Aeroflot Booking (SU)

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PJSC Aeroflot, popularly known as Aeroflot is the flag carrier and the biggest airline of the Russian Federation. The company is a joint stock venture, majority of which is owned by the Russian government and functions, domestically and internationally from its primary hub at Sheremetyevo International Terminal. As one of the oldest air carriers in the world, its origin can be traced back to way back in 1923 when Aeroflot was proclaimed the national airline of the Soviet and was adjudged as the largest airline in the world. Following the disbanding of the USSR, the airline company was privatized with the Russian Government owning 51% of the shares. In 2007 Aeroflot was considered as the 19th most profitable aircraft services in the world. It is still effectively considered as the national airline of Russia and has roughly around thirty-one thousand employees. It covers approximately 40% of the air market in Russia. The company also has established the ultra-efficient Aeroflot customer service in case of the inconveniences that a customer might encounter. You can also make Aeroflot booking flight through their customer service help desk.

Frequently encountered problems with Aeroflot Booking

Aeroflot, in keeping with its heritage and history always tries their level best to make sure that a passenger’s in-flight experience as well as their follow-up services is at par with international standards followed by other airlines of repute. However, there are still nagging issues that plague this eminent airline. The problems are as follows:

  • Aeroflot flight booking first class ticket was reversed to an economy class result without their consent
  • Baggage takes sometimes days to arrive to them.
  • Sheremetyevo airport is shabbily managed which might be a deal breaker because that is the hotbed of the airlines.

Contact customer support by dialing their Aeroflot customer service number

In regard to these problems that passengers have chanced upon, there is a way to tackle this. You can call up the Aeroflot booking support by directly contacting them. Aeroflot customer service number gives you a chance to know the company directives better and get firsthand knowledge of your flight’s status, call them if you have problems with your baggage claim or if you have had a tough experience with the Aeroflot staff. It is hoped that they will oblige to your requests and take effective measures to check any fault on their part. Make sure you have their number as it will help you to call them over phone in no time.