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Are you up for a quiet and solitary European getaway? If yes, then book your tickets to Moldova and set out on this exhilarating journey of a country steeped in history and beauty in the lap of Eastern Europe. Contact Air Moldova today by dialing the Air Moldova reservations number for an authentic European experience at affordable prices.

About Air Moldova

Air Moldova, established in 1993 is the national civil aviation venture of the country and is headquartered at Chisinau. Its operations include scheduled and chartered flights from its primary hub at Chisinau International Airport to other European destinations.

The first civil aviation initiative was made way back in 1944 when the Po-2 transport carrier arrived and an independent squadron was created by Moldova. In the 60s further developments were made for the enhancement of the local airline scenario. Since the early 70s the fleet of the company saw rapid expansion with the inclusion of Soviet made aircrafts.

With its creation, on the basis of the Aeroflot model, the target of the company from its very first days has been integration of the company with the European and International market and operation on the basis of international standards.

Their highly prolific customer support team is always up for appreciation for the way of service they provide to maintain the reputation of the company till date, for information you can call on Air Moldova online booking contact number.

Frequently encountered problems with Air Moldova Reservations

The company has emerged victorious out of the Soviet disintegration and still stands strong in spite of not being as economically sound as other companies of the same stature should be. However, there are problems which are embedded with the name of the company and needs immediate attention.

  • Recurrent cancellation of important flights to Corfu and Zakinthos
  • Passengers have complained about food shortage in the flight quiet often
  • They were found to be very rigid with their rules

These problems while not deal breakers are also not insufficient enough to be taken action against, if you have ever faced these problems, you can sort it out by contacting the company by dialing the Air Moldova online booking contact number +1-855-915-0332.

Contact the Air Moldova customer service by dialing their customer service number

The company even on the face of operational dysfunctionalities has continued to champion the cause of passenger satisfaction. For such a small geographical entity, their commitment is magnanimous. If you have faced any problem, from luggage claim to refund claim you can contact them by ringing up the Air Moldova lost baggage contact number for a speedy resolution.