related to the booking of tickets, call on the American Airlines reservations number +1-855-915-0332 and avail assistance.

American Airlines Contact Details

Details Phone Number
American Airlines Reservations USA Number+1-855-915-0332
American Airlines Vacations Contact1-855-915-0332 Toll-Free ( USA & Canada ) { (817) 7864304 Outside U.S.A & Canada – charges apply }
American Airlines Customer Service+1-855-915-0332
American Airlines Telefono Espenol 24 Horas 800-633-3711
American Airlines AAdvantage Reservations +1-855-915-0332
Contact For Refunds
Contact For Receipts
Questions and Hotel SupportBook A Hotel, Book a Hotel Using Miles
File Reprot for Lost and Found
Contact for EmergenciesMexico: 1 (877) 8092766 or 1 (800) 8913818, U.S.A-Canada-Caribbean: (800) 9019150 (TollFree), Other: (918) 6698977 (charges apply)
Delayed or Damaged Bags
Special Assistance Policy800-4337300 (Reservations)
Contact For Admirals ClubOthers : 817-963-6100, USA & Canada : (800) 2377971, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday to Friday (CT)
Car Support and technical support { (800) 2222377 Toll Free }, Budget & Payless, Avis { (800) 245-8569 Toll Free }
Call or Email AAdvantage® account service ( USA and Canada )(800) 8828880, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday to Friday (CT)
For Baggage Asisstance Contact(800) 5355225 ( 24 hours 7 days )
Award Booking Travel ( US & Canada )(817) 7864304
Contact For Disability Team(800) 8923624
US Residents AA Trip InsuranceE-mail :, Contact Number : (800) 6285404, (804) 2815700 (Collect)
Canada Residents AA Trip InsuranceE-mail :, Contact Number : (866) 5208831, Collect : (519)7429013 ( 24 hours )
Parent CompanyAmerican Airlines Group
Airlines CodeIATA CODE: AA

How Easy & Convenient Is to Make American Airlines Reservations USA?

Making flight reservation used to be a time-consuming and stressful task to perform. However, with the advent of technology and with the foundation of American Airlines, booking flight ticket is a simple and easy task. To save a considerable amount of time and resources, make sure you make American Airlines reservations USA.

With multiple payment gateways, American Airlines facilitates customers of all classes and categories by making the payment process of flight booking a stress-free and trouble-free task. Besides, American Airlines flight reservations can be done in no-time through the website which is very easy to navigate. Also, super-busy travelers can opt for this US airline to book flight tickets over the phone. Call the toll-free number, for mexico and spanish use American Airlines Numeros de Telefono Espenol of the airline, get connected with the executive of the airline and get the booking confirmation number right on your email.

American Airlines Partners

You need to know about American Airlines Partners. The airline has partnered with other airlines to improve customer service. Thanks to these partnerships, customers can travel to nearly 100 different destinations.

Here is a List of Some of these Partners Airlines.

Benefits of American Airlines Partnerships

Some customers wonder whether they can benefit from partners. The truth is that there are multiple advantages of these partnerships. Here are some of these merits.

  • Increased number of destinations: the good news is that customers can travel to nearly 100 international destinations due to the partnerships. Today the airline is mulling entering into more deals with more airlines to benefit customers.
  • Cheaper tickets: customers can enjoy more affordable air tickets owing to these deals. Remember that such deals aim at guaranteeing mutual benefit among these airlines.

In-Flight Amenities

Some people still wonder how American Airlines manages to draw millions of passengers every year. The secret lies in in-flight amenities. Travelers need to travel comfortably, hence get value for their money.

The unfortunate reality is that the airline will charge for this. In some cases, the airline may include the charges in American Airlines reservations USA. We’ve rounded up a list of some of these fantastic facilities available for you during the flight.

  • Wi-Fi: This has to be the most vital in-flight amenity available for the customers. The good news is that there are several packages available for you. For instance, you can pay $12 to enjoy a secure internet connection for 2 hours. Better still, you can choose the package that allows you to enjoy Wi-Fi for four hours.
  • American Airlines App: Another source of entertainment is the American Airlines app. A customer ought to download this app way before the flight takes off. After that, you’re free to open the app to stream some movies or movie shows. Kindly click on the ‘view free entertainment’ to enjoy these. Customers need not pay this in their American Airlines flight reservations.
  • Movies: Customers can access movies for endless entertainment during the flight. The wonderful news is that you do not need Wi-Fi to enjoy this. As long as you have a good smartphone or tablet, open the American Airlines app.
  • Apple TV +: Each customer can enjoy some entertainment from their Apple TV + on the seatback. Better still, you can use your device, if it is connected with Wi-Fi.
  • Radio shows: Thanks to the in-flight Wi-Fi, passengers can listen to live radio shows of their choice. Apart from that, travelers can equally watch song videos by streaming Apple Music. The good news is that you won’t have to buy any internet package in such a case.
  • Business lounges: If you’re traveling business class, you have a reason to smile. Passengers are free to use these lounges for business purposes as well as relaxation. The beauty of these facilities is that they are not only spacious but also luxurious.
  • Bathroom: You won’t believe that you can take a shower during a flight. The reality is that there are bathrooms in both First Class and Economy class. Although these facilities are space-saving, they are relatively useful. Therefore it makes sense to purchase these cabin class American Airlines reservations.
  • Luxurious passenger seats: This list would be incomplete without mentioning passengers’ seats. Customers can enjoy a comfortable air trip thanks to these incredible in-flight facilities.

Flight Schedule and Status

Kindly note that you can quickly access, American Airlines flight schedules. The point of this is to help you during your booking. The good news is that a client can quickly obtain this timetable online.

Flight Schedules

Thanks to technological advancement, one can tell when a given flight will take place. All you need to do is to enter the relevant flight details. They include;

  • Point of departure
  • Destination
  • Date

After that, you ought to click on ‘search,’ the page will load and give you feedback. In most cases, it will bring all the flights scheduled to take place on the selected date. That is how importance the flight schedules functionality is.

Better still, you can choose to contact customer care to inquire about the best time to fly. Customer care agents will take their time to find out for you. Please ensure that you feed them with the correct flight details.

Unfortunately, customers can only reach customer service during business hours.

American Airlines Flight Status

Here is some good news, there are several ways of checking an flight status. Customers need to form a habit of checking the status of their flight on time. Firstly, a client can visit American Airlines reservations official site to check this.

All you’ll need to do is to provide your flight details. Another option available is to contact customer care. Once you complete American Airlines book a flight, you can contact them to know whether your booking was successful.

The airline encourages travelers to check the status, especially after they revoke their bookings. If your cancellation does not reflect online, you ought to contact customer service. Remember that the airline will only refund you, if your flight cancellation request succeeds.

You’ll be relieved to know that you can check your American Airlines flight status using the American Airlines app. The app is not only fast and convenient but equally reliable.

Why you Should Check your Flight Status

There are multiple reasons why you should check your flight status. They include;

  • It helps you tell if your online process was successful: sometimes, the request may not succeed if you book a ticket online. Therefore it’s essential to check the status to know this in time.
  • To avoid unnecessary inconveniences: another reason why you should check your flight status is to avoid any inconvenience. For instance, if your ticket reservation was unsuccessful, you won’t be cleared for the flight. Similarly, if your ticket cancellation wasn’t a success, you may not receive a refund.


Travelers need to know about American Airlines destinations. You’ll be glad to know that the airline flies to both domestic and international destinations. Therefore, you’re free to book whichever flight you like.

Typically, domestic flights tend to be cheaper than international ones. Don’t worry; you’ll get a list of some of these places.

American Airlines Domestic Destinations

The good news is that the airline flies to close to 100 domestic places. Some of these places include.

  • Flights to Yuma
  • Flights to Washington D.C.
  • Flights to Miami
  • Flights to Phoenix
  • Flights to Anchorage
  • Flights to Denver
  • Flights to San Diego
  • Flights to Hayden
  • Flights to Los Angeles
  • Flights to Ontario
  • Flights to Oakland

Advantages of Domestic Flights

Anyone who has ever booked a domestic flight will agree that it’s advantageous. Below are some of the notable merits, over American Airlines international reservations.

  • Highly cheap: air tickets for domestic American Airlines destinations are usually inexpensive. No wonder some passengers can afford to book reservations for others. Remember that such flights are generally local, unlike international trips, which could be transcontinental.
  • Takes a short time: domestic flights usually cover a shorter distance than the international ones. For this reason, customers arrive at their destination within a few hours.
  • Suitable for business trips: road commuters will agree that traffic jams waste so much of their time. That’s why most business people prefer to fly from point A to B for business-related reasons.

American Airlines International Reservations Destinations

Holidaymakers will be glad to know that they can book American Airlines reservations for international flights. These days the airline flies to over 90 international destinations. Here is a list of these prestigious places.

  • Flights to Argentina
  • Flights to Australia
  • Flights to Brazil
  • Flights to Canada
  • Flights to China
  • Flights to Cuba
  • Flights to Belgium
  • Flights to Finland
  • Flights to Germany

Fleet Size

Unknown to some customers, the size of an airline’s fleet determines a lot. For instance, it may determine the total number of destinations. Today, American Airlines boasts of a shocking fleet size of 875. Thanks to this, the airline flies to over 200 different destinations, both local and international.

Below is a list of some of the aircraft the airline currently has.

  • Airbus A330
  • Airbus A321
  • Airbus A319
  • Boeing 787-9
  • Boeing 737 MAX 8
  • Boeing 737-800

There are countless aircraft that the airline used to use for its operations. However, the airline no longer uses them for various reasons. The airline possessed more aircraft to boost its fleet size. Here is a list of some of the planes.

  • Boeing 720B
  • Boeing 727-100
  • Boeing 727-200
  • Boeing 737-300
  • Boeing 747
  • Boeing 757

Fleet Capacity

Usually, each of these aircraft has a varying capacity. For instance, Airbus A319 can carry 128 passengers. On the other hand, the Boeing 777 can carry nearly 300 passengers.

Benefits of American Airlines Huge Fleet Size

Customers have a reason to smile thanks to American Airlines fleet size. Technically, there are endless benefits of this considerable size of aircraft

  • Massive Destinations Coverage: thanks to this fleet size American Airlines can fly to multiple destinations, both local and international. Today, the airline flies to over 180 different destinations.
  • Better returns: since the airline can fly to more places, it means that they can fly more. As a result, the company ends up making more profits.

Cabin Classes

Clients will be ecstatic to know that there are three different cabin classes available. A client is free to travel in, whichever travel class they like. However, you must note that each of these travel classes attracts varying booking fees.

Below are the three common travel classes.

a) First Class

If you prefer luxurious facilities, then this travel class suits you best. However, you must understand that you’ll have to purchase the costliest air tickets. Passengers here can access outstanding facilities such as legroom and leather reclining seats.

Additionally, such cabin classes fully guarantee privacy thanks to privacy dividers. Another outstanding feature of this travel class is spaciousness. Here’s some incredible news: customers get complimentary drinks and snacks.

Benefits of Traveling First Class

There are several benefits of booking this American Airlines booking. Below are some of the most exciting benefits

  • Complimentary food and drinks: unlike other cabin classes, in this class, travelers can enjoy free drinks and food. In most cases, the airline includes such costs in the booking; hence you don’t need to repay for it.
  • Luxurious facilities: the most apparent benefit of traveling in this travel class, is that you enjoy luxurious facilities such as lounges, Wi-Fi, and reclining seats.
  • More privacy: thanks to privacy dividers, customers can enjoy more privacy. The good news is that passengers here have no seatmates.
  • Quick clearance process: unlike other cabin classes, here, customers can quickly check-in for a flight. The reality is that this travel class attracts the fewest number of passengers. No wonder, passengers get cleared quickly for their flight.

b) Business Class

You’ll be right to say that this cabin class best suits passengers traveling for business reasons. Unfortunately, this class attracts pricier air tickets than those of Economy class. On the bright side, here, customers enjoy much more comfort. Although not as much as that of First Class.

Benefits of Traveling Business Class

The reality is that there are countless merits of traveling in this travel class. If you’re not convinced, here are a few benefits that you need to know.

  • Entertainment facilities: there’s no way you’ll get bored while you travel business class. There are plenty of entertainment facilities at your disposal. Additionally, you have access to fast and secure Wi-Fi.
  • Luxurious facilities: just like First Class, this travel class too has several nice-looking facilities. For instance, passengers can access a spacious business lounge.
  • Quick check-in: the good news is that in this cabin class, there are short queues. For this reason, customer care agents get to clear the passengers within a few minutes. Remember that a considerable bulk of customers opt for Economy class owing to cheap air tickets.
  • Comfortable sleeping facilities: it’s essential to get some rest, especially if you’re traveling internationally. The good news is that a passenger can adjust their seat into a flatbed in business class. Therefore, you can quickly rest comfortably during the flight; thus, you get value for your money.

c) Economy Class

There are several reasons why countless customers prefer this cabin class. You’ll realize that over a third of customers book this American Airlines reservations. The good news is that here customers can equally enjoy a reasonable baggage allowance. Other than that, there are additional benefits such as;

Undeniable Benefits of Traveling Economy Class

Don’t underestimate Economy class, as it presents countless advantages. Here is a list of some of these benefits.

  • Affordable tickets; the list of benefits is complete without affordable air tickets. Here customers can enjoy the cheapest air tickets for both domestic and international flights. Interestingly, during the peak season, customers equally get some discounts and some travel deals.
  • Availability of seatmates; another advantage of traveling here is that you’ll have a seatmate. For this reason, the chances of getting bored reduce significantly. In some cases, you may establish a life-long friendship there that could positively impact your life.

Flight Check-in Policy

Unfortunately, few customers pay adequate attention to the American Airlines check-in policy. This travel policy expects travelers to confirm their booking. The good news is that there are multiple ways to go about it.

Lucky for you, this well-researched blog will disclose all the necessary details. Kindly read it to the last word to capture all the vital information.

How to Check-in for a Flight

Cheer up, as there are several ways of checking in for a flight. Here are the two most effective options at your disposal.

a) Confirming the booking online

Most shrewd holidaymakers capitalize on the American Airlines online check-in option. A client is free to visit to check-in for their booking. Today this process opens 24 hours before the flight. can easily complete it way before your flight.

Kindly ensure that you fill in the required details such as;

  • First Name
  • Last name
  • Confirmation code
  • Ticket number

b) Contacting Customer Care

Another equally efficient option is to contact customer service directly. Feel free to call 800-433-7300 to request an agent to confirm your reservation. Customers can only contact customer agents to confirm their American Airlines reservations during business hours.

c) Visiting the airport

Usually, the check-in process closes at least an hour before the flight. For this reason, customers are free to visit the airport to check-in. Today, some customers prefer this option as they can complete just before the flight. The main demerit of this ticket confirmation option is that you may experience some delay. That’s why it makes sense to leverage the American Airlines online check-in option.

American Airlines Book Flight & Save Your Time and Money

When looking for a reliable, trusted and most importantly a low-cost airline, then without thinking much make American Airlines reservations USA. This major airline ensures a safe and smooth flight that too at most affordable rates. American Airlines book flight if you are a budget traveler. Apart from offering flight tickets to exotic destinations at most competitive rates, American Airlines facilitate travel enthusiasts from all around the globe with stress-free process of reservation.

The process of making American Airlines flight reservations is very easy, simple and flexible and can be done even by a lay man any time and from any corner of the world. Therefore, American Airlines book flight and make the most of your trip by saving your hard-earned money on costly flight tickets to exclusive destinations across the United States.

Baggage Policy

One of the primary reasons why American Airlines attracts millions of travelers is due to its baggage policy. A customer is free to travel, with a travel bag if necessary. If you’re not familiar with the baggage policy, don’t worry at all.

How to Book for your Baggage

You’ll be happy to know about this critical travel policy. All a customer needs to do is to inform customer care during American Airlines booking. Technically, a customer is free to pay the booking fee while booking or at the airport.

Today the total baggage fee depends on the total number of suitcases you carry. The more the bags you carry, the more the luggage fee. Customers need to keep essential details, such as the American Airlines baggage tracking number well.

Remember that this detail can help in the recovery of your luggage in case you lose it.

Baggage Fee

Every customer must clear the baggage fee to be allowed to load their luggage. Today, the total baggage fee relies on the total number of bags. The first checked bag will attract a non-refundable service charge of $30. If you have second luggage, get ready to pay an additional amount of $40.

The good news is that the baggage policy allows clients to carry more than two bags. The third travel bag will draw an extra fee of $150. You’ll be glad to know that the airline will allow you to load a fourth checked bag.

Usually, a fourth suitcase will cost you an additional $200. As mentioned before, you’re free to clear this payment during American Airlines ticket booking or at the airport.

Size and Weight Restrictions

American Airlines has very stringent weight restrictions for customers. Today, a customer cannot carry a suitcase with a total length of over 62 inches. Additionally, the client must ensure that their luggage doesn’t weigh beyond 50 pounds.

However, for Business Class and First Class, your travel bag can weigh up to 70 pounds. Remember that the airline will weigh your load before they allow you to load it. Failure to follow this policy may lead to the cancellation of American Airlines reservations.

If you’d like to carry a carry-on bag, you must know that there are size restrictions. Typically, your item needs not to exceed the dimensions 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches. Similarly, if you would like to carry a personal item, you must adhere to the size restrictions.

Today, your personal item must not be beyond the dimension of 18 inches by 14 inches by 8 inches. Any customer who carried overweight bags must be willing to pay additional fees. Please get in touch with customer care to know how much you ought to pay.

American AAdvantage

Customers need to take advantage of the American Airlines AAdvantage program. This program aims at enabling a customer to travel at a lower price. Today, if you’re a member of this program, you can travel with some checked travel bags, for free.

Baggage Allowance

Customers will be over the moon to learn that the baggage policy offers an allowance. Frequently, domestic flights attract the lowest luggage allowance. If you bought a transatlantic reservation, you’re free to carry one travel bag at no charge. Mostly, the allowance may depend on several factors, such as the fare type of the travel class. For more information on this, feel free to visit American Airlines official site “” or get in touch with customer care.

American Airlines Cancellation Policy

Customers have a right to know the American Airlines cancellation Policy. Thanks to this policy, a client is free to revoke a reservation if they so wish. Interestingly, the travel policy applies to both domestic and international flights uniformly.

American Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

Unlike some airlines, this airline has a strict American Airlines 24 Hours cancellation policy. The good news is that you don’t have to explain the reason for ticket cancellation. Usually, the airline won’t charge you a service charge if you revoke the booking within 24 hours.

Additionally, you’re free to use whichever option available to accomplish them. Once customer care approves your request, you’ll receive a refund. Similarly, you’re free to re-book upon approval of your ticket cancellation request.

How to Cancel an American Airlines Booking

Technically, the American Airlines ticket cancellation policy offers several ways of canceling a booking. Here are some of these useful options.

a) Online ticket cancellation Option

Most customers prefer this booking cancellation option for obvious reasons. Here a customer ought to visit American Airlines official site to complete this process. Please ensure the required steps religiously to cancel your booking successfully.

Firstly, click on the cancel ticket option to start this process. After that, you’ll have to enter the accurate flight details for processing. The beauty of this option is that it’s not only convenient but also reliable.

Another option available is the American Airlines application. You can easily download the application from the American Airlines flight reservations official site. The good news is that you can conduct several processes using this mobile application.

b) Offline Ticket Cancellation Option

Another option available for customers is to cancel a reservation offline. For instance, cancel flight reservations to allow clients to email customer care. The airline’s representatives are always ready to help a customer out. However, please note that you’ll have to provide all the necessary flight information.

Today the airline reacts upon emails within 24 hours after submission. If your cancellation is successful, the airline will notify you immediately. Some customers prefer to contact customer care directly for immediate assistance.

Nowadays, American Airlines flight cancellation policy allows clients to visit the airport for help. The good news is that there are plenty of customer care agents ready to attend to you.

American Airlines Cancelation Fee

If a customer fails to cancel an air ticket within 24 hours, they must pay a flight cancellation charge. Typically, the airline will deduct this cancellation fee from the already paid booking fee. Therefore, in case of a refund, the airline will first deduct all applicable service charges. Thus, the final customer will receive the final amount.

American Airlines Cancellation Support Center

As you know by now, cancel flight reservation allows its customers to request customer care agents for help. Please feel free to dial 800-433-7300 to ask for a ticket cancellation service.

In most cases, the airline won’t charge you an extra fee for this. However, you must know that American Airlines reservations USA help desk agents are only reachable during business hours. Here’s some the airline invented a live chat feature.

An AAdvantage member can chat with customer care directly. These days you can get virtual assistance 24/7; all you need to do is start the chat, by entering your problem. Customers must also capitalize on email.

Flight Change Policy

Please note that American Airlines permits travelers to re-book if they like. The truth is that there is a reasonable American Airlines flight change policy in place. All customers need to abide by this travel policy to change their booking successfully.

How to Change an American Airlines Booking

Customers can capitalize on several options to change their American Airlines reservations. For instance, a traveler can visit to re-book an air ticket. Please click on the change flight to kick-start this online ticket cancellation process.

After that, you’ll be required to enter essential flight details such as booking code and last name. Kindly first confirm if your preferred flight is available. You may be required to pay additional fees if the alternative flight is costlier.

Another option available is to contact customer care. American Airlines change reservations policy allows customer care to change a booking for a client. The wonderful news is that customer care agents won’t charge you for this.

You’ll be overjoyed to learn that you can use the American Airlines mobile app to change your flight. The beauty of this app is that it’s convenient and quick. Please note that you can only use this app online; hence you’ll need to have the internet.

Flight Change Deadline

Customers are free to change their American Airlines reservations soon after they book a flight. Today a client must submit the request at least 3 hours before the flight. Kindly understand that the airline needs adequate time to replace you.

Therefore if you submit the request later than that, the airline will reject it. Consequently, you risk losing your travel funds. The good news is that there are several ways of completing this crucial process.

American Airlines Flight Change Guidelines

Kindly take note of below American Airlines flight change guidelines.

  • A customer must cancel a booking, before their air ticket expires.
  • The airline does not allow anyone else to cancel a booking on behalf of an eligible client.
  • A traveler must submit the cancellation request at least 3 hours before the deadline.
  • A customer must pay the specified American Airlines flight change fee.

Flight Change Fee

As hinted earlier, the flight change policy usually charges customers a small flight change fee. Today, each customer will have to pay a service charge of $200 to modify one air ticket.

That implies that you’ll have to pay a higher service charge if you would like to revoke many American Airlines reservations. Please note that in most cases: the airline deducts this charge from the paid booking fee.

Apart from that, you must understand that fare differences may apply. That’s why some customer prefers to clear this service charge from their pocket.

Flight Change Policy on Expired Tickets

A client cannot modify an expired ticket. Most of these air tickets have a validity of 12 months. Therefore a client has no choice but to American Airlines change reservations within a year. Once that period expires, your air ticket becomes non-cancellable and unusable.

American Airlines Hotline

As you already know, flight change policy allows customer care agents to change a flight. Therefore, you’re at liberty to dial +1-855-915-0332 to modify your booking. However, the unfortunate reality is that customer care agents are only available during business hours.

Special Assistance Policy

There’s no other airline that takes exceptional care of its customers than American Airlines. As you’ll see shortly, the airline has a fantastic special assistance policy. For this reason, passengers with special needs need not, to feel left out.

If you’re looking for this travel policy, then you ought to rest easy. This captivating blog will discuss the special assistance policy. Today, the airline doesn’t charge such clients an extra fee.

The airline encourages customers to abide by this travel policy. Please avoid the temptation to request for American Airlines special services, if you have no special need.

How to Request for Special Assistance

American Airlines special assistance policy provides multiple ways of requesting such help. Firstly, a traveler may get in touch with customer care directly to ask for it. Remember that the airline allows customer care agents to help clients to request for these special services. Feel at liberty to dial 800-433-7300 to ask for this crucial intervention.

That’s not the only option available; you’re equally free to notify customer care online. Remember that the airline expects you to include all the essential details, in your American Airlines booking. Once the airline gets your information, they’ll make all the necessary arrangements.

Today holidaymakers can capitalize on the American Airlines mobile app to request for these services. The good news is that this mobile app is compatible with most smartphones. Thus it makes sense to visit American Airlines official site “” to download and enjoy unmatched convenience.

Examples of Special Needs

Special services policy, recognizes different kinds of disabilities. Below is a list of some of these;

  • Dumbness
  • Deafness
  • Autism
  • Crippleness
  • Mental Disability
  • Cognitive and Development problem

Traveling with a Personal Assistant

The good news is that you can travel with an assistant. However, you must know that you’ll have to book an air ticket for him or her. Please notify customer care in advance so that they can assign you adjacent seats.

Passengers with special needs, who travel with an assistant are not eligible for special services.

American Airlines Special Services Hotline

If you’d like to request special assistance, you have no reason to worry. Today, the airline permits you to contact customer care agents directly. Don’t hesitate to call 800-735-2988 for consideration.

Forms of Help American Airlines Offer

Technically, customers can enjoy different kinds of special assistance. That’s why you must specify your disability during American Airlines reservations. Below is a list of the various forms of help, you can request from them.

  • Wheelchair service; an assistant can help to wheel you onto the plane. Apart from that, the helper will equally load your unique device, once you settle.
  • Vision helps: if you’re either completely blind or partially blind, the airline has you fully covered. An assistant will help in getting cleared for the flight. Apart from that, the helper will help you locate your assigned seat. Not to add, they assist you to embark and disembark the aircraft upon arrival to your destination.
  • Hearing assistance; in case you have a hearing problem, don’t worry at all. Your assistant will help take you through the clearance process at the airport. Additionally, he or she will help to interpret travel instructions.

Infant and Children Travel Policy

Kids will forever be grateful to American Airlines, due to the sensible American Airlines infant travel policy. This travel policy allows minors to fly. However, the reality is that kids have no choice but to stick to the guidelines in place.

Infant Travel Documents

American Airlines infant and children travel policy expects minors to produce a few travel documents. Key among these documents include;

  • Birth Certificate
  • Boarding Pass
  • Passport (with Visa)
  • Medical Certificate

As anyone can rightly guess, you’ll have to present these travel documents at the airport. Once the customer care agents verify them, they’ll clear you for the flight. Kindly note that you cannot get clearance for an air trip, without these travel documents.

American Airlines Lap Infants Policy

A client above 16 years is free to hold an infant on their lap. The good news is that the airline would charge such passengers for domestic flights. That implies that you’ll need to pay a specified American Airlines flight reservations fee if you wish to travel internationally.

Unaccompanied kids Travel Policy

Today, kids over five years can travel unaccompanied but must leverage the unaccompanied minor service. However, if the underage traveler is over 15 years, this service is not mandatory. Kindly familiarize yourself with unaccompanied infant fares.

Nowadays, the airline will charge such a kid $150 service fee, exclusive of applicable taxes. Additionally, the unaccompanied minor will have to pay a specified booking fee. The unaccompanied minor service is vital as it helps your kid to:

  • Access the kids-only lounge and interact with other kids
  • Be escorted by a cabin crew member to a pick-up point.
  • Enjoy early clearance service.
  • Early boarding of the plane, after quick clearance.

A parent or guardian must provide their contact for young unaccompanied minors. Remember that the airline will need to contact you to link you up with your son or daughter at the specified pick-up station.

Essential Travel Details

Both accompanied and unaccompanied kids must provide crucial details. Some of this information includes;

  • Minor’s official names
  • Date of Birth
  • Parent or guardian’s full names
  • Parent or guardian’s contacts
  • Address
  • An alternative phone number
  • Pick-up point for unaccompanied minors

Infant Check-in Policy

Another important infant travel policy is the check-in process. A kid has to confirm their American Airlines booking at the airport, just like adults. Parents ought to arrive at least 2 hours before the flight. Remember that the airline does not permit infants and children to check-in virtually on their own.

They must fill up an unaccompanied minor form; the parent or guardian may be required to append their signature. The kid needs to remain with that document throughout the journey.

  • A parent needs to provide some essential documents such as;
  • A copy of their official identification card
  • Boarding pass
  • Kid’s birth certificate

Drop-off Policy

Adults must accompany their kids to the airport. Additionally, the parent needs to wait until the flight takes off. The good news is that unaccompanied kids enjoy fast clearance services. A cabin crew member will contact you to inform you once the aircraft takes off.

Traveling with your infant has never been easier, thanks to American Airlines. What a great airline, this is!

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Travel Pet Policy

Few customers are familiar with travel with pets policy. This travel policy allows customers to travel with a pet, for whatever reason. However, it would be best if you never forgot that a small pet fare would apply.

Pet Fare

Customers need to pay a small booking fee for their animals. Today, the airline allows customers to travel with mainly cats or dogs. Additionally, the airline anticipates that the traveler will keep their pet in a pet carrier.

Please note that the airline will charge a pet fare of $125 per pet container. The good news is that you won’t have to pay any pet fare if you transport a service animal. Customers can opt to clear this fee when booking American Airlines reservations.

How to Book an Air Ticket

Today, travelers can quickly clear the pet fare online. Technically, American Airlines traveling with pets policy permits clients to book for their animals online. Please don’t hesitate to visit American Airlines reservations official site to reserve an air ticket for your pet. You’ll have to follow some simple on-screen instructions.

The good news is that the airline will only charge you per carrier. Here’s some good news, you’re free to get in touch with customer care to ask them to reserve some space for your pet. Ensure that you provide them with all the necessary details related to your pet such as;

  • Pet’s name
  • Age
  • Breed

Customers must provide a health certificate at the airport. This travel document helps to prove that your animal is disease-free. You can quickly get this document by visiting a professional veterinary officer.

Pet Carrier Specifications

Today, American Airlines travel with pets policy gives strict pet carrier guidelines. Firstly, you must ensure that the pet container is well-ventilated. Additionally, the carrier ought to sit erect on its own. Not to add, that your pet carrier ought not to be collapsible.

Please ensure that the kernel is soft-sided for apparent reasons. A traveler has a responsibility to ensure that the kernel is secure and water-repellant.

Pet Restrictions

The airline does not accept some dog breeds. Therefore, you must visit the website to know some of these breeds. Typically, American Airlines won’t allow snub-nosed dogs like;

  • Boston Terrier
  • Boxer
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Chow Chow
  • English Toy Spaniel
  • Cane Corso
  • Bulldog

Kindly note that your pet must be over two months, especially if you’d like to travel within the U.S. Additionally, you need to vaccinate your animal to ensure it’s disease-free. travel with pets policy is incredibly strict if you’re from a high-risk country.

Dogs or cats from high-risk countries need to be over four months old. Not to add, that the traveler needs to take the animal to a veterinarian for a rabies shot, especially if you’d like to travel to the U.S.

If you’d like to travel with a cat, it must be over two months. Similarly, the airline prohibits the transportation of some cats like

  • Persian
  • Exotic Shorthair
  • Himalayan
  • Burmese

Security Policy

As is the case with other airlines, American Airlines must inspect pet carriers. Therefore, you’ll need to hold your dog in the inspection area. Please note that this exercise is mandatory for all customers traveling with pets.

Destinations that allow Pets

Unfortunately, not all destinations allow traveling, with pets. Therefore customers ought to inquire whether their destination is pet-friendly. Below is a list of some of the countries that allow dogs and cats.

  • Canada
  • US
  • Mexico
  • St. Thomas
  • Alaska

For countries such as Australia, you need to notify the ADAW at least three days before. Additionally, you must fulfill all the entry requirements at the airport.

Here is a list of some countries that don’t allow pets completely.

  • Jamaica
  • Hawaii
  • Brazil
  • Uruguay
  • Chile
  • Argentina

American Airlines Vacations

Travelers have a reason to smile thanks to American Airlines vacations. There are several travel deals and packages available for you. Lucky for you, this blog will enable you to travel for an unforgettable holiday.

Travel Deals

Nowadays, customers can travel to different places at more affordable rates. Today, if you’re a member of AAdvantage, we have some good news for you. The more points you accumulate, the easier it will be for you to travel.

There are several American Airlines vacation packages available for you. You can use your points to travel to some of these prestigious destinations. Interestingly, every time you book a vacation to a prestigious place, you earn many points.

For instance, if you book for Turks and Caicos vacation, you’ll earn 30,000. You’ll be happy to know that you can book a hotel on the airline’s official website. Nowadays, this airline offers amazing discounts when clients book American Airlines reservations.

How to Book an American Airlines Vacations

As mentioned before, there are several American Airlines vacation packages available for you. The good news is that a customer can visit to capitalize on them. You’ll only have to follow a few simple steps to complete this online process.

Alternatively, you can opt to dial the American Airlines vacations phone number. Customer care agents are free to help clients to book for a vacation. Don’t hesitate to call +1-855-915-0332 to request for vacation booking services. Another option is to email customer service. Usually, customer care reviews requests within 24 hours.

A traveler must provide essential details while booking the vacation. Here is a list of this crucial information.

  • Total number of travelers
  • Place of departure
  • Date of departure
  • Hotel
  • Travel class

Interestingly, customers can use the American Airlines mobile app to book American Airlines vacations. Customers will be glad to know that they can complete several processes on this app. Here’s some good news, the airline won’t charge you to use this mobile.

You’ll be overjoyed to learn that this application is compatible with most smartphones.

Examples of Holiday Destinations

Today, customers can travel to several prestigious destinations. Here is a list of some of these fantastic places.

  • Flights to Las Vegas
  • Flights to St Lucia
  • Flights to Miami
  • Flights to Cancun
  • Flights to Orlando
  • Flights to Canada
  • Flights to China
  • Flights to Italy

Why you should Consider American Airlines Vacations

Technically, there are countless reasons why customers should consider American vacations. Here are some of these reasons.

  • Saves you money: most of these travel deals help clients to save money. The airline has partnered with several hotels and resorts to help customers to enjoy some discounts.
  • Saves you time: a customer can easily choose a suitable vacation destination. As hinted before, there are several vacation destinations available for customers; feel free to visit the airline’s official website to choose the most suitable. Therefore, you do not have to take forever to choose the best place to visit for a family vacation.

American Airlines AAdvantage Program

Few customers are familiar with the American Airlines AAdvantage program. This crucial travel program helps customers to earn points whenever they travel to some destinations. Today, the airline boasts of over 1000 partners, making it easier for customers to earn more points.

The good news is that you can use these miles to accomplish different tasks.

How to Book an American Airlines AAdvantage Reservations

Customers can redeem these miles on the airline’s official website, to buy American Airlines flight reservations. Please click on book flight and check the redeem miles checkbox. After that, you’ll have to log in to your AAdvantage account. Afterwards, you’ll need to enter the required information such as

  • Type of trip; either roundtrip, one way or multi city
  • Destination
  • Place of departure
  • Return date
  • Number of travellers

American Airlines AAdvantage Miles

This refers to the points that one earns under the American Airlines AAdvantage miles program. Please note that you’ll need to become a member first, to enjoy the benefits that come with it. Typically, you earn points every time you travel to some partner destinations

Lucky for you the airline has partnered with close to 1000 airlines to help you leverage this program. The more the points you have, the more the benefits you can enjoy. You can only redeem these miles on your AAdvantage account; hence you must log in to your account first.

Benefits of the American Airlines AAdvantage Travel

  • Enables clients to fly to some destinations globally: the main benefit of this program is that it enables you to get American Airlines AAdvantage reservations. A client can use these miles to travel to close to 1000 destinations globally.
  • Miles are useful in hotel booking: thanks to this program, customers can use miles to book a hotel. Remember that the airline has partnered with several hotels, both locally and internationally.
  • Saves customers money: thanks to this program, customers can save a lot of money. As you know, travelers can purchase American Airlines reservations using the AAdvantage points.
  • Renting a car: if you’d like to rent a car, don’t worry if you have many American AAdvantage Miles. The airline allows customers to redeem these points to rent a car.
  • Vacation booking: another benefit of this is that you can use the miles to book a vacation. Customers can book American Airlines AAdvantage reservations to travel to prestigious places for a memorable family or group vacation. Call American Airlines AAdvantage customer service +1-855-915-0332 for any concern.

American Airlines Manage Booking

Customers will be happy to know about American Airlines manage booking functionality. It helps customers to alter their reservations as they please. The good news is that there are several ways of managing a booking.

How to Manage an American Airlines Booking

There are several ways of manage my booking. Here is a list of some of these ways.

  • Online booking managing; one of the best ways to manage your reservation, is on the airline’s official website. You’re free to select whichever option you like. For instance, a client is at liberty to change their booking for whatever reason.
  • Mobile app: you must have heard about the mobile application. Travelers are free to use it for manage flight booking. For example, you can utilize this application to revoke a American Airlines reservations or book a flight.
  • Customer care: there’s no better way to manage a booking than by contacting customer support directly. The airline allows customers to get in touch with customer care to request for booking management services. The good news is that the airline won’t charge you for this.

Examples of ways of Managing a Booking

Today, there are several things customers can do thanks to American Airlines manage booking. Some of these include;

  • Ticket cancellation: one of the things you’re free to do is to cancel your booking. Please ensure that you adhere to the American Airlines ticket cancellation policy. For instance, you need to ensure that your air ticket is still valid.
  • Re-booking: another way of managing a booking is to change a booking. A traveler is free to modify their reservation for whatever reason. However, you must know a small service charge may apply.
  • Confirming a booking: customers ought to form a habit of checking in for a flight. American Airlines may rely on these confirmations to prepare accordingly for the trip. On the bright side, this process is not mandatory.
  • Printing a boarding pass: Airlines expects customers to present a boarding at the airport. For this reason. The American Airlines manage booking policy allows one to print this crucial travel document.

American Airlines Telefono USA

American Airlines Telefono USA is among the largest flag carriers in the US. The good news is that the American Airlines Espanol Telefono has several sensible travel policies for its customers. For instance, a customer can choose to re-book, if they so wish, without the need to provide an explanation.

These travel policies give a customer the freedom over their booking. For instance, the Telefono American Airlines 24 Horas allows you to cancel your ticket if you no longer wish to travel. However, you must ensure that you stick to the airline’s flight cancellation policy.

Apart from that, American Airlines Numeros de Telefono provide two different ways of contacting customer service. You’re free to call 800-633-3711 for immediate assistance. Customer care agents are always on standby to attend to customers at no charges.

However, you must know that a service charge may apply in case of booking management services. Customers must note that the airline expects them to confirm their booking before a flight. You’ll have to provide essential information such as;

  • Ticket number
  • Last name
  • Destination

Accessibility Assistance

Unlike some airlines, American Airlines offers special services to customers with special needs. However, such travelers must abide by the American Airlines accessibility guidelines. There are a few steps to follow to request for accessibility assistance.

How to Request for Special Accessibility Assistance

Special passengers ought to inform customer care of their condition in advance. The agents will capture their details and make the necessary arrangements. The good news is that the American Airlines accessibility assistance policy is reasonable. For this reason, they won’t charge you to receive the help you need.

Alternatively, you’re free to visit the airport to request for special assistance. The fantastic news is that there is an accessibility assistance help desk. Therefore you can get the help you need when you visit the airport. Kindly ensure that you carry all the necessary official documents.

Today, customers can request for this assistance online. A customer can quickly access the special assistance form from the American Airlines official site. However, you must know that they must ask for some documents to verify the information. For this reason, it’s pointless to try to act smart.

Corporate Programs

Travelers won’t believe that there are American Airlines corporate programs available for them. These programs especially suit people who wish to enjoy a worthwhile corporate trip.

How can on Enroll for a Corporate Program

If you’d like to join this program, don’t hesitate to fill in a request form. Kindly visit and click on join now. A request form will appear; please enter all the required details for consideration. Once your request is approved, you’re free to book an corporate booking.

Examples of Corporate Programs

Today there are several corporate programs that one can take advantage of for a good journey. Customers can book cheap American Airlines reservations regardless of the corporate program they like.

  • Air Pass Program: these are among the most preferred programs, to join. The beauty of this program is that customers can enjoy unmatched flexibility. Not to add, that you can enjoy irresistible discounts.
  • Business Extra: this program mainly targets airlines that have partnered with American Airlines. The good news is that travelers here earn massive Miles. You can redeem these points once they accumulate to foot the booking charges.

Advantages of Corporate Programs

  • Preferred selection of seats: thanks to the AAdvantage program, you have a say in the seat you get. Remember that travel usually involves clients traveling for business reasons.
  • It helps one to earn points: another advantage of this program is that customers can earn Miles. You can redeem these points for a flight or hotel booking.
  • Saves you money: during the peak season, the airline may offer a discount to customers’ interest in corporate travel. For instance, you get to enjoy incredible upfront discounts. As a result, you’ll end up saving a few bucks.

The airline encourages customers to take advantage of the corporate programs. Join any program today, and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Impact of Browsing American Airlines Reservations Official Site

The importance and impact of making American Airlines flight reservations is huge. However, user-friendly website of the airline makes the process of flight booking more flexible and convenient. Without visiting the kiosk of the airline, American Airlines book flight. Easy to navigate website of American Airlines makes this possible. Browsing through American Airlines reservations official site can give you access to exciting deals and discounts.

Signing up to the airline’s website can help you get alerts on flight tickets. Making American Airlines ticket reservations is an easy and affordable task when you sign up to the newsletter of the airline. This helps you get access to special discount which comes in the form of promo codes.

American Airlines Customer Service – Benefits

24×7 availability is the specialty of American Airlines. American Airlines book flight at any time and from anywhere with their dedicated, experienced and professional staff. Staff at the airline are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist customers with relevant information and solution to their queries. Make American Airlines flight reservations with helpful customer executive of the airline over the phone. Also, through American Airlines reservations official site you can get connected with the staff through live chat and getting your booking done in a jiffy.

Frequently Encountered Problems With American Airlines

The company is the most successful example of an airline company and has set precedents on performance, which makes it problematic for it because any small glitch will be magnified. The problems that the customer has faced are discussed below.

  • Misplace of baggage
  • Flight attendants often behaved rudely with passengers
  • They are not very accommodating when it comes to rescheduling
  • Online booking issue
  • Ticket price to high

Given how large a company this is; it is quite normal if some time is taken for largescale policy changes. However, if you have encountered any problems you can contact them by getting in touch with the customer service team by American Airlines numeros de telefono.

Why to Make American Airlines Flight Reservations?

Make American Airlines your flying partner to reach your destination with ultimate comfort and that too without breaking the bank. American Airlines book flight to get flight tickets at affordable rates with superb amenities with no hidden fees.

Contact American Airlines customer service by dialing their customer service number

The company is one of the best in the world, but there remain some facts, laden with obscurity. If you want to know more about them, you can contact them by dialing the American Airlines reservations number USA +1-855-915-0332.

American Airlines Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can American Airlines also make reservations online?

Yes, you can also book your airlines reservations online. When your booking is confirmed, you get an email from us or call American Airlines Numeros de Telefono service and all the information about your booking is given to you.

2. What’s it like to fly with American Airlines?

Flying with American Airlines is FUN, AFFORDABLE & EXCITING! As a low-fare airline, American Airlines believe that flying should be a means of transportation for “flying for everyone”. We want to provide our passengers with a completely unique flight experience that is safe, reliable, and timely with a high level of passenger services. Book your tickets with American Airlines reservations USA and get this kind of experience.

3. How much luggage or baggage can be carried with American Airlines?

When you travel, the luggage allowance will vary depending on the routes of travel. You will be eligible to carry more luggage with American advantage reservations.

4. What is the prepaid excess baggage slab in American Airlines and how can I book it?

Passengers can book pre-paid extra baggage through our website or call centre up to a few hours before the scheduled departure of their flight. It has different slabs for domestic and international flights.

5. Do I have to pay an additional fee if I am travelling with more than my approved luggage in American Airlines?

Yes, you will be charged an extra bag and/or extra allowance for your extra allowance.

6. What if I booked a ticket through American Airlines reservations USA desk and if I lost or damaged luggage?

Missing or damaged baggage must be reported to the American Airlines Baggage claim counter before leaving airport customs.

7. Can American Airlines have a refund if the trip is cancelled?

Yes, a refund can be obtained by cancelling a trip with American Airlines. You can cancel the ticket online and refund the fee once applicable. The process of changing or cancelling a booking is different for domestic and international flights.
If the ticket is not cancelled within the stipulated time, which means that the ticket amount will be forfeited and only the applicable taxes will be refunded, then no show fee will be levied.

8. Can seats change in Airlines?

All seat selections made in advance are non-refundable or transferable to any other seat or any other flight. If you change on a seat that requires a fee, and some conditions are set for such activity. For this, you can also get information by calling our call centre. You will have to pay a more expensive seat fee to get the seat you want. Variable seat changes are not permitted for different flights or dates. You can take help about change seat from American Airlines numeros de telefono espenol.

9. Do American Airlines provide any food or drink onboard?

Yes, American Airlines sells hot food/snacks or refreshments and beverages in selected flights/economy class. Passengers who have to pre-book are served hot food of choice.

10. When I booked a ticket, there were many passengers in my booking, will we be able to sit together?

Confirmation of this thing can be done only at check-in. Our staff tries to ensure that every passenger gets his or her allotted seat.


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