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There are many people traveling to Korea every month either for business purpose or simply as tourists. In order to make that journey at a price that is affordable by all, Air Koryo is probably one of the most pocket-friendly options that are available to the people.  If you are one of them who are about to make that booking and need some sort of assistance with it, you are free to call Air Koryo customer service number for the needful.

About Air Koryo

Air Koryo was established way back on 21 September 1955 and has been the most significant airline carrier of North Korea ever since. They have a number of flights that connect North Korea and South Korea, but other than that they have a number of flights to other important parts of Asia as well.

The capital of North Korea is Pyongyang and the headquarters of Air Koryo is present in the Pyongyang International Airport as well. It has recently started flights to Kuwait City as well.

There have been reports from the leaders of North Korea that Air Koryo will not be limited to, providing flight services only and will soon expand to the cargo carrier facility as well.

Koreans are known to be very cordial and diligent in their work and the same characteristics are reflected in the customer service department of Air Koryo as well. It consists of a team of specialists who are highly qualified for their job and you can contact them anytime by accessing Air Koryo phone number and they will be at your service, answering your queries wherever and whenever possible.

Frequently encountered problems with Air Koryo

Air Koryo prided itself in the customer services that they provided to its flyers and had an amazing reputation in that respect. However, despite best efforts, they did face some sort of problems some time or the other which were not able to create a significant dent in the reputation. A few of them included-

  • Difficulties in booking connecting flights through North Korea
  • Flights delayed for a long time without prior notice
  • Interruption in the wifi services which resulted in difficulties of conducting business work while being on the go.

All of these problems are sorted out by the blink of an eye by the customer service group of Air Koryo.

Contact Air Koryo customer service by dialing the customer service number

If you are planning to use the flight services of Air Koryo anytime soon and have some inquiries, feel free to call the Air Koryo toll free number and the executives will definitely be happy to help.