Air Canada Reservations (AC)

Make Air Canada Reservations and Check-in With Ease

Air Canada offers three options for checking-in for the flight, namely online/ web check-in, mobile check-in, and airport check-in. Make Air Canada reservations at any time and get check-in done with much ease and comfort.

  • Online and mobile Check-in facility for Air Canada flights open between 24 hours and 45 minutes for the flights operating within Canada.
  • For flights operating between Canada and other countries, the check-in is available only 60 minutes before the flight departure. Air Canada book a flight and check-in within the specific timeframe.

If you are checking-in for the flight via airport kiosk, then the check-in facility begin 12 hours before the flight take-off. Make Air Canada flight reservations and check-in for your flight within the shortest possible time.

About Air Canada

Founded in 1937, Air Canada is the leading airline and the major airline company in Canada in terms of fleet size and transported passengers. The airline offers regular and charter flights for the transport of travelers and freight to more than 200 destinations around the world.

The founder is Star Alliance and the company has its headquarters located in Montreal, Quebec, and is the largest center at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The national airline of Canada was founded in 1936 from the founding of Trans-Canada Airlines (TCA) of the Canadian federal government, which began its functioning its first coast-to-coast lines in 1938.

After the liberation of the Canadian airlines during the 1980s, the carrier was denationalized in 1988. In 2003, a claim for bankruptcy was filed by the airlines and in the next year, it appeared and reorganized within the holding of ACE Aviation Holdings Inc. Air Canada transported 48 million travelers in 2017 as the aviation company enjoyed its 80th birthday. While you face any problem with their service do feel free to convey your issue to Air Canada reservations number +1-855-915-0332.

How to Air Canada Book a Flight?

There are multiple ways of making Air Canada reservations such as by using the official website, by downloading the mobile app, by hiring the agent and by calling the airline’s representative. When it comes to booking a flight ticket, two things that strike our mind is safety and cost. Air Canada is both safe and cost-effective and thus you can easily make Air Canada flight reservations. The advantage of booking flight tickets with Air Canada is that you can get the chance to fetch plenty of cheap deals and discounts which can save you a lot. You can Air Canada book a flight either by downloading the mobile app on your smartphone or by using the Air Canada reservations official site.

Destinations Served

Air Canada flies to nearly 180 different destinations spread across the world. Normally, Air Canada destinations comprise both domestic and international places. Technically, international Air Canada flight reservations draw a higher booking fee as they cover a longer distance.

Domestic Destinations

Air Canada flies to a few local destinations such as;

  • Flights to Ottawa
  • Flights to Toronto
  • Flights to Regina
  • Flights to Vancouver
  • Flights to Edmonton

List of International Destinations

Some of the notable destinations include;

  • Flights to Argentina
  • Flights to Algiers
  • Flights to Brazil
  • Flights to Cuba
  • Flights to Denmark
  • Flights to Czech Republic
  • Flights to France
  • Flights to Germany

Terminated Destinations

Unfortunately, customers can no longer book Air Canada reservations to some of the terminated destinations. Here are some of these terminated or suspended places.

  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Cuba
  • Bahamas
  • Costa Rica
  • Croatia

Fleet Size

Air Canada has an incredible fleet size of 174 aircraft. That explains why the airline flies to nearly 180 destinations. Please note that Air Canada has both cargo planes as well as passenger planes.

Air Canada Aircraft

Air Canada’s fleet size usually comprises both Air Buses and Boeing planes. Here is a list of some of the planes in operation today.

  • Airbus A319
  • Airbus A320
  • Airbus A321
  • Airbus A220
  • Boeing 737 MAX 8
  • Boeing 777
  • Boeing 787

Cabin Classes

Air Canada boasts of three cabin classes. These are first-class, business class, and economy class. Technically, each of these cabin classes features slightly varying onboard amenities. However, first-class and business class have a lot in common.

Always specify your travel class when completing an Air Canada booking. As a result, you’ll end up paying the exact amount depending on your travel class.

a) First Class

First-class is widely known for having highly fancy facilities. Passengers here buy the costliest Air Canada reservations. Notable features of these class include;

  • Priority boarding
  • Privacy dividers
  • Fast check-in process
  • Luxurious leather seats(convertible to flatbeds)

b) Business Class

Business-class is the second most expensive cabin class. Travelers here can equally access fancy amenities. The beauty of this travel class is that customers can;

  • Access leather seats with more legroom
  • Access a headrest and footrests
  • Priority boarding
  • Tables
  • Privacy dividers

c) Economy class

Economy class is the most inexpensive travel class out of the three. Here travelers can mainly access basic facilities. Economy class travelers can access some fancy facilities at a fee. Remember that such Air Canada flight reservations do not include the cost of accessing luxurious facilities in the bookings.

Air Canada Partners

Air Canada has partnered with several airlines and other hotel industries. Most of the partners are other airlines. The partnership helps clients to fly to as many destinations as they can.

List of Partners Airlines

Some of the partner airlines include;

Aeroplan Program

Air Canada partnered with some airlines to start the Aeroplan program. This program enables travelers to earn miles whenever they book a reservation. Once a client accumulates enough points, they can redeem them to book a reservation.

Partnerships with Hotels

Air Canada has partnered with several hotels such as Accor hotels. Thanks to the partnership, customers can use their Aeroplan Miles to book a hotel. However, you must know that this can only work with the hotels which have partnered with Air Canada Airlines.

Flight Schedules and Flight Status

Customers ought to check Air Canada flight schedules before booking a reservation. Usually, the airline releases its timetable a few months in advance. Therefore, you can access it either online or in PDF form to help you book accordingly.

How to Access Flight Schedules

Firstly, a customer can visit Air Canada reservations official site to access flight schedules. The timetable will contain several details such as

  • Flight
  • Date of departure
  • Booking fee
  • Point of departure
  • Return date

A customer can equally access a PDF of the airline’s timetable.

How to Check Flight Status

A customer ought to check their flight status days before the departure date. Kindly visit and click on the flight status option. You’ll be prompted to enter the flight details. Alternatively, you can get in touch to inquire about the status of your flight. The customer care agent will check the same for you at no charge. If you notice any anomaly days after completing your Air Canada book a flight, don’t hesitate to contact the reservations department.

Flight Check-in Policy

Air Canada expects customers to confirm their flight. Normally, the Air Canada check-in process opens 24 hours before the flight. Customers must not delay as the process closes at least an hour to the departure time.

How to Check-in for a Flight

Check-in policy offers countless ways of confirming a reservation. For instance, customers can visit to leverage the online check-in option. You ought to click on the check-in option to kick-start this online process.

Better still, you can visit the airport to confirm your Air Canada booking. However, in such a case, you’ll be required to provide essential travel documents. Customer care agents will help you confirm your booking at no extra charges.

Some customers must opt to contact customer service to confirm their Air Canada reservations. Don’t hesitate to dial +1-855-915-0332 toll-free to confirm your booking. Unfortunately, this option is only available to those residing within Canada or the U.S.

In-Flight Amenities

Air Canada has several amenities available for customers. Technically different cabin classes have varying Air Canada in-flight amenities. However, there are a few facilities that are available for all flyers regardless of their travel class.

List of Amenities

Customers with Air Canada reservations can access the below facilities.

  • Satellite Wi-Fi; travelers can access the internet during the flight. Today, the airline offers several internet packages to customers. For instance, if you wish to access Wi-Fi for an hour, you’ll need to pay $4.90.
  • Power outlets: each passenger can access a power outlet at their seat. The good news is that the airline won’t charge you to use this. Therefore, you’re free to charge your smartphone or iPhone during the flight.
  • Privacy dividers: Air Canada guarantees the privacy of both first-class and business class clients. Remember that such customers do not have seatmates.
  • Blankets and pillows: Air Canada offers blankets and pillows to customers, especially those who bought International Air Canada reservations.
  • Ear-buds: customers who bought Air Canada flight reservations can request free ear buds. However, if you bought an air ticket with a discount option, you won’t get free ear buds.
  • In-flight lavatory: passengers can access an in-flight lavatory irrespective of their cabin class. Although the airline won’t charge you for using this, you must abide by the lavatory rules. For example, you must flush the lavatory after using it. Usually, you can only use it before the plane takes off.
  • Reclining leather seats: Air Canada provides luxurious and comfy seats to passengers. Interestingly, one can convert this seat to a flatbed and enjoy some quality sleep.

Baggage Policy

Like every other airline, Air Canada also has a perfectly curated baggage policy to facilitate the travelers. You can visit the Air Canada reservations official site and keep yourself updated with the baggage norms and conditions.

  • Passengers can carry one cabin baggage and 1 personal item on-board. Your carry-on baggage must be light in weight so that you can place the same in overhead bin. Go through the baggage policy before making Air Canada reservations and pack your bags accordingly.
  • For determining the checked baggage, you can use the baggage calculator and feed the necessary credentials like departure and arrival airport and cabin class.
  • If you exceed the preset baggage limit, then you will have to pay the additional baggage fee. Furthermore, you’ll have to arrive about 120 minutes before departure if you have to check the additional bags and oversized pieces. Air Canada book a flight right away and pack your bags according to the airline’s baggage policy.

Air Canada Cancellation Policy

Air Canada has an elaborate flight cancellation policy in place. Air Canada cancellation policy stipulates a few guidelines to observe. Any customer who violates any flight cancellation guideline risks losing their travel funds.

Today, one can only cancel a valid Air Canada flight reservations. Technically, Air Canada reservations have a total validity of 12 months.

Air Canada 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Unlike other airlines, Air Canada allows you to cancel your booking within 24 hours. In such a case, the Air Canada 24 hour cancellation policy won’t impose any service charge on you. For this reason, if you cancel the booking within 24 hours, you deserve a full refund.

How to Cancel an Air Canada Reservations

Cancellation policy offers several ways of canceling a reservation. For instance, you’re free to visit to cancel a Air Canada booking. Upon visiting the airline’s official website, click on the cancel booking option.

Follow the instructions carefully to cancel the booking successfully. Alternatively, you can contact customer care to request for ticket cancellation services. Feel at liberty to call the Air Canada flight cancellation phone number +1-855-915-0332, for free at any time of the day or night.

Lastly, the Air Canada cancellation policy allows one to use the Air Canada mobile app to cancel a reservation. Please click on the cancel flight option and enter the flight details. After that, follow the simple on-screen instructions to cancel your air ticket successfully.

Air Canada Flight Cancellation Fee

Air Canada cancellation policy expects one to pay a flight cancellation fee. Usually, this service charge applies if you fail to cancel the reservation within 24 hours. You’ll need to pay $200 for each air ticket you revoke.

Non-Refundable Tickets

An air ticket is usually refundable before the set expiry date. Technically, Air Canada air tickets have a validity of 12 months. Once that period expires, the reservation automatically becomes non-refundable.

Flight Change Policy

Air Canada allows one to change a reservation for whatever reason. However, you must complete this process at least 3 hours before departure time. Apart from that, it would help if you abide by the Air Canada flight change guidelines.

Any violation of any guideline will lead to the automatic decline of your flight change request. Kindly note that you can only change a valid Air Canada booking.

How to Change an Air Canada Reservations

Air Canada change reservations policy offers multiple ways of changing a booking. Firstly, you’re free to visit to change the air ticket. You should click on the manage booking option once you visit the website.

After that, click on the change flight option to initiate this online travel process. Better still, you may opt to contact customer care to request them to modify the booking for you. A client can call customer care at their convenience via +1-855-915-0332.

Usually, Air Canada won’t charge you an additional service charge. However, you must know that change fees will apply for each air ticket you change. Please check your current flight status to ascertain that the flight change was effective.

Finally, a flyer can choose to use the Air Canada mobile app to change their reservation. Clients will need to follow some simple on-screen instructions to alter their Air Canada reservations successfully.

Flight Change Fees

Kindly note that the airline will charge you Air Canada change reservations fees for each air ticket you modify. If you wish to change a domestic flight, you’ll have to pay a service charge of at most $75.

On the contrary, if you’d like to change an international flight, you’ll be required to pay a flight change fee of $200. In most cases, the airline deducts this service charge from the already paid booking fee.

Name Change Policy

If you misspelled your name during booking, you should contact customer care to request a name change service. Remember that you only get cleared if your name matches on all the required travel documents. In most cases, Air Canada won’t charge you a service charge for this.

Similarly, you can request this service after you change your official names. A divorce can necessitate the changing of the legal names.

Frequently Faced Problems by Air Canada

Organized with its local partners, the carrier operates on an average of further than 1,602 arranged daily flights. The airline’s precursor, Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA), was established by federal regulation as a branch of the Canadian National Railway (CNR) on April 11, 1937.

The newly opened Transport Department under the minister, CD Hove, a government-controlled airline has linked the cities of the coast of the Atlantic to the shores of the Pacific. By means of $5 million in seed capital of the Crown, 2 Lockheed Model 10 and Canadian Airways Boeing Stearman Biplane and experienced commercial airline officials from Delta Airlines and United Airlines were purchased. Air Canada reservations phone number +1-855-915-0332 is always at your service for providing you assistance on their service.

  • Food served in not satisfactory
  • Several delayed and cancelled flights
  • Hike in ticket price

Mentioned above are a few discrepancies about their services which their customer faces. However, their unparalleled customer service tries to negate these problems by working 24 hours relentlessly.

Air Canada Group Reservations

One needs to fill in an quote request form, which you can quickly get from the Air Canada reservations official site. Once you submit to customer care, they’ll send you a quote for filing purposes. You must include your contact information in the request form. Remember that customer care representatives may want to contact you directly.

Alternatively, you can email customer care to request them to send you a quote. Usually, customer care reacts upon emails within 24 hours. Air Canada group reservations policy expects one to submit the quote soonest possible after filling it.

You need to provide all the vital details such as;

  • Destinations
  • Date of departure
  • Point of departure
  • Return date
  • Total number of group members

Group Fares

Air Canada Group travel policy offers a huge to groups of at least ten members. As a result, flyers end up paying less for such Air Canada bookings. Kindly note that each group member ought to contribute an equal amount of the overall fare. Unfortunately, group fares vary depending on the destination.

However, as long as your group comprises ten members or more, you’ll get special discounts.

Group Travel & Meeting Policy

Air Canada Group travel & meeting guidelines expects that all members are departing from a similar point. Therefore, group members ought to make the necessary arrangements to be at the same place. Remember to include this information in the quote before submitting it.

All group members must travel on the same date. Additionally, the members must equally fly on the same flight.

Air Canada Vacations

Air Canada helps its customers to fly to their preferred Air Canada vacations at a more affordable rate. Therefore a witty client ought to visit Air Canada reservations official site to see available vacation packages.

How to Book an Air Canada Vacations

Air Canada Airlines publishes all available vacations to customers. For this reason, you ought to visit to see all the available Air Canada vacation packages. Once you identify any suitable package, click on the book now option to complete the booking process.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with customer care to get this information. Please call +1-855-915-0332 to request for booking assistance from the airline. Fascinatingly, you can call this Air Canada vacation phone number at your convenience. A customer care agent will help you complete the booking at no charge.

If your booking is successful, you’ll receive an email confirmation right away. Kindly keep those details as you may require them, especially if you wish to cancel the Air Canada booking.

Available Airlines Packages

Customers ought to form a habit of checking available vacation packages before booking Air Canada reservations. Some of the packages available include;

  • Flight and Hotel packages: these Air Canada vacation packages help one combine both hotel and the flight in one booking. As a result, you end up paying less as opposed to someone who books each independently.
  • Accent Inn Victoria: an Air Canada passenger can book a hotel at Accent Inn Victoria at a cheaper rate. You’ll only need to pay CAD 854 to stay there for three nights.
  • Bahia Principe Resorts: if you wish to travel to Mexico, you ought to take advantage of the Bahia Principe Resorts. The package includes all the necessary costs in one booking. Hence you end up saving a lot of money.
  • Beach destinations packages: thanks to these Air Canada vacations, you can travel to a beach of your choice more cheaply. Not to add that the package will include both the flight as well as other applicable charges.
  • Sandals resort packages: if you’d like to fly to the Bahamas, this package suits you perfectly.

Special Assistance Policy

Air Canada has a reasonable special assistance policy for customers with special needs. Air Canada special assistance policy dictates that special passengers should get special services. Normally, the airline won’t charge you an extra fee for this.

How to Request for Special Assistance

Flyers can contact customer service to request for special services. Therefore, call +1-888-247-2262 for consideration. Today, you need to request these services at least 48 hours in advance. Remember that Air Canada needs time to make the necessary arrangements.

Alternatively, you may opt to visit the airport to request for Air Canada special assistance. The airline recommends that you do so at least 2 days before the date of the flight. Kindly note that the airline may ask for some pertinent travel documents for verification purposes.

Special Services

Special services cover countless forms of disability. They include;

  • Blindness
  • Dumbness
  • Walking disability
  • Deafness
  • Mental health conditions

For this reason, the airline offers multiple essential services to flyers depending on the nature of their disability. Such services include;

  • Baggage loading and unloading services
  • Wheelchair services
  • Travel instructions interpretation services
  • Visual assistance

Policy on Service Animals

Customers can fly with either emotional support animals or psychiatric service animals. However, you’ll be required to provide a health certificate signed by a professional veterinary. Additionally, you must ensure that your service animal is both calm and healthy.

Special assistance policy dictates that the customer should not pay any fare for such an animal. However, if you wish to travel with a pet, you’ll need to pay at least $100 each way. Usually, the airline allows such an animal to sit at your feet.

If you wish to travel with a service animal, you should pre-register a few days before the flight.

Flying with an Assistant

You can choose to fly with your own assistant. However, the reality is that you’ll be required to book an air ticket for him or her. Apart from that, you must notify customer care in advance. Prior notification will help the customer care representatives to assign you adjacent seats.

Infant Travel Policy

Air Canada infant travel policy permits kids to fly with Air Canada. However, such travelers must meet a few requirements to get cleared for the flight. For instance, the kids will be required to provide additional travel documents, unlike adults.

How to Book a Flight for a Minor

A customer is free to visit Air Canada reservations official site to reserve a booking. Since the airline does not allow infants and children to Air Canada book a flight independently, an adult will have to book two tickets instead. If the booking is successful, you ought to receive an email notification.

Alternatively, you may opt to get in touch with customer care. Please dial +1-514-393-3333 to talk to the airline’s agent. The representative will most likely capture your details and book the flight for you. Ordinarily, the airline won’t charge you a service charge for this.

Lastly, customers can reserve a booking through the Air Canada mobile application. You’ll have to follow some simple steps to complete this process. However, to complete this process, Air Canada traveling with your infant policy, expects you to clear the Air Canada booking fee online.

Air Canada Infant Fares

Kids who wish to occupy their seats usually pay 75% of the adult fares. On the other hand, lap children’s infant fares are always 10% of the adult fares. Kindly note that these infant fares only apply to kids under 18 years.

Mandatory Infant Travel Documents

Kids need to provide more travel documents, unlike adults. Some of the compulsory travel documents include;

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • I.D(Preferably your parents)
  • Boarding pass

Air Canada Lap Children Policy

Air Canada infant travel policy welcomes lap children to fly with them. A lap child can only be either 2 years old or below. Please note that only an adult can hold a lap child on his or her laps. Today, the airline charges lap children 10% of the adult fares.

Unaccompanied Children Policy

Air Canada allows infants and children over 8 years to travel unaccompanied. That implies that a kid under 8 years cannot fly alone. Additionally, the airline offers a minor service cat a small fee. Today, this essential service will cost you at least $100, exclusive of applicable taxes.

Normally, the minor service is mandatory to travelers whose age is between 8 to 11 years. Kids between 12 and 17 years can choose not to consider it. Parents ought to accompany such kids to the airport.

Kids Check-in Policy

If an adult is accompanying a kid for a flight, he or she can confirm the booking for them. On the contrary, if the kid is to fly alone, they can only check-in at the airport. Such travelers must carry all the required travel documents for clearance purposes.

Policy on Pets

Air Canada allows one to travel with pets if they so wish. Nowadays, Air Canada’s travel with pets policy only welcomes cats and dogs. A passenger must carry the pet in a well-ventilated pet carrier that meets all the requirements.

Please ensure that you add a pet to your reservation at least 48 hours before the flight. Additionally, ensure that you clear the pet fare in time to avoid any form of inconvenience.

How to Add a Pet to your Air Canada Flight Reservations

Firstly, Air Canada traveling with pets policy allows you to contact customer service to add a pet to your booking. Therefore, you can dial +1-888-247-2262 to request a customer care agent to add a pet to your reservation.

Air Canada Pet Fare

Air Canada will charge a pet fare for each pet you carry. Normally, the airline will expect you to pay at most $59 to fly with the pet domestically. On the other hand, if you wish to fly internationally, you’ll be required to cough up $118.

Ordinarily, the pet fares may vary slightly depending on the destinations. However, usually, the fares range from $50 to $118.

Pet Carrier Requirements

Each pet carrier must meet the set requirements. Travel with pets expects the pet container;

  • The pet container must be well-ventilated
  • It must also have soft-sides
  • Ensure the pet carrier is leak-proof.
  • The container must not weigh more than 10 kilograms
  • Its dimensions must not exceed 28 cm by 21 cm by 41 cm.

Prohibited Breeds of Domestic Cats and Dogs

Unfortunately, Air Canada traveling with pets no longer welcomes some breeds of pets. Here are some of these forbidden breeds.

  • Burmese
  • Boxer
  • Japanese Chin
  • Persian
  • Chow Chow
  • Shichon
  • Pug

Kindly note that the airline only allows domestic cats and dogs. Therefore customers must never book Air Canada reservations for other animals such as rodents, reptiles to mention but just a few.

Policy on Service Animals

It’s crucial to note that the airline’s policy on pets only applies partially to service animals. For instance, the airline won’t charge a service animal any fare. Similarly, you do not need a pet container to carry a service animal.

Manage Booking Policy

Air Canada manage booking enables travelers to be in charge of their reservations. Therefore, they can either cancel a reservation, change it, or anything else they please. However, it would help if you remembered that a small service charge might apply.

How to Manage an Air Canada Flight Reservations

Manage my flight and offers several ways of managing a reservation. For instance, you may;

  • Visit the airline’s official website; customers are free to visit to manage your reservation. Whether you wish to either cancel or to change a booking. The beauty of this option is that it fully guarantees convenience.
  • Phoning customer care: secondly, you’re free to contact customer care. Therefore, feel free to call +1-514-393-3333 during office hours to request for ticket management services. Usually, customer care agents won’t charge you any extra fee for this.
  • Mobile app: today, flyers can use the Air Canada mobile application to manage their reservation. You’ll have to follow some simple steps to manage your reservation as you like successfully.

Ways of Managing a Air Canada Reservations

Manage flight booking gives you the freedom to manage your booking as you like. However, you must note that you can only manage a valid air ticket. Therefore ensure that you are time-conscious.

  • Air Canada Change reservations: a traveler is free to modify their booking for whatever reason. However, you must understand that a flight change fee will apply. If you wish to modify a domestic flight, the service fee will be $75. On the other hand, if you wish to change an international flight, you’ll need to pay $200.
  • Cancel a reservation: if you no longer wish to travel, you can revoke the air ticket. Similarly, Air Canada manage my flight policy and expects you to pay a small service fee. Today, the airline expects you to pay a flight cancellation fee of $200.
  • Checking-in for a flight: Air Canada expects a customer to confirm their booking. You can either choose to complete the process online or contact customer service. The good news is that ticket confirmation is usually free. However, the process is highly time-sensitive; hence you must be on guard.

Corporate Travel Programs

Corporate travel programs help customers to save money. Additionally, members get to earn rewards. Not to add that they get to enjoy some exclusive services. For organizations to enjoy these immense benefits, they should consider joining this program.

Remember that only members can book such Air Canada reservations.

How to Join the Corporate Rewards

If you would like to join the program, you should visit Upon visiting the website; you should click on the join now option. You’ll be required to follow four simple steps, each of which you ought to enter the relevant details. These steps are

  • Corporate information.
  • Contact Details
  • Administration
  • Confirmed

Kindly enter the relevant corporate information such as;

  • Business type
  • Company name
  • Promo code
  • Total number of travelers
  • Yearly air travel expenditure
  • The total number of employees.
  • Total number of offices

How to Book a Corporate Booking

If you wish to complete an corporate booking, you should visit and log in to your Rewards account. Then select your preferred flight.

Kindly know that the booking can only be successful if you have the required miles. If the booking is successful, you ought to receive an email confirmation right away.

Accessibility Assistance

Air Canada has a special assistance policy that targets travelers with special needs. Accessibility assistance policy covers a wide range of special needs. They include lameness, blindness, deafness, to mention but just a few.

How to Request for Accessibility Assistance

Customers ought to request for Air Canada accessibility assistance at least 48 hours before the flight. Firstly, you may opt to visit to request for it. Kindly fill up a special assistance form and submit for review.

Alternatively, you can choose to contact customer service to request for assistance. Feel free to dial +1-514-393-3333 to get the assistance you need. You must give all the relevant details, especially those related to your disability.

Flyers Eligible for Accessibility Assistance

It’s crucial to note that this special assistance policy solely applies to clients with disabilities. Such travelers must commit to adhering to the accessibility guidelines. These flyers include those with;

  • Lameness
  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Mental disability

Airlines Deals and Offers

Air Canada helps customers to fly to their preferred destination cheaply. That’s why they offer irresistible deals and offers. The reality is that some of these travel deals come with some strict conditions.

For this reason, one needs to satisfy the condition to become eligible for the offer in question. You’re free to check out available offers before you complete an Air Canada flight reservations.

Examples of Air Canada Reservations Travel Deals

  • Coupons: Air Canada offers coupons to customers. Interestingly, such coupons can help you save up to 30% of the total travel cost. You must utilize the correct coupon code to enjoy this travel deal.
  • Vacation packages: customers can fly to different vacation destinations at a cheaper rate. Holiday packages combine both the flight and accommodation in one Air Canada booking. Not to add that flyers get to enjoy unbelievable discounts.
  • Promotions: sometimes, Air Canada offers promotions to customers. In most cases, travelers must capitalize on these promotions within a specified period. Please ensure that you use the correct promotion codes to enjoy these.

Stay Connected With Air Canada Customer Service and Seek Guidance

Customer Service is an integral part of Air Canada and thus it offers excellent customer support to the passengers whenever they want. You can call them at any time and get complete support. Air Canada customer service is available round the clock and will assist you in all travel-related queries. Some of the benefits of contacting the customer service are:

  • You can report baggage issues and track your delayed or missing baggage. You can also claim money if you bag is damaged or missing.

With this, you can make easy and secure flight reservations without putting any additional effort. Call them right away and Air Canada book a flight with ease.

Contact Air Canada Customer Service By Dialing Their Phone Number

Operational sections of the airline are Air Canada Express, Air Canada Cargo, Air Canada Jetz (personal jets) and Air Canada Rouge (recreational carrier). Its secondary Air Canada Vacations offers holiday packages for more than 90 places. If you have any questions regarding your ticket cancelation and bookings, do feel free to contact the Air Canada reservations phone number +1-855-915-0332. All your problems regarding the flight will be attended to.

Why choose Air Canada Flight Reservations?

Air Canada is one of the prominent flag-carriers in the world and is equipped with outstanding facilities and exceptional services. It is the largest complete-service airline in Canada with the strong global presence. Make Air Canada reservations conveniently and enjoy flying like never before.

Air Canada Reservations – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I make Air Canada reservations?

    To book tickets with Air Canada Airlines, the passengers can choose from the various modes; online, offline, airport counter, mobile app.

  2. Do you offer discounts?

    Yes, of course, Air Canada Airlines provides exclusive deals and offers with luxury services on every ticket purchased online.

  3. What is the procedure for Air Canada flight booking online?

    To book tickets online:
    * On the official website, login to your account.
    * Select the desired seat.
    * Pay the amount through debit card, credit card, or any payment system available.

  4. Does Air Canada provide a customer service facility?

    Yes, Air Canada Airlines has a 24/7 customer service team who are ready to solve your queries at any point of time. They help in buying tickets, canceling them, or solve queries related to refund.

  5. Is it possible to make Air Canada group reservations through the mobile app?

    Yes, definitely. The airline has developed a mobile app for any customer support. The application is user-friendly. You just need to create an account to manage everything on mobile.

  6. How can I book my seat while purchasing flight tickets?

    For Air Canada seat reservation:
    * Enter the flight you wish to travel with, in the search bar.
    * Click ‘confirm selection’ when you have found the desired flight.
    * Scroll down the page and click on ‘select your seat’ option.
    * Click on the preferred seat.
    * Confirm the purchase at checkout.

  7. What happens when a flight is canceled by the airlines?

    If the flight gets delayed or canceled for more than 3 hours, then the airline offers you the option of requesting a refund for the unused portion of the ticket. Or you can use it for future travel.

  8. Do you get a refund if the Air Canada flight reservations gets canceled?

    Yes, The passenger gets a refund if the airline cancels a flight, regardless of the reason, and when he chooses not to travel.

  9. How do you know if your flight gets canceled?

    Either you get a mail of flight cancellation or the passenger can check it on the website by entering the booking reference number.

  10. Do you offer an Air Canada book with miles facility?

    Definitely, The passenger can book their flight tickets easily using the travel points.


A Complete Guide to Air Canada’s Premium Economy

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Awesome involvement in this Airline. No postponements, mindful and great staff. Will joyfully fly once more. Great service, Thanks Air Canada